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  1. A huge difference between KI LaRosa's pizza, and LaRosa's from one of their stores is that the pepperoni is on top of the cheese at KI where it is under the cheese from the store. Next time you order from a store ask for the pepperoni on top. Tastes just like KI's then
  2. This photo is taken from 48 south in Lebanon near the OSP post.
  3. Can I get in line now to ride in spring? LOL
  4. From the Field of Scrams line.
  5. I never rode The Bat, but my grandmother did. She said they were at the park, and The Bat was down most of the day. They decided to see if it was running and it was. They got in line, and rode it. She said she enjoyed the ride and wanted to ride it again, but they had closed it. By the next year it was gone.
  6. Also https://finance.yahoo.com/news/analysts-splash-water-six-flags-174141560.html
  7. Depends on your definition of what rough is. I’m having a milestone birthday this upcoming week, and really don’t find any of the coasters rough. Racer and The Beast can be rough if you sit on the wheels. Vortex can be rough if you don’t watch the track for its changes. Be a smart rider, and you’ll do well.
  8. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cedar-fair-m-a-sixflags-exclusive-idUSKBN1WH1ZA i don’t see this happening, but what!?!?
  9. After five days now, and a trip to KI Sunday I am very excited to see the removal of Vortex. The time has come, and to see which direction Cedar Fair takes KI is exciting. So far under their leadership we have received huge rides. Diamondback, Banshee, Mystic Timbers, and now Orion. Kings Island has an opportunity to make an dead area of the park alive again. It started with the Antique Cars, and will continue with a new ride in The Vortex vacant land. Too many types to speculate towards, but Copperhead Strike and Maverick are two of the most fun rides I have ever ridden. Good bye to the old and decaying hello to the new and shiny! I have never been more excited for the future of KI. Orion is going to be amazing , and whatever replaces Vortex will be amazing as well.
  10. Orion sticking out in an eerie sky.
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