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  1. Yeah for some reason the line for Banshee is typically short, I went to KI on a Saturday once and it was only a station wait. So I guess like stated above the line argument isn't really that strong.
  2. I mean it is possible but like every time I go to the park it feels like nobody is on Vortex, a few times I saw empty trains go up the lift. The only time I remember the wait being like 15 min+ is on Saturdays.
  3. So I decided to take the risk of going to KI on the 11th (the forecast was practically t-storms for most of the day) and it was Literally my best day at Kings Island. It started Raining heavy at 4:00 pm and practically all the rides closed (I think FoF was still open tho, which we did get 2 rides on with a 15 min wait before the heavy rain) but at 4:50 pm the rain started calming down and D-back open up again (by this time most people have left) and practically every ride at the park was a station wait. So me and my bud decided to go front row on Diamondback and the experience was crazy, It was still raining lightly when we got on and this lead to this crazy feeling of like small needles hitting are face's which were the raindrops that were colliding into us at 80 mph. I don't why but this feeling changes the ride experience so much, It made it 10x more fun than it usually is. It's almost like another element was added to the coaster! After riding it, more people realized that the rides were opening back up, but all the rides were still practically a station wait. By this time the rain stopped and we decide to go on Diamondback again and ride back row. After this, All the ride's were practically back up again so we decide to go back row on Mystic Timbers, which was pretty fun as usual. After that we attempted to go front row but by then they started to assign seats again so we got in the middle. After that we decide to go to Banshee and we picked the front seat (which I think is my favorite place sit on it now). In all, I think I can say we got 5 rides in 25-30 mins. While it was likely my shortest visit to the park (we got there at like 1:00 pm and left at about 5:30) It was the best visit I have had to date and I will definitely not forget that ride on Diamondback.
  4. That chicken nugget looked so nasty, I'm pretty disappointed in KI. I'm not expecting top notch restaurant style food but seriously, Chicken with blood in it? That's straight out unacceptable, I know this doesn't reflect every food/ beverage item at Kings Island but it sure does make me not want to eat the food there. Especially when you consider the high price tag of $19 when I can go out the park and go to the nearby Chick-fil-A and get nuggets that are FULLY cooked for HALF of the price that KI is selling them for.
  5. (As of June 2017, I haven't ridden all the rides this year) 1. Diamondback 2.Banshee 3.Mystic Timbers 4. The Beast 5. Racer 6. Flight of Fear 7. Firehawk 8. Vortex ( I might edit this list later)
  6. Interesting, Never knew that. Thanks for teaching me something new chugh.
  7. Well I don't have numbers but from what I Know Firehawk and Flight of Fear are not going anywhere. At times they are both the 2 busiest rides at the park. Also, not much hate goes towards these rides unlike Vortex. The picture booth not working is a tad suspicious but I don't think that it is a clear enough sign that Vortex is leaving super soon.
  8. @VortexBFForever Thanks for the info, I will definitely try out 5-1 and 1-1 and take the tips you said. Also, I am very impressed with how much you know about this ride, If I have any questions about Vortex I'll definitely come to you to ask!
  9. @VortexBFForever I sat on the last train on the front side of it, SO if The Vortex has like 7 trains (I have no Idea) I ride 7-1 on the right seat. I really did enjoy the drop and some parts here and there were ok, but most of it was hard to enjoy. Tell me which row you think is the best to sit in and I will definitely try it out again and I will take your advice on relaxing. Also, I think the Batwing was a cool inversion but the thing that I really didn't appreciate about it is that when I went through the first half of it, my head bang right into the restraints so hard. This probably isn't the first time this has been said but I think the ride would be so much more enjoyable if it had lap bars. EDIT* I have been reading some info on good seating on this ride and some people said 7-1 is actually good, IDK if I got a once in a while bad ride on Vortex or if some rows or worst than the one I rode on?
  10. Well, I have finally ridden The Vortex and it wasn't what I expected. My friends who I rode with told me the ride was horrible and rough but I blocked them out thinking in my head it can't be that bad. But the sad truth was that it was that bad, The only good part about the ride in my opinion was the drop and that is it. The head banging I experienced was so SO BAD, I couldn't even lay back and enjoy the ride because I was so busy trying to hold my head in one position so my head wouldn't bang back and forth, The sad truth is that I thought Vortex was over-hated but from my experience it really isn't, the ride just isn't enjoyable. I got off with a headache and disappointment because I couldn't believe how (I hate using this term but I must) bad the ride was. I can't see myself riding it that often, maybe a twice a season just for the heck of it. But other than that I don't see myself coming close to it anymore. For now, I think the ride should stay but I think it should get removed maybe in the next 6-10 years for a B&M twister or a ground up RMC. The thing was that I came to this ride with an Unbiased opinion towards it, even thinking it received to much hate, But to say the least I can't say I Hate The Vortex but I can't blame the people who do. The real question I have is how do some people enjoy this ride (no disrespect) but what do you guys who like Vortex like about it, I honestly want to know.
  11. Well I rode Diamondback again yesterday and my opinion shifted again. The Airtime was great and so fun, So right now I'm in the middle.
  12. The reason why this question came to my head is because after riding Diamondback and Banshee for the first time this year (2017), I asked myself which ride I liked more so basically did I prepare the airtime on Diamondback more or the inversions on Banshee. In the past, I would have said the airtime on Diamondback but now after thinking it over I really did like the Inversions on Banshee a lot. So right now I have the rides tied at my favorite at the park, But I think if I had to pick I would say Inversions. So What's your guy's opinion?
  13. From all the Coasters I have currently ridden (not much) I haven't blacked out but I heard I305 is very Intense. Hopefully, when I grow older I'll be able to hit up other parks
  14. Bro, I thought I was the only one who got dizzy after riding Banshee. IDK why but after riding I just feel light-headed for 5 mins, but after riding Mystic I felt perfectly fine.
  15. I Just rode Mystic Timbers Today and it was Great! It was My first visit this year and I got on 5 different rides (Mystic, D-back, Banshee, Beast, Racer). It felt so weird seeing it in real life after just seeing pictures, I would rate it a 7/10. It also felt great being able to ride Diamondback again.