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  1. I wouldn't feel too good about getting a rushed vaccine. A true vaccine takes years and years to develop. With a rushed vaccine, we don't know if there are long term side effects. And if you can get it more than once, would a vaccine even do any good if your immunity doesn't last long? What if the virus mutates? Then the vaccine is useless and they have to come up with a new one. I think an effective treatment would be a better solution for now.
  2. It seems to me like he didn't even bother to read the article, which wouldn't surprise me at all. If he did, he would've seen that the announcements that were to be made today would still have been do so without a press conference.
  3. I don't condone his comment at all and it was a very bad one to make but had I been the one posting a screenshot, I would've scratched out the name. I usually do that when posting screenshots that contain names or other info when posting to a public place.
  4. Maybe if we all go to Dewine's office and do this, he'll allow parks to open:
  5. i'M a Doordash, Grubhub and other apps delivery driver. There are some places that don't even start making the order until the driver arrives. I avoid those places like the plague, time is money. And the great thing about being an independent contractor is I don't have to accept every offer thrown at me.
  6. It has been revealed that this virus has been in Ohio since January according to antibody tests. I would be willing to bet that as they do more of those tests, that will go back further to even before we had even heard of this virus. This was long before everything got shut down. https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/dr-amy-acton-antibody-testing-shows-coronavirus-has-been-in-ohio-since-january/95-b78f9efa-bed4-4c02-898c-adc3e6846c9f?fbclid=IwAR2tmloiR7mKUqVP4pEkKw_SRnRrh4OJ9uXLtFV0rh6ywN9um_qtn-2HVpQ
  7. I saw The Who last September. I don't remember if it was labeled a "Farewell Tour" or not.
  8. And not only do people in NYC live on top of each other, they are more reliant on public transportation and ride in crowded subways. Here, we all mostly drive our own vehicles.
  9. The numbers are nowhere close to accurate. There's probably lots more undocumented cases. People who weren't able to get tested and those who just waited it out and got better on their own. I was reading on one page where someone got an antibody test to confirm if they had it and they did, back in NOVEMBER. So this virus has been here alot longer than we thought. It didn't just appear here at the end of February and beginning of March when we started testing. The scene in NYC (and everywhere else) would've been alot better if we were able to test sooner. It was very late when we started shutting everything down and testing. Earlier shutdowns and testing would've been far more effective.
  10. How about they just go around to each row and tell riders to buckle and lower restraints, then ask them to try to push up on the restraints after they are secured? They will have seen you do it, so they know it's done right. There's really no need to have them touch it or get close to you. The ride system should prevent dispatch if a restraint is not locked (at least that's how I think it works).
  11. Some restaurants I recently went to have been keeping condiments behind the counter and you have to ask for them. I don't see reusable cups being allowed at all, they may still sell them for those who wish to buy them for collective purposes but you will not be allowed to use them for drinks in the park. And I would also think that self serve drinks wouldn't be allowed either, but you have to ask what drink you want and they get it for you, with a clean cup each time.
  12. Could those who have been reinfected may have never fully recovered in the first place? Maybe they were taking some kind of treatment but when it stopped, it reactivated the virus and they got sick again. Kind of like when you are taking antibiotics for something like a sinus infection, you think you feel better so you stop taking your antibiotics before instructed to and the infection flares up again. Or were they immunocompromised or had other underlying conditions that made reinfection possible? Maybe they caught a different strain? Or one of the cases was just an assumed case? There's lots of info that we don't know and probably won't for a long time. Until we can test the entire population, the numbers of cases will not be accurate.
  13. Oops. I didn't notice that article was already posted a few posts before mine.
  14. https://www.dailynews.com/2020/04/30/six-flags-rolls-out-plan-for-post-covid-19-new-normal/?fbclid=IwAR3P8WPLjr8FdJvCUF6wM_JEdF81vvXXsoo8vjBlvtMAS3Q93fT8Da1ybws Six Flags has talked about their plan for reopening. It's behind a paywall so you have to really glance at it quickly. From what I was able to see there will be capped attendance, a limit on guests in queues and boarding rides, extra sanitation and temperature screening. I'll see if I can find another article about this that isn't behind a paywall. But I'm sure it will be on their official website soon.
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