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  1. Probably too late now, but KI should've had made The Vortex pit the smoker's lounge. Slide down into the mud, and climb back up. Would have been a new ride.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dispatch.com/news/20200608/kings-island-reopening-july-2-cedar-point-july-9-if-ohio-ride-inspectors-can-finish-job%3ftemplate=ampart
  3. I don’t wear a mask, but if a business requires is like Costco I suck it up and do it. Since Kings Island will, and my kids want to go. Mask it is.
  4. I was using the pandemic as an excuse not to up my weight loss, program. Now I'm going to have to go back to my wrestling days in high school to drop weight.
  5. Some news out of Cedar Fair today. https://ir.cedarfair.com/news/news-details/2020/Cedar-Fair-Expands-Its-Suite-of-Mobile-Apps-to-Promote-a-Healthy-Smart-and-Fun-Filled-Guest-Experience-When-Parks-Reopen/default.aspx
  6. No, the park will be busy enough with everyone wanting to do something. May have to limit the amount of people in the park.
  7. https://southwhitehall.com/news/april-16-2020-planning-commission-public-notice/ Dorney Park and Cedar Fair have withdrawn from the meeting. I wouldn't think the plan is dead, just put on hold until the pandemic is over. I am willing to bet the township has more exigent circumstances to deal with.
  8. Through the trees I see Orion’s crest.
  9. I never have rode Skyflyer or Slingshot, and have no plans to as long as they are upcharges.
  10. Last time we got a stimulus I blew it all on Son of Beast tshirts.
  11. That will pay for my platinum upgrade without having to work overtime.
  12. They have cut it into sections, and have removed the section after the first drop.
  13. I was unable to take pictures as I was driving, but I can confirm the above picture is correct as 2 hours ago. It really snowed in the KI area. Expect The Vortex to be demolished by Tuesday.
  14. I’ve now raised $100, but my donor donated on a wrong link, and didn’t go into the Orion account just a general A Kid Again one.
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