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  1. "Critical" Response Incoming... But please understand where I am coming from. I'm excited about the ride, but I can't deny the fact that I feel envy in my heart in a way. I know people say "be appreciative for what we got and be happy we got a coaster at least." But it's hard to put how I feel into words, hopefully, you guys can understand... It just feels like sometimes Cedar Point always gets the record breakers, the next big thing. Yes, its a Giga and it looks great. But you guys know it would of been great to say "My Park has the best___________, Its the tallest, fastest, longest....." I'm not saying I wanted a 350 foot ride with speeds close to 100 mph and a 7,000 ft layout. It's just hard to think how a ride built 20 years ago like Millennium Force is somehow "Taller and Faster" and Yes, I know this ride will be better than MF, but something about is just weird, It felt like Cedar Fair had the opportunity to give us something "Different". I know Cedar Point is the flagship park and everything, but it's like "your really giving us a 300 ft drop?" "a lift hill under 300 ft?" I'm not trying to be critical but it's just weird, It feels like this coaster is hardly a Giga. Maybe I'm selfish but it feels like CF just didn't give us the best possible. Why make a Giga that's lift hill is under that 300 ft? Why is it hardly 100 ft longer than Diamondback? It just feels like we were "budgeted" very hard but CF does not mind spending big bucks on CP to get them the record breakers. It's just been rubbing me the wrong way. I'm really trying hard not to be overly critical and I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible. We were the last major CF park to receive a Giga, I guess I just thought since we have been waiting for a long time, they would of blessed us with something "Bigger". Either way, Im hyped. I will enjoy this ride and appreciated it for what it is, I am excited about it, but at the same time, I had to express how I really feel I guess...
  2. I feel like V-Shaped would be a tad faster, but the difference of time probably wouldn't be noticeable. IDK, I feel like B&M will go 4 across since that's what they been doing lately.
  3. Man, I'm gonna miss it and I really didn't even like Firehawk like that. I just hate seeing coasters go. The sad part is that the last time I was able to ride it was last year and I don't have plans of going to KI for the rest of the year. RIP Firehawk, The ride did serve its purpose and I guess overall was "fun", not the best ride, but it will be missed. F
  4. Its funny, I like Firehawk but since 2015 I've only ridden it once. I would have ridden it more, but like others have stated, the line is just way too long even on a normal day. I wish I would have been able to ride it this year. If it is Firehawk, Then the that would mean that the last time I would have ridden it will be like July of 2017. Sucks that the announcement really came out of nowhere.
  5. I thought it was a good idea too. I mean just let RMC do their thing, they could possibly turn it into a top 3 ride in the park. But of course, As we both know, the likeliness of any of that happing is very low.
  6. That's funny, I remember my first post on KIC was on RMC'ing AE
  7. Whether its Vortex or Firehawk or Whatever, I hate to see rides go. But if this paves the way for a new better ride (Giga) then I'm all for it. It's exciting but at the same time gives feelings of anxiousness. At the end of the day, I'm going to miss whatever ride gets cut.
  8. Sometimes I wish KI would remove they annoying trims on The Beast. Of Course, they are there for safety and I would assume they would do it to put less "wear and tear" on the ride, but some of them are excisive and just annoying, feels like when you start gaining speed it just gets derailed and sometimes it just lowers the excitement, especially when your riding in the front row. One of the things I love with RMC is that they really don't put trim breaks on their coasters, you can even see on SV mid-course break run that they try to make it where it won't kill the speed of the coasters. I'm not saying The Beast should get RMC'd but some of the trims on The Beast are just ridiculous.
  9. I mean for names we still have to remember that CF has the name Centurion still lying around. Even though it really wouldn't fit the theme of X-Base, They might still just use it. Again I like the name Centurion but I don't think KI is willing to connect the theme of Modern Flight in X-Base to a Roman army commander.
  10. Wow! That Photo is Sweet though. Looks so real and catches the attention real quick. I would not be surprised if this thing was responsible for an accident or two...
  11. Most of the times those rides got taken down because the park had no option, Either the ride was in very poor condition or other reasons that forced them to shut it down. The Racer is still in good condition and can be with good upkeep for the Next 20 years+ KI isn't just going to let The Racer sit and ruin, I again am positive they will keep it in good condition as long as they possibly can.
