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  1. Well the year did not go as planned. My daughter's soccer career went from a fall to spring activity to year round 3-5 days a week. We only made it to Carowinds, Kings Island, and Cedar Point. Maybe next year I will venture out by myself. For the first time in 7 years no new credits for me.
  2. It is interesting to read everyone's perspective of Haunt. I understand that is it a monumental task to put on, with a limited budget due to so much focus on Winterfest. With Haunt brings a different more aggressive feeling crowd. I wonder due to the problems that Haunt brings to the various parks as there was an incident at Carowinds last weekend, and an incident at Kings Dominion this weekend if Cedar Fair is trying to tame down the Haunt. Valleyfair has the Tricks and Treats celebration. https://www.valleyfair.com/events/tricks-and-treats I am willing to bet this is what all the parks will head to in the next few years. The new CEO is on record saying he wants the parks to be more family centric. My thoughts on Haunt. I only have completed Cornered, KillMart and the Scarezones. I thought Corned could be better, the lights of Invertigo flooded the area, and made it bright. I would love to see it return to the fireworks pad, but I do not know if that is possible. The International Street scare actors were phenomenal, and costumes were very well done. They were fun to interact with, and the Ghillie suit guy got me again for like the 3rd consecutive Haunt. I need to be on the look out for him. The sliding guys are my favorite as they scare the daylights out of a lot of people. Pumpkin patch needs to return to its old lane. Although I liked the new props. Coney Maul and clowns I hate it. Why did all the clowns have weapons? I made the bad joke to my wife that they were added security due to the fight that happened there last summer. KillMart is fun, but they let too many people in at once. Just one group at a time and then wait a few minutes. I will do two more mazes Friday, and Saturday. As with any regional theme park low expectations yield a fun evening.
  3. Do we want something new every year has passholders, yes? Does Kings Island need it? No. Imagine being Dorney, Michigan's Adventure, WOF, or Vallyefair who get no love at all. I am willing to bet 2024 or 25 will be a huge year for KI. As a new coaster, and hopefully 2-3 flats, and a waterpark improvements are coming. With the large KI passholder group Ki will always be at top of chain to get something. It is also nice not to get things keeps crowds down, and we can enjoy the park for a year without pure insanity.
  4. Dang! There goes my plans for the day. I already had my passport ready, and private jet to take me there all fueled up. Guess I will pay my pilot for his time anyways. Maybe we fly to Oceans of fun instead.
  5. A Pardon our Dust barricade was found today between Coney BBQ, and Monster! Does this mean the beginning of something ?
  6. Interesting. In my opinion Cedar Fair needs to deliver a coaster to WOF, Dorney, MA,and Valleyfair this year. I find it bs actually they do not take care of these parks in the rides dept as well. We upgraded to platinum a few years back because of my daughters wanting to visit other parks, and experience different rides because of how excited they were riding Mystic Timbers. I wonder if other families would do the same.
  7. There was a four year period between Fury 325 and Copperhead Strike at Carowinds. I would think that would be a similar time table for Kings Island. I really would like to see an upgrade to Camp Snoopy, and a flat ride package of 2-3 rides of various extremes.
  8. Correction to my original post. We will be visiting Six Flags Great America, not Great Adventure.
  9. As coaster season is coming ever so closer, which parks do you have plans to visit this year? Us here at Bansheelover are planning on visiting Carowinds next weekend, Cedar Point at least 3 times, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Darien Lake, Six Flags over Georgia, Kentucky Kingdom, and maybe sneak in Michigan's Adventure. Of course I'd like to break my personal record of 72 Kings Island visits, maybe shoot for 80 as my goal. We will see. Have fun, ride anything that scares you, live to tell the tale!
  10. This is great news. The funny thing is I had a dream early last week before this news broke that I was on the train, and it had been refurbished. Cannot wait until opening day.
  11. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=kfzry
  12. This news or rumor just burns me up for some reason. Although I love Orion, I feel like it was rushed to Kings Island. I believe after some time has moved on that Cedar Fair knew Vortex was done for, and had to hurry and replace Vortex and Firehawk. Thus they moved the alleged Hyper coaster from CGA to KI, and dubbed it a giga. This layout would have fit perfectly in the spot of land that is being used by Orion, and could have gone left where Orion turns around. This just grinds my gears, and I feel like KI was appeased instead of getting what it truly should have received.
  13. I actually hate seeing this just for personal reasons. This was the first antique car ride my kids rode. I took them to Cedar Point for their first visit in 2018. Kings Island did not have them yet, and they thought they were so cool. I think we rode them 4-5 times. As I was riding them, I thought KI really needs these back because the kids love the driving them.
  14. I saw him exiting The Beast this fall. I thought to myself I love roller coasters and Cedar Point, but I'm not going that far.
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