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  1. I never have rode Skyflyer or Slingshot, and have no plans to as long as they are upcharges.
  2. Last time we got a stimulus I blew it all on Son of Beast tshirts.
  3. That will pay for my platinum upgrade without having to work overtime.
  4. They have cut it into sections, and have removed the section after the first drop.
  5. I was unable to take pictures as I was driving, but I can confirm the above picture is correct as 2 hours ago. It really snowed in the KI area. Expect The Vortex to be demolished by Tuesday.
  6. I’ve now raised $100, but my donor donated on a wrong link, and didn’t go into the Orion account just a general A Kid Again one.
  7. I am not upset that a metal fatigued coaster is being demolished, but it will tug at the heart strings a little when the iconic loops come down.
  8. Typically after January 1 the crowds get bigger at the Cyclones games. The Friday and Saturday crowds can be quite large between 6-10k a game. It is a fun evening especially when the team is doing good like they are this year. Sitting in the lower bowl towards the top is the best. Good views, and easy access to the concourse. Arrive when the gates open to assure your bobblehead.
  9. Without zooming in, you can see the Diamondback quite well, but The Vortex is foggy. Someone or something placed the smudge just perfectly.
  10. I deliberately did not write an answer to my question, as I wanted to see other's responses to maybe stimulate my memory of 2019. 2019 saw the most visits in the Bansheelover family history. We visited Kings Island 62 times along with four visits each to Carowinds and Cedar Point. Many of KI visits were drop ins to eat lunch or dinner and ride a few rides. I think we only had 2-3 full days at Kings Island where we rode everything. Usually in a visit we would hit a few coasters in one area and leave. We only visited the waterpark 4 times as it now too busy to have an enjoyable day. With that said though we still had a lot of fun, and my youngest reached 48 every time we visited. She rode The Bat, Adventure Express, BLSC, and Racer last year. This year she conquered The Beast and Mystic Timbers. MT is her new favorite roller coaster at KI. Her overall favorite is Ricochet at Carowinds. Unfortunately she never got up the nerve to ride The Vortex. I had my last ride on The Vortex in early September before its death was announced. No one else rode it with me. Vortex was also the last roller coaster I rode for the year, as major shoulder surgery ended my season. I took the family every Friday and Saturday night for Haunt. They would do the mazes, and I would eat, and watch the scare actors pop out of the fog and scare people. It was quite hilarious to watch as the scare actors would scare grown men, and teenagers. Toward the end of Haunt I was out my sling, and did enjoy a few mazes. Field of Screams and Slaughterhouse were my favorite. Slaughterhouse scared my youngest so bad we lost her retainer. After Haunt we visited Winterfest, and had a really good time. Kings Island does an amazing job with Winterfest. It has gotten better each year. As mentioned we visited Carowinds and Cedar Point. Our Carowinds visits were for a four consecutive days in June. Beautiful weather, and park. If you have not gone, it should be a Cedar Fair park on your list. Cedar Point was two, two day trips in July and August. We were unloading off Valravn when the accident happened shutting down that ride in July, and our August trip saw Top Thrill Dragster down. However we enjoyed both trips, and took a trip to the beach which was gorgeous. Summer 2020 we are planning on a day at Kings Dominion primarily to ride Intimidator 305 as my oldest daughters have decided we must ride every giga in North America, and a stop at Michigan's Adventure on our way to the Sleeping Bear Dunes.
  11. How was everyone's 2019 Kings Island and Cedar Fair season?
  12. Ricochet is an amazing ride. When we were at Carowinds I think my kids rode it 15-20 times. They absolutely loved it. Copperhead is in my top 5 favorite coasters. I rode it 10 times while there. A lot of my rides were on a night after a major Thunderstorm moved through, and I did not have to get off. Afterburner was fun, but it not as fun or intense as Banshee.
  13. To add a little to this the angle of descent in interesting as well. Millennium Force 80 degrees Intimidator 305 85 degrees Leviathan 80 degrees Fury 325 81 degrees Orion 85 degrees also have heard its 86 degrees It will be interesting to feel the effects of the drop on your body. Millennium Force and Fury 325 are the only giga coasters I've rode, and it feels to me like you are strapped in a NASCAR because of speed. Never really feel an airtime moment. Orion descent is closer to Steel Vengeance who's is 90. SV feels like a free fall, and then crazy speed into an airtime moment banking turn. After Mystic Timbers I will never look down my nose at stats of height and speed. I have rode every coaster Cedar Point, Carowinds, and Kings Island and nothing is like Mystic Timbers. This is why I don't think the height of Orion is a factor. Once you conquer the large drop on the other gigas you never reach that height again. The speed and angles of Orion are going to be intense.
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