  12. The Racer has a TON of history and some even credit it for paving the way for a new era of coasters. It's a very important ride to KI and the rest of the Amusement/Rollercoaster Industry (Coaster Enthusistate too and locals). Also, it's an ACE landmark, So I'm not exactly sure if the new RMC'd structure would be allow to keep the ACE Landmark award... (If anybody knows the answer on this please fill me in) KI could RMC The Racer one day in the future and if they did I personally wouldn't be mad, but for now, I don't see it happening and I think they are going to try to keep it running at good condition as long as possible.
  13. @Maverick44It honestly could work out, Wonder what track design they would use. I personally like both, but I just really like B&M more, I like the design of their track and the gloss of their new coasters, but still, both of them are alright.
  14. HAHA, Lets Go Commando at Soak City. As long as you stay in the water, you're fine... until people start focusing on your swimsuit (in the situation where you have no swimsuit on...)
  15. Here was my take on a shirt design. Obviously, The Kings Island® Logo belongs to Kings Island. Of course, the Giga hasn't even been confirmed so its all speculation with the date and term "Go Commando". I just quickly made the shirt using "Custom Ink".
  16. Well, get one eventually in the next 4 years. At the moment its the best coaster for us to get, Also CF saw how much of good response there was for Fury 325 from the GP and from Coaster Enthusiast too. Also, all of the major CF parks have a Giga and we don't. CF knows we need and deserve one.
  17. Taylor from Coaster Studios made a video about this. I found it pretty interesting, He also talks about what he thinks will come next.
  18. What? Diamondback is getting new black trains? I had no idea, When was this announced? I mean I'm all for it but I never knew about this happening! Please, fill me in on everything I missed.
  19. @KingsMills79 I have no idea. But your theory of hair product chemicals causing this does make sense. I feel that if B&M invested a little time into finding the issue they could likely fix it, but I don't think they care and I don't think CF&KI care either. I guess they just accept it the way it is and it isn't like guest complain about the quality of the seats. Really, I suppose they don't see the "ugly seat" as an issue and until they do, the seats won't change.
  20. A big coaster isn't necessarily a "bad" thing, But I do get your point. We have space though and I don't think CF&KI are going to be particularly "cheap" with this coaster. I think they are willing to spend money on a record-breaking coaster and I personally think this coaster will be bigger than Fury 325 height-wise and length-wise.
  21. Well maybe I should rephrase my self, My main point was that I would appreciate if they maybe added a few more airtime hills than a coaster like I-305 which I counted has an airtime count of 5 (from a yt pov, haven't ridden it in real life yet...). I would honestly want 2 nice big Hills and the rest being low to the ground crazy ejector. Even though Mystic Timbers airtime is considered "Ejector" It is not as crazy as other ejector based rides. During the course of the low to the ground, crazy bank turns and Overbank Turns I would like at least 3-4 nice ejector hills. If they could do that I would be satisfied, It's just that airtime is such an important quality in most coasters (obviously excluding inverts and loopers etc). But overall, I want it to be more extreme ejector rather than Diamondback Floater, and even then it wouldn't even take away from MT considering its a more "tame" ride. I don't know maybe it's me, I just love Airtime based rides so much, It's my favorite "element" in coasters that use it. I really can't get my hopes up so high considering that actually, I-305 has the highest airtime hill count in a Giga with 5 of them...
  22. Exactly! That's why I wanted my friend (who paid for it) to be able to spin it, At least it's good that some operators give you that power.
  23. My friend and I did it once and got the Dodgem... Never did it again, I mean its a good concept if you have an extra $5 in your pocket and you really don't care if you get a lame ride. But really it's a waste for me considering I would only use it for about 4 of the rides on the wheel. I would also appreciate it if Kings Island would allow the person who paid to spin the wheel instead of the "wheel op" spinning it.
  24. Twister layouts are ok, But Still, If KI even goes that way with a Twister-Terrain type coaster, I need them to still add a LOT of airtime hills, More than even a coaster like I-305, At the begging I want some nice huge floater hills and at then 2nd half some more low to the ground aggressive ejector hills, while doing that giving the coaster the nice Twister-Terrain layout we all want. Just me looking at the "sample" layout @Hawaiian Coasters 325 gave us. We don't have to use any layout in general (or all the space in the area) but I noticed in the area he built this coaster, one half of it is cleared out (circled in red) and the other side has trees (circled in blue). So I was thinking how about if the designers of this coaster made the first half more, "Hyper Like" giving it the bigger elements like the Floater airtime hills and some big wide turns (like Fury/MF). and once the Giga gets to the "forested" area it mostly becomes low to the ground and more intense with the aggressive ejector hills and the high-speed low to the ground turns (like I-305). If everyone associated with the building of this coaster gives it their all, This could well be the best coaster in the world.
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