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  1. Congo Falls, Zephyr, Upcharge Rides, Drop Tower, Scrambler.
  2. As fast as things are changing with this, we don't even know what will happen later today, let alone 2 months from now.
  3. Nice to see it getting some cosmetic work. After the extended downtime last season (or maybe 2 seasons ago), I was hoping it wasn't heading for the chopping block. VF is my favorite flat in the park.
  4. Keep in mind that "new" cases doesn't necessarily mean people who just got sick that day. It's just more test results that came in that day. They could've been sick for a few days already at that point. And there's likely a huge number of undocumented cases as some people will just choose to ride it out if they're not feeling too bad. My understanding is they will only test if you are in a high risk group or your symptoms are severe. But for those with more mild cases, they're not even part of those numbers.
  5. https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/wcm/connect/gov/f1aca594-8c96-4168-80cc-92868186f180/3-27+Presser+Final.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CONVERT_TO=url&CACHEID=ROOTWORKSPACE.Z18_M1HGGIK0N0JO00QO9DDDDM3000-f1aca594-8c96-4168-80cc-92868186f180-n4u6sn9 Here is the projections shown at Gov. DeWine's press conference today. Scroll down to the bottom. The yellow is what it would be like had we kept going business as usual and the blue is the current trend as we are doing now.
  6. Supposedly UV kills the virus. If UV rays kills the virus, then it's less of a hazard on sunny days. I know there's cases in FL, HI, etc. but did they contract the virus on a cloudy day, being indoors or in too close of quarters for the virus to be killed by UV quick enough? Those are the big unknowns. Edit: did a little more reasearch on that. Says UV rays from sun aren't strong enough to kill the virus
  7. They need to limit customers who can shop in the store. Or make it so that you have to order online and do curbside pickup. An Aldi employee in Cleveland tested positive. That right there tells you something needs to be done to limit people in stores.
  8. Maybe they will start Winterfest the weekend after Haunt ends this year.
  9. I would hope with just about everything being shut down, the curve will start to drop faster. I still think there will be a rise in cases over the next 2 weeks but after that I would think there will start to be a drop. I think the next steps should be limiting the number of people going into stores at once. Walmart is still overcrowded.
  10. I'm wondering if CP and KI will open on the same day. That would be a conflicting choice for me to make. And I wonder if there will still be buyout days at the beginning of the season.
  11. And there's no way of knowing that he actually did contract the virus at WDW. There's a number of other places he could've gotten it like maybe a restaurant, airport, airplane, etc.
  12. A similar thread at Pointbuzz is turning into an absolute political sh##show. I'm about to stop reading it. At least KI Central is better at having meaningful and thought out discussions.
  13. I would guess both CP and KI will open somewhere between Mid-May and Memorial Day weekend.
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