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  1. Taylor from Coaster Studios made a video about this. I found it pretty interesting, He also talks about what he thinks will come next.
  2. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    What? Diamondback is getting new black trains? I had no idea, When was this announced? I mean I'm all for it but I never knew about this happening! Please, fill me in on everything I missed.
  3. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    @KingsMills79 I have no idea. But your theory of hair product chemicals causing this does make sense. I feel that if B&M invested a little time into finding the issue they could likely fix it, but I don't think they care and I don't think CF&KI care either. I guess they just accept it the way it is and it isn't like guest complain about the quality of the seats. Really, I suppose they don't see the "ugly seat" as an issue and until they do, the seats won't change.
  4. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    There you go.
  5. The Giga Speculation Thread

    A big coaster isn't necessarily a "bad" thing, But I do get your point. We have space though and I don't think CF&KI are going to be particularly "cheap" with this coaster. I think they are willing to spend money on a record-breaking coaster and I personally think this coaster will be bigger than Fury 325 height-wise and length-wise.
  6. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Well maybe I should rephrase my self, My main point was that I would appreciate if they maybe added a few more airtime hills than a coaster like I-305 which I counted has an airtime count of 5 (from a yt pov, haven't ridden it in real life yet...). I would honestly want 2 nice big Hills and the rest being low to the ground crazy ejector. Even though Mystic Timbers airtime is considered "Ejector" It is not as crazy as other ejector based rides. During the course of the low to the ground, crazy bank turns and Overbank Turns I would like at least 3-4 nice ejector hills. If they could do that I would be satisfied, It's just that airtime is such an important quality in most coasters (obviously excluding inverts and loopers etc). But overall, I want it to be more extreme ejector rather than Diamondback Floater, and even then it wouldn't even take away from MT considering its a more "tame" ride. I don't know maybe it's me, I just love Airtime based rides so much, It's my favorite "element" in coasters that use it. I really can't get my hopes up so high considering that actually, I-305 has the highest airtime hill count in a Giga with 5 of them...
  7. The spin wheel for Fast Lane.

    Exactly! That's why I wanted my friend (who paid for it) to be able to spin it, At least it's good that some operators give you that power.
  8. The spin wheel for Fast Lane.

    My friend and I did it once and got the Dodgem... Never did it again, I mean its a good concept if you have an extra $5 in your pocket and you really don't care if you get a lame ride. But really it's a waste for me considering I would only use it for about 4 of the rides on the wheel. I would also appreciate it if Kings Island would allow the person who paid to spin the wheel instead of the "wheel op" spinning it.
  9. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Twister layouts are ok, But Still, If KI even goes that way with a Twister-Terrain type coaster, I need them to still add a LOT of airtime hills, More than even a coaster like I-305, At the begging I want some nice huge floater hills and at then 2nd half some more low to the ground aggressive ejector hills, while doing that giving the coaster the nice Twister-Terrain layout we all want. Just me looking at the "sample" layout @Hawaiian Coasters 325 gave us. We don't have to use any layout in general (or all the space in the area) but I noticed in the area he built this coaster, one half of it is cleared out (circled in red) and the other side has trees (circled in blue). So I was thinking how about if the designers of this coaster made the first half more, "Hyper Like" giving it the bigger elements like the Floater airtime hills and some big wide turns (like Fury/MF). and once the Giga gets to the "forested" area it mostly becomes low to the ground and more intense with the aggressive ejector hills and the high-speed low to the ground turns (like I-305). If everyone associated with the building of this coaster gives it their all, This could well be the best coaster in the world.
  10. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I think CP is very well rounded, They have so many different thrill experiences to offer. You see CF parks are not themed or made for the more "Indoor Immersive Rides". The CF parks are made for "The High Thrill rides", with the side of a more "tame" Kid section. So you really can't compare a CF park to Disney park (or a park that focuses on Immersive Rides) vice versa and then call one park "not well rounded" because they both offer different things. So if you expect a CF park to make a big, nice, and high-quality immersive ride, it really is not going to happen anytime soon.
  11. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I think Mystic Timbers is a very fun ride. It took a second for it to grow on me, but now it is on my top 3 at KI. To me, it's just a perfect blend of intensity and fun. It might not be the most intense ride in the world, Like Maverick or I-305 but in general its a great ride for all ages to enjoy. I would also like to state, Mystic Timbers is way more "modern" than the other woodies at are park, considering one is about to turn 46 years old this April...
  12. The Giga Speculation Thread

    You do have a point. But the only place I can see them putting the coaster is in Action Zone or X-Base. I really have thought of KI putting it in Planet Snoopy. I know it sounds crazy but consider if they put it in between The Regular Park and Soak City and the Giga goes behind MT. It's pretty shakey because it would be a weird layout, but it could work. The only thing really killing this small theory of mine is that KI has not built an "Adult" coaster in Planet Snoopy. I was considering it in this area, But of course, there would be a lot of obstacles they would have to be overcome to fit it in this area. *There would likely have to be a turn before the drop, Like Rougarou at CP.
  13. The Giga Speculation Thread

    It would be funny if we are all over thinking the name of this Giga and CF just names it "Centurion". I like the name but it really has nothing to do with the theme of Flight in X-Base.
  14. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I was thinking of that too! Personally, I don't mind it with the coasters that have been already statistically named Like I-305 and Fury 325 but just imagine if CF did that too all their Giga's..... Millenium Force 310! Leviathan 306! Or even Diamondback 230. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If they did go the way with our maybe one day Giga I wouldn't be mad. But still, I would want our Giga to stand different from the other CF Giga's in a certain way, Where people see ours and they know its unique and the best in the world. I want CF and KI to go all out on this coaster in every way, including theme and I consider the name apart of the theme. When you think about it the name "Fury 325" has nothing to do with Hornets, I'll give I-305 a pass because Dale Earnhardt was nicknamed "The Intimidator" So the name works with the theme, If CF & KI could do it like I-305 I'll give the statistical name a pass and would happily accept it. In all, Like @IndyGuy4KI I want our Giga's name to be original and at this point putting the height# of the coaster at the end isn't really that original. 2021 is likely the best time to do it, If I'm correct it would be the parks 50th year anniversary(If I'm wrong someone please correct me). And It also gives them 4 years from the opening date of Mystic Timbers to get land and the idea of the coaster ready and I would suppose to save up some cash for the project.
  15. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Anybody have any ideas for names or themes? I mean if they do put The Giga in X-Base I would bet the name would have something to do with flying, etc. If I'm right FoF is themed to some Government/Military type testing, and obviously Firehawk a is a flying bird. Of course there have been some names out there like "Gigasaurs" but to be truly honest names like these sound lame and even "cheesy", It would be nice if KI at least puts a little thought into the name and idea like they did to Banshee or even the other CF Giga's Like Fury 325 or Leviathan.