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  1. Interesting. In my opinion Cedar Fair needs to deliver a coaster to WOF, Dorney, MA,and Valleyfair this year. I find it bs actually they do not take care of these parks in the rides dept as well. We upgraded to platinum a few years back because of my daughters wanting to visit other parks, and experience different rides because of how excited they were riding Mystic Timbers. I wonder if other families would do the same.
  2. There was a four year period between Fury 325 and Copperhead Strike at Carowinds. I would think that would be a similar time table for Kings Island. I really would like to see an upgrade to Camp Snoopy, and a flat ride package of 2-3 rides of various extremes.
  3. Correction to my original post. We will be visiting Six Flags Great America, not Great Adventure.
  4. As coaster season is coming ever so closer, which parks do you have plans to visit this year? Us here at Bansheelover are planning on visiting Carowinds next weekend, Cedar Point at least 3 times, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Darien Lake, Six Flags over Georgia, Kentucky Kingdom, and maybe sneak in Michigan's Adventure. Of course I'd like to break my personal record of 72 Kings Island visits, maybe shoot for 80 as my goal. We will see. Have fun, ride anything that scares you, live to tell the tale!
  5. This is great news. The funny thing is I had a dream early last week before this news broke that I was on the train, and it had been refurbished. Cannot wait until opening day.
  6. https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=kfzry
  7. This news or rumor just burns me up for some reason. Although I love Orion, I feel like it was rushed to Kings Island. I believe after some time has moved on that Cedar Fair knew Vortex was done for, and had to hurry and replace Vortex and Firehawk. Thus they moved the alleged Hyper coaster from CGA to KI, and dubbed it a giga. This layout would have fit perfectly in the spot of land that is being used by Orion, and could have gone left where Orion turns around. This just grinds my gears, and I feel like KI was appeased instead of getting what it truly should have received.
  8. I actually hate seeing this just for personal reasons. This was the first antique car ride my kids rode. I took them to Cedar Point for their first visit in 2018. Kings Island did not have them yet, and they thought they were so cool. I think we rode them 4-5 times. As I was riding them, I thought KI really needs these back because the kids love the driving them.
  9. I saw him exiting The Beast this fall. I thought to myself I love roller coasters and Cedar Point, but I'm not going that far.
  10. Can confirm! Also I Street was lit up. I wonder if the Eiffel Tower will be ready to be the Eiffel Tree?
  11. I have the meal plan, and live 10 minutes away. I have visited Kings Island 50 times this season, and ate every time sometimes twice. I venture to say I have had 65+ meals there. My go tos are chicken and salad at Coney BBQ, Pub burger at Brewhouse, Orange chicken at Panda, and the salad at Chicken Shack. I've also enjoyed the French restaurant, and Chic Fil A. This summer I visited Cedar Point 4 times ate 8 times, Dorney once ate twice, and Kings Dominion twice eating four times. I think I got my monies worth.
  12. Don't go to Kings Dominion if you're wondering about black top. They've allowed that parking lot to deteriorate into gravel. Glad a lot of rides are getting TLC. Something about faded paint jobs look bad to me. I like everything looking fresh.
  13. Top Thrill Dragster does not have the technology Orion does. TTD is the most complicated coaster in Ohio.
  14. I have been to the park 83 times since Orion has opened, and it has been only down for short amount of times 3 of those visits. Orion is the most sophisticated roller coaster in Ohio. It has the most technology ever available to run it, and more safety measures then any other coaster. A lot of the "downtime" is that has been experienced it due to computers.
  15. I will ride it once a month, its not my favorite, but I do not despise it. I like to sit in the middle to be able to see other's reactions though.
  16. After riding Grizzly at Kings Dominion it is my new #1 worst roller coaster of all time. Just an awful ride, that is rough with a boring layout.
