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  1. Idk, I personally liked his response. When Orion got revealed I had a hard time explaining my disappointments with the ride. Of course, everybody expects and likes different things, but honestly, I thought we would get a low to the ground, terrain Giga. I really don't think anybody had a serious issue with the rides height, because like Taylor said, the drop is 300 ft and feels like any other Giga drop. If anything else, it was the length that had people bummed, but I guess most people understand that for Cedar Fair, from a business point of view, there aren't many perks for making the coaster
  2. To be fully honest guys, I don't care about height Orion height. The part of this coaster that annoyed me was length. Undeniably, this Giga is short and has an extremely long break run. I don't think you can argue that... I think we could have done better with Orion honestly, It's just when I see the Layout out of this coaster combined with the length of it, I feel like we could have done better. Orion will be a good coaster and I won't give my final judgment until I ride it. Though, compared to other Gigas, Orion simply looks underwhelming. Maybe budget was too extreme of a term, but every ti
  3. Can you or someone please explain why I can't use that term? Seems like an unnecessarily unneeded word to censor. Almost as if I'm forced to talk about something in a positive light even if I don't want to......
  4. if I may say a giga . I have no idea how my original post keeps getting change w/o me doing it ..... *Edit (I can't use the term "Budg3t Giga with the actual e?")
  5. I saw the post on Twitter on Friday and to be truly honest I was shocked. I was never the biggest Vortex fan but I respected the ride for what it was. I can't say I'm exactly sad, but still a little disappointed overall. I was one of those people who were underwhelmed with Orion. Call me unappreciative, but something feels wrong about losing 2 coasters in 2 consecutive years, just to get, if I may say a "underwhelming giga." I think Vortex leaving would have been more understandable if CF went out of there way to give us a better Giga. Like discussed earlier, no one knows when they decided to
  6. Wow, thats actually is a super smart idea. I would of totally been down for that. Funny part is the reason they didn't make Orion 300 is unknown, but its hard for me to think it could of been actual money limitations... Would be nice if CF told as their true intentions.
  7. oh for sure I know, I guess thats what I meant If i did emphasize my point enough. CF and KI could care less for the ride to be 300 ft because they know people will still ride it anyways. I personally think Orion is a giga, I just think its dumb that KI put themselves in a situation, because they themselves are labeling Orion as a Giga. But it seems that right now nobody even knows what a "giga" is.
  8. Exactly what I was thinking. I don't know how much an extra 13 ft of steel would of cost, but to be honest I don't think it would of hurt the bottom line too bad if they made it 300. Again, like you said, KI well knew the controversy that would arise with them making it 287 ft and like you said, They could care less. As long as they make their money (which they will) they could care less if this coaster is considered a Giga or a Hyper.
  9. To be fair man that won't solve anything and I know what your saying is a joke. I think the reason why people were disappointed was that we usually expect more from Cedar Fair, Since MF every Giga they built after the next has had a gradual improvement in innovation. Yes, Drop is more important than Height, I know everyone would rather have a 278 ft Lift with a 300 ft drop, then a 310 lift hill with 295 ft drop. Though, Cedar Fair has always seemed to try to 1 up itself, We have just expected it from them at this point. I don't think people would have had this much of an issue with the he
  10. "Critical" Response Incoming... But please understand where I am coming from. I'm excited about the ride, but I can't deny the fact that I feel envy in my heart in a way. I know people say "be appreciative for what we got and be happy we got a coaster at least." But it's hard to put how I feel into words, hopefully, you guys can understand... It just feels like sometimes Cedar Point always gets the record breakers, the next big thing. Yes, its a Giga and it looks great. But you guys know it would of been great to say "My Park has the best___________, Its the tallest, fastest, longest
  11. I feel like V-Shaped would be a tad faster, but the difference of time probably wouldn't be noticeable. IDK, I feel like B&M will go 4 across since that's what they been doing lately.
  12. Man, I'm gonna miss it and I really didn't even like Firehawk like that. I just hate seeing coasters go. The sad part is that the last time I was able to ride it was last year and I don't have plans of going to KI for the rest of the year. RIP Firehawk, The ride did serve its purpose and I guess overall was "fun", not the best ride, but it will be missed. F
  13. Its funny, I like Firehawk but since 2015 I've only ridden it once. I would have ridden it more, but like others have stated, the line is just way too long even on a normal day. I wish I would have been able to ride it this year. If it is Firehawk, Then the that would mean that the last time I would have ridden it will be like July of 2017. Sucks that the announcement really came out of nowhere.
  14. I thought it was a good idea too. I mean just let RMC do their thing, they could possibly turn it into a top 3 ride in the park. But of course, As we both know, the likeliness of any of that happing is very low.
  15. That's funny, I remember my first post on KIC was on RMC'ing AE
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