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  1. I just finished the book today. I was very impressed with the level of detail and depth of the history. You didn't skip anything, you even included the bad things that have happened in the park. I was even more impressed to learn that you are a high school student who did all this work. I hope you got some good school credits for this. Maybe that even counted as your term paper. I'm hoping to attend that virtual event in the previous post. Hopefully maybe you can even do some updated editions in future years.
  2. I think an automatic ejection from the park and a ban from the park for at least the rest of the year would be the way to go. If the park started doing that and the word got out, it would make someone think really hard about causing trouble at the park.
  3. On opening weekend, while waiting in line for the Banshee queue to open, I heard someone say that they thought the Delirium tower was part of Banshee. And then later while in line for Racer I saw some guests in line looking over towards Adventure Express, they said that was the old Vortex station. Since that was passholder weekend, I would think that they would know those things.
  4. I picked up a copy at the Emporium yesterday in the park. I don't normally like to read books but this will be a good read. I skimmed through the pages and looks like lots of good details in there. I'll start reading it after this weekend when I get home from my trip.
  5. I don't factor in how many hours the park is open. The ERT, tours and the meals are where the value is. Not much happens during normal park hours anyway, except for the lunch, behind the scenes tours and guest speakers. The park could only be open for 6 hours those days and I wouldn't feel less value. As long as there is still the same amount of ERT and meals, I would feel I got my money's worth.
  6. Morning ERT starting later around 9AM would be nice so you wouldn't feel as tired the next day. The other question is are they loading full trains? If they are still skipping rows, then I might have to pass on this year. ERT waits of 1 hour+ isn't appealing. You wouldn't get much in.
  7. Does your card get charged when you order or when it ships?
  8. It's not just about wearing a mask. Yes there are people with breathing problems or they have claustrophobia or whatever. I don't think it's unreasonable at all to want a refund at this point. The park is way different than what we are used to. Alot of people may have bought their passes in 2019 and were expecting the park to be exactly like it was then. Operations are nowhere close to that with reduced capacity, masks, social distancing, skipping rows on rides, sanitation breaks on rides which leads to longer waits in the queues, etc. They did offer an extra year in hopes that it would be jus
  9. With the number of people already infected and those getting vaccinated, I would think it wouldn't be too much longer to reach the point of herd immunity. The number of new cases seem to be on a downward trend. I could see it being possible that some guidelines are relaxed maybe by mid-season. Even May is still a while away yet at this point. But one thing I noticed on the link above, it said plan your visit in advance. I don't know if that was implying that they are bring back the reservation system. May 8th is my birthday, so I'm hoping to go to KI for my birthday this year.
  10. My guess would be staffing. If international travel is still banned, since some parks rely heavily on internationals, particularly CP, that puts a hindrance on staffing for them. And during most normal opening seasons, schools are still in session so it's harder to draw local workers. But if it was referring to the chain as a whole, it could be talking about those with March openings, which isn't that far off from now and Carowinds and KD were in states with stricter guidelines. They may be waiting to see if some guidelines are relaxed or lifted by then.
  11. If most airlines have stopped leaving middle seats open in a confined enclosed space, then certainly we can start seating every row on an outdoor coaster again.
  12. Yeah, no amount of money will make me take a vaccine that is rushed out. If the options are vaccine or a mask, I'll keep wearing a mask.
  13. Last night I had a dream that I was going to Kings Island, but when I pulled into my hotel to check in, I noticed that I forgot my wallet and phone and I was thinking now I have to drive 3 hours all the way back home to get those. But my dream ended after that so I don't know if I actually did. Those 2 things I would notice long before I got to the hotel if I forgot them. I probably wouldn't even make it out of my driveway before I noticed.
  14. I hope at the very least access passes (at CP) are gone and they fill rides to capacity again. Many airlines have stopped leaving the middle seats open and that's in a very confined space so I don't see why it can't be done on outdoor coasters.
  15. I don't feel safe getting something that is rushed out when a normal vaccine takes over a decade to perfect. There is a flu shot but there's still alot of people who get the flu and some even though they got the shot. So, a vaccine isn't the answer to end this. I think it's possible that there will just be a standalone vaccine for just 1 year with COVID-19 being integrated into the years flu shots going forward. We now have an FDA approved treatment with Remdesevir, which I think is a safer bet since that's been around for a while. I'm sure more effective treatments will become available as ti
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