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  1. Thank you for the information. Mrs. Bansheelover is not one for multiple parks, fun or spending money. She will only allow us to go to Cedar Fair parks. I think the kids will enjoy Dorney, and hopefully we can do the whole dry park in 4-5 hours.
  2. You will love Carowinds. Fury 325 is worth the drive, and the atmosphere is fun and inviting. We also enjoyed Copperhead. At Carowinds if it is not buy the ride ops let you ride again if no one is waiting for your row.
  3. Once again the Bansheelover family is renewing their Platinum passes. Right now we are planning a huge 14 day swing through the Mid Atlantic. We plan on hitting DC, Kings Dominion, Virginia Beach up to NYC and conclude with Dorney. Does anyone have info on KD and Dorney? Must rides and eats? Then later in the summer a Northern Michigan tour is being discussed with a day at Michigan's Adventure. Any information will be appreciated.
  4. Maybe Coney Island is interested in selling their Christmas displays.
  5. When most of us think about Orion we think of the three stars that form a belt in our night sky. However the star that forms one of Orion's foot is called Rigel. Rigel is a massive blue supergiant star, that is the brightest in the Orion Constellation, and the seventh brightest star in the night sky. This where I find the name Orion interesting. The seventh brightest star referring to the seventh giga coaster on planet. Rigel also is seen to the naked eye as a blue or white star. The new coaster as we all know is blue and white, and the seventh giga in the world. Someone at Cedar Fair or Kings Island really did some research or really likes constellations. However if they would have named the coaster Rigel, we would all be saying what kind of name is that?!? The name Orion is really growing on me, and the more I see it it in print the more I like it. With Rigel being the seventh brightest I do not think they were trying to match the brightness of each star to a giga. They just thought it was a cool concept.
  6. 700 WLW is reporting that the coaster will be as tall as Drop Tower. We will see in a little over 12 hours.
  7. Cedar Fair and Intamin coined the phrase for giga when Millennium Force was being built, so I don't know if they hold the unofficial term and requirements near and dear to the heart.
  8. Exactly my point. I doubt Cedar Fair though would ever build a giga that did not meet the unofficial requirements of the height.
  9. If you have read through the posts, you would understand my post. Some are predicting a 296ft tall coaster with a 301ft drop that KI would market as a giga. We all know the definition of a giga.
  10. 1. Is a geological depression. ( A meteor strike perhaps, teasing a space theme?) 2. Is an inter-mountain geological depression. ( Perhaps where the continent of India slammed into Asia billions of years ago.) 3. Is the center of Asia. A monument is erected to state such. (Is KI's giga going to be the center of all gigas hence a monument to the giga coaster world?) 4. The Caspian Depression is near here, which is also surrounded by large mountains. (Is this referring to the height, and drop of the coaster?) 5. There was a fortress here to prevent invasions. (Alien theme perhaps?) I believe Cedar Fair and Kings Island will not build a giga coaster under 300 ft. That would be an embarrassment to the company. It will be a very large coaster, and a very fun coaster. I also believe that Cedar Fair, Kings Island, and the City of Mason know people snoop for blueprints, and I believe KI filed a little white lie blueprint to throw the super fans off. I believe this coaster will be between 315-330 ft. I would be surprised either way if it is taller than Fury or is not. In anyway though this is going to be an amazing roller coaster.
  11. Sorry I like to say stupid stuff to see if anyone is listening, and will put it on forums or social media.
  12. The tables are turning. KI got Mystic in 2017, and in 2037 CP will get a GCI woodie.
  13. Kings Island got Flight of Fear in 1996.
  14. Don't forget the 20 year rule. Magnum 1989 Diamondback 2009 MF 2000 Ki Project X 2020 TTD 2003 KI strata 2023!?!?!
  15. Would you all be upset if there were no teasers? Maybe seeing a giant structure start to rise out of the ground be enough for the GP to get really excited. They would not really know what it is, except that is may be a huge roller coaster. A lot of people have not traveled to a park with a giga so they will be amazed by something rising higher than the Diamondback.
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