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  1. I've said this before. We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge and walked to the park ONCE.
  2. Well they replaced them on Friday and they worked just fine on Sat and Sun. No issues with parking either.
  3. Our Platinum passes were very old CP issued cards. I purchased FunPix from the CP website and redeemed this past weekend at KI. Our cards were replaced with Platinum Passes that had the high density bar code on them. They did say Kings Island on them in small print. No biggie, just wondering if their was some other significance to having an official home park.
  4. What is the significance of having a different home park? Just the name in small print on the card?
  5. Not just Gold Pass'ers, a lot of Platinum's who's home park won't open until May. I assumed most would return to the park today - but it didn't seem as busy as last night.
  6. According to the weather report, Friday may be your only rain free 6 hour window of opportunity.
  7. ^^ This. In other words, you can use it once (or twice for that matter) and pay the fee to have it deactivated and switch to a pass linked plan. It then becomes a $2.99 souvenir cup to keep.
  8. Yeah, we used to RAVE about the pizza late 70's. I was excited to have my son try it for the first time. It left a lot to be desired - not what I remembered. Do miss the Inn, double-decker buses and outdoor movies at night by the pool. Really special for an 8 year old.
  9. It's not as tall as the one at Cedar Point, but it was a lot of fun. We waited until the price fell to $10 throughout the day (my recollection was that it was $25 earlier in the day however) With a Platinum card, we got a discount on the in-ride video and I still love to watch the reaction from my 10 year old. Priceless.
  10. Soooo, FunPix all season photo digital pass is good at most Cedar Fair parks when added to a season pass. Looks like I should have bought one at KI for $44.99 instead of at CP for $54.99. Goes to show, quit looking after you make the purchase.
  11. I know, KI is not CP. But we always throw bottled water in our drawstring cinch/backpacks and never have an issue. Even when they were patting us down before entrance last July 4th.
  12. I am in no way an authority, but I'm sure you're good to go. Lately, this country has gone a little crazy in some respects, but that would be insane to disallow a future Platinum pass holder in your situation.
  13. Time to resurrect the zippered pocket cargo short thread. Same as Valravn guidelines by the way (but had to be in line before reading those signs). I appreciate the heads up and this forum for being such a great resource.
  14. At least weather looks to be ok - that wasn't the case when I checked earlier this week.
  15. I guess I just assumed Too CP centric I guess.
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