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  1. I have been asking myself this question for a while, Will Mystic Timbers be better than The Beast? At first I thought that Mystic Timbers would suck, but now it looks amazing. So I thought to myself, Could this beat The Beast for the best wooden coaster at KI? Looking at the stats Beast is superior to it having a taller lift, drop and top speed. But at the same time with all the trim breaks Beast has it could be at times slower and not as well paced. I also started to see Mystic Timbers had the more Intense layout. We all have to admit The Beast has a lot of straight sections, With Mystic Timbers POV it looks like you're always changing direction or getting airtime. Mystic Timbers looks to have a good nighttime ride like The Beast also. So as much as I love The Beast, Mystic Timbers just looks superior, It has everything from a good storyline to a great ride. But again I guess we will all see in 10 days. Anyways what are your guys' opinions?
  2. This season I will make sure to ride Vortex and give it a final score for myself, Looks like a good ride, but I guess I will see for myself in a few weeks.
  3. Waiting for this Coaster has been pretty fun though, With all the pictures and information Kings Island has released, it made time go by faster. It's Crazy how fast time has flown. Mystic Timbers has changed from this to this
  4. For me, I'm really on the fence of the bins getting removed. At first, I didn't mind that maybe a pack of candy could (or something small) get stolen. But know since my parents have purchased for us an Unlimited Refill cup my worry has increased. I have read stories where some people have put their cups in bins and for them to return to the station with their cup nowhere in sight. So in about 23 days I need to make a decision on what I'm doing, Do you guys have any advice?
  5. In my opinion, it should be a 5. The aggressive airtime and banked s-bends on this ride are enough to give it a 5. I have never seen a GCI with a 5, but I think most of them deserve that intensity rating.
  6. It's interesting because now even some of my classmates who are GP know about Mystic Timbers. At first it felt like only us enthusiasts knew about it, But it seems like a lot of people know about MT. Also something off-topic is my teacher said she knows a lot about coasters and KI, so I asked her how tall Diamondback is and she said it's 350 ft. All I could do is laugh, she also said Beast is a Hyper coaster. Just something I thought I should share with you.
  7. Interesting, How long has this webcam been down for? They REALLY don't want us knowing what's in the shed. Guess we will find out in 29 days.
  8. Thanks for Answering Silver and Teenage Ninja, Also thanks for correcting my spelling error.
  9. #Verygoodtheming This ride looks too sweet.
  10. Do any of you guys think this coaster can top Beast? At first, I thought there was no chance, but now there is starting to be some real competition.
  11. Those are all sweet pictures, CANT WAIT. Opening day is practically in a month and there is so much to look forward too!
  12. Interesting they made one row of the seats shorter than the other. Do you guys think Aero/KI did this on purpose or it just happened randomly?
  13. Yea I heard there nice. When I went to Dollywood I was scared of coasters so I missed out on Thunderhead, That was 2015 but I could ride it this year.
  14. I was never good at building real life rides in RCT3. But I did get better at making realistic coasters.
  15. Haha LOL. Now that brings back memories, Reminding how nonrealistic my RCT3 rides were, but at the same time being able to make almost anything made it funnier