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  1. I read a little more into it and looks like Hank's is basically just getting a facelift and being renamed so it'll still be there in another form. The announcement does mention Mercado as having drinking so I would assume that would mean Biergarten will be integrated into it under a new name just like Hank's.
  2. Great additions but with these new restaurants, does this mean they are getting rid of Hanks and Biergarten? That's what I got from the concept art.
  3. I don't see KD and BGW in close proximity being an issue. Busch Gardens Tampa and Sea World Orlando are only a little over an hour apart (on a day with good traffic) and those parks do just fine.
  4. It looks like it will be a great ride. I also rode Ice Breaker at Sea World Orlando this week as it is open exclusively to passholders at this time. I got 5 rides on it yesterday. It's a solid ride. My only gripe is the shin pads that are on Premier Rides. It's still a fun ride.
  5. Iron Gwazi was testing today when I was at BGT. I have a VIP passholder reservation to ride it next Friday on February 11th. Then they will have it open exclusively to passholders on select days until March 11th when it opens to the public.
  6. I may be in the minority here, but I actually wouldn't mind CF and SW combining. As pointed out before, SW management has been kind of rocky lately going through so many CEOs. Also, I don't think SW has been in that great of finanical shape as there was some difficulty paying off Iron Gwazi. So can they really afford this? That would be the main concern. But, what if this were to open to door for CF to make a counter-offer? Maybe that's what they are hoping for. Going that route may make more sense. BGT and SWO are my home parks and I enjoy them. If that were to happen, I would just hope they keep their staff that is experienced with caring for the animals. But I don't think CF can afford it either. I think they will reject it just like they did with Six Flags.
  7. I think that would be Top Thrill Dragster.
  8. Sorry to double post, but here is an article stating that the victim is fighting for her life and also contains some details about the conference in the video I linked above. https://www.cantonrep.com/story/news/local/2021/08/23/cedar-point-accident-top-thrill-dragster-woman-injured-update/8246478002/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=ghf-cantonrep-main&fbclid=IwAR2P9PRErq-yRfL1S1Y4DTBFoDiGwlTGYJgc3rpWRG5T63EeOnn31jtuW_k
  9. Press conference on the investigation and what they know so far.
  10. It's hard to say what they're going to do to fix it when they still don't know what caused it. They already said they are investigating it with several parties. I wouldn't expect any real news on this for quite a long time. These investigations can take a long time.
  11. The Register is an absolute joke. Everything they have posted since the initial report have been nothing but clickbait and bashing the park for not releasing information. They are just trying to cash in on this. This story is probably filling their pockets and they want to keep dragging it on. An investigation of this magnitude can't be done in a few days. I wouldn't expect any real news on this story for quite a long time. It should not be up to the park to give out info regarding the victim. That should be the family and they have a right to privacy. The family probably doesn't want to be harassed by the media, nosy people and lawyers at this time. They are already going through enough. They can go through the procedure to get some info through public record but that doesn't mean that they should.
  12. Yes. The Department of Agriculture. The same team that certifies the rides every year. They have to be inspected 2 times per year. And one news report stated they were already on scene to start an investigation.
  13. This isn't the first time people have been hurt by something coming off the ride. There has also been some occasions where the cable frayed and people were hit by pieces of it. But the cable incidents were fairly minor compared to this. None of those incidents required somebody to go to a Trauma Center. It seems like this right is just becoming a liability. I'm sure it will be SBNO for the rest of the season. And the future of it might be questionable with the incidents plus CF is not exactly on good terms with Intamin.
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