  17. This past summer we made the trip to Dorney Park in Allentown, PA. The park is an older park, with a lot of older rides. Especially The Whip that had been there since 1920. The park is smaller than your typical Cedar Fair parks, but we had a lot of fun. We rode all the roller coasters. Talon was really underrated, I especially like the helix felt like your legs would touch the ground. The kids favorite was the Mouse Trap, it seemed to run faster than Richochet at Carowinds, and Apple Zapple at Kings Dominion. I thought Hydra was fantastic, and wish I would it of rode it a few more times. I am counting Demon Drop as coaster. I never rode it at Cedar Point, and was surprised by how high it was. Thunderhawk was running one train, and kind of rough. Possessed was fun, but enjoy Wicked Twister more due to the double twisted spikes. In my opinion Steel Force was the star of the show. I thought it would ride more like Magnum XL, but it blew me away. I think we rode it 5-6 times. We also visited the waterpark which is really nice, and compact. They have a ton to do there, and we tried to ride as much as possible, but it was so hot the lines were longer. We also enjoyed their variety of flat rides such as Enterprise, the carousel, and ferris wheel. It is nice to experience those since Kings Island does not have two out of the three. The food was nothing to write home about. Slow service and just basic fair attire. Need a major upgrade there. A few of the employees had never seen Platinum passes, and would show their coworkers which gave me a good chuckle. Overall I enjoyed Dorney if I'm ever in the area again, would go to ride Hyrda, Demon Drop, and Steel Force. It gave me the feeling of going back in time, and it was very nostaglic.
  18. That they do, I would be surprised if it is any kind of ride. More food options would be great. I would love to see a giant swing, like Skyhawk and 2 more flat rides back there. Kings Island has great coasters, but truly lacking on the flat ride side of things.
  19. The signs are in the CHAOS que. I didn't notice them Friday night, but they were there today. I think it has to do with the lab, not a new attraction.
  20. I was fortunate enough to ride Jersey Devil twice this summer. The operations are extremely fast, and they were running three trains. The trains never stop. They are loaded and unloaded like an escalator. As one person gets off at the back of the platform another gets on, and then a ride op secures your restraint. It is a fantastic, and fun ride.
  21. This summer we made a huge trip through the Mid-Atlantic visiting Flight 93 memorial, Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Ocean City, NJ, and DC. As proud Platinum pass holders we visited Dorney Park (will receive own topic), and Kings Dominion. Kings Dominion is a beautiful park in Virginia. Upon entering we were greeted by their beautiful International Street. It had very big, and old trees with lots of shade. I truly enjoyed it more than Kings Island's I-Street. We spent a lot of time exploring the shops, and eating the various treats. It was interesting though how close some rides were to I-Street such as Berserker and Dominator. I also enjoyed their apple area along with the singing mushrooms. It was an interesting park with a lot of shade on the southern side, but a lot ton of open area near I-305. I only mention this because of how hot it was when we where there. Rides. They have three stand out coasters, Intimidator 305, Twisted Timbers, and Dominator. The kids loved Apple Zapple which is a very fun ride, and we really enjoyed it. They kept saying we wish KI had one. I had the goal of riding I-305 ten times, as I have rode Fury, MF, and Orion all over that amount. However the intensity and gray outs effected my ability to accomplish this. I305 is a fun ride, but not one I'd want at KI because in my opinion it cannot be marathoned. Twisted Timbers is the star of park. I enjoyed all 4 of my rides, and really would like to see KI get something like it. Dominator is the best floorless coaster I've ever rode. KD also has clones of BLSC, and FOF. Grizzly and Racer 75 are wooden coaster. I liked their Racer, but Grizzly is the worst roller coaster I've ever rode. Employees where not very friendly, but if you engaged them they would smile, and become friendly. However the group at the Grain and Grill were fantastic. They loved my Cincinnati Bearcats shirt, and how the Cats beat Georgia in the Peach Bowl. (I didn't have the heart to correct them) The Grain and Grill was our favorite place to eat we ate three of our four meals there. A huge variety of food, with good portions. It was very tasty. Our 4th meal was at the hot dog stand and it too was very good. The thing that made me sad about KD is you could tell it runs on 1/4 budget compared to Kings Island and Cedar Point. I would like to go back someday to get a ride on the new coaster.
  22. The Bansheelover family made the trip to Six Flags Great Adventure as well. Unfortunately we were unable to ride everything due to a major thunderstorm, and only having one day to explore it. We did get two rides on Jersey Devil which was a lot of fun, and enjoyed the Houdini experience. Also snagged rides on Cyborg, Nitro, Batman, and Dark Knight before the storms. I definitely want to return to finish the park, and ride El Toro.
  23. Looks like footers for Wicked Twister!
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