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  1. A coaster page showed a picture taken from the Orion video that showed blue Racer facing backwards. Could this mean that backwards blue is coming back?
  2. The line for the Antique Autos moves very slowly. THe station queue and overflow queue went almost back by the KillMart building. I waited an hour from that point.
  3. I was over there at 2 different times, I think I was there today around 2PM and again at 6PM and nothing happened either of those times I was over there. Seems to be hit and miss. Looks like they have some kinks to work out.
  4. https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USOH0566:1:US I'm driving in from Northeast Ohio for opening day. I saw earlier this week there was some rain in the forecast, I kept thinking it will probably change, and it has, for the worse. It keeps getting colder and wetter. I'm debating whether I should cancel my trip this weekend. I have until 24 hours before check-in to cancel my hotel reservation. But I took the risk last year and it barely rained and it was one of the best days to be at the park. Everything was walk-on. I just hope it improves or doesn't get as bad as they say. It's saying an inch of rain is possible. I'm also planning on going to the preview which looks a little better. But it's looking like a chilly and wet weekend.
  5. I saw it last weekend and I thought it was incredible! Is this show run by All Wheels Sports? Parts of it with the bicycles reminded me of AWE at Cedar Point.
  6. How have your experiences been this year at RHOFG? I went Saturday evening and got stale chips. And 2 others in my group had the same while 1 in the group had crunchy chips. 1 in my group had cold food. We let the staff know what was wrong, they said they would address it. I'll give it another chance but one person in the group never wants to go back there again. It was around 8PM and I'm just chalking it up to being near the end of the day for them. I've had good experiences there in the past. I wonder if our experience was just a fluke.
  7. I was just at the park last weekend, and I noticed there are no wait times at the queue entrances anymore. Did they remove those signs?
  8. Good. That empty site was an eyesore. It's nice to see more lodging options become available. CP pushes themselves as a multi-day resort, and KI looks to be heading that direction.
  9. Riding The Racer on Saturday, I noticed it was smooth as glass. Usually I expect a fairly rough ride. Good job to the crews that did the track work.
  10. I ate there for both meals yesterday and I really liked it. For lunch I got pulled pork with mac and cheese while I got chicken with coleslaw for dinner. Both meals were really good. The chicken is filling. However, I didn't really care for the mac and cheese. I thought it was dry and bland. But I'm so happy I finally got the meal plan this year. It's well worth it.
  11. It sure looked it would be a washout yesterday, but I was proven wrong. It was a great day to be at the park. It only rained for about an hour. I rode Mystic 4x, The Beast 3x, Banshee 2x, Diamondback 2x, Invertigo, BLSC, The Bat, FoF (the only one that had a weight, but I did that during the rain so that was expected), and a few flats. No way would I have been able to do that on a good weather opening day. The rain was just enough to keep the crowd away. Now Today would have been a washout, sucks for the company that rented the park today.
  12. Looking at the radar, it looks like it will be a washout today.
  13. Looking at the forecast, it's looking like rain and storms Saturday. I won't be able to make it Friday night for preview, which looks much better. But looks like the worst of the rain will be overnight Saturday into Sunday. I just hope it isn't a washout. I'm coming from 4 hours away and it's too late to reschedule now. I was looking at Weather Channel and they are notorious for making it sound way worse than it actually is.
  14. Yes. I used this on 2 occasions this year. I got FOTL for The Beast and Diamondback. I got Invertigo but just gave it away to some random person.
  15. Do they change the songs in the shed? It seems like everytime I go, I hear a new song that I haven't heard before. Just yesterday I heard Cars by Gary Numan which I never heard before. And I haven't heard Maneater since Coasterstock weekend. The only constant song I've heard has been Total Eclipse of the Heart.
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