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  1. I felt that way about the Raven. I was disappointed in it. After riding the Raven I could not understand how it won multiple Golden Tickets. I thought it was rough, and way too short. The turn over the water was a cool element though. I did however love the Voyage, and did not think it was rough, and the Legend was a great ride, but a tad rough. Doubt we ever go back, but Holiday World was fun to experience. Glad they are putting the TLC into their coasters.
  2. I doubt they do anything, but decorating the Eiffel Tower. It would be cool though if they just opened the restraunts and shops on International Street. I would go walk around, and buy some items.
  3. The Bansheelover family was supposed to visit this beautiful park, but we all know why we did not this year. However we will be there next June! I personally cannot wait to get 10+ rides on Shivering Timber’s.
  4. You can see two pieces clearly from The Beast line.
  5. My personal wait times needs to be addressed. I believe with my support of Cedar Fair parks by 2030 CF should have a pass perk for my family and I to have Uber Fast Lane passes every visit. What is UFLP, you ask? It is a skip ahead of everyone and my choice of seat. I believe with my advance age, and my roller coaster riding days are numbered this will be a great idea for their number 1 fan.
  6. So you’re saying it’s a giper or higa?
  7. With that explanation then Fury 325 and Leviathan are hypers as well since B&M doesn’t use the term giga. A giga coaster is whatever Cedar Fair defines it. The coaster could be absolutely flat, and then drop 305ft from the station to be a giga. Who really cares what is. It’s an amazing ride that dominants the skyline. When you’re on it you’re eye level with WindSeeker. 13 ft doesn’t make a difference.
  8. Maybe the larger waterlines are need for an aqua coaster of dizzying heights?
  9. I only consider Cedar Fair operations since we have Platinum Passes.
  10. When we visited Carowinds last summer my daughters absolutely loved Ricochet. I really wish we had a wild mouse at KI. The nearest one to us is at Michigan's Adventure which we had planned on visiting just for the wild mouse this summer, but we all know why we could not. I think a wild mouse at KI would be a great addition, and would love to see it squeezed in by the Festhaus, or behind the Eiffel Tower next to BLSC.
  11. I agree with the original poster. I think a year of park upkeep and repair is needed. Make the ole park the King for its birthday.
  12. Completed my 14th trip on Orion this evening. I have rode it 2x in the front, 9 in the very back, and 3 in the middle. The front is most intense ride in the park. The wind whipping your face, and staring down the 300ft drop is intense. I did gray out a little on the helix tonight on the front. Very forceful. The middle I feel you're just along for the ride. Nice ejector air on the speed hill, but nothing amazing. The back is a lot of fun feels like you're holding on a runaway train. The first drop is very forceful which feels like you're getting popped out of your seat. The airtime is long a
  13. As horrible as 2020 has been on our summer. I have been fortunate it enough to visit the park 15 times. Each time I have had a meal. All 16 of my meals have been hot , fresh, and delicious. Better than I can make myself. Ranking my meals by tiers. Tier 1 Pub Burger hot fresh, and my go to burger when I really want a hamburger. Fish Sandwich hot fresh with the perfect crunch. Space Hoagie blew my mind. The "condiments" on the sausage were really unique and full of flavor. Wish I could make this Chicken and sweet potato from Coney. I can't replicate the chicken. My fa
  14. There’s still two pieces left laying on the ground at that the site. Do what you have to do.
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