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  1. I was fortunate enough to ride Jersey Devil twice this summer. The operations are extremely fast, and they were running three trains. The trains never stop. They are loaded and unloaded like an escalator. As one person gets off at the back of the platform another gets on, and then a ride op secures your restraint. It is a fantastic, and fun ride.
  2. This summer we made a huge trip through the Mid-Atlantic visiting Flight 93 memorial, Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Ocean City, NJ, and DC. As proud Platinum pass holders we visited Dorney Park (will receive own topic), and Kings Dominion. Kings Dominion is a beautiful park in Virginia. Upon entering we were greeted by their beautiful International Street. It had very big, and old trees with lots of shade. I truly enjoyed it more than Kings Island's I-Street. We spent a lot of time exploring the shops, and eating the various treats. It was interesting though how close some rides were to I-Street such as Berserker and Dominator. I also enjoyed their apple area along with the singing mushrooms. It was an interesting park with a lot of shade on the southern side, but a lot ton of open area near I-305. I only mention this because of how hot it was when we where there. Rides. They have three stand out coasters, Intimidator 305, Twisted Timbers, and Dominator. The kids loved Apple Zapple which is a very fun ride, and we really enjoyed it. They kept saying we wish KI had one. I had the goal of riding I-305 ten times, as I have rode Fury, MF, and Orion all over that amount. However the intensity and gray outs effected my ability to accomplish this. I305 is a fun ride, but not one I'd want at KI because in my opinion it cannot be marathoned. Twisted Timbers is the star of park. I enjoyed all 4 of my rides, and really would like to see KI get something like it. Dominator is the best floorless coaster I've ever rode. KD also has clones of BLSC, and FOF. Grizzly and Racer 75 are wooden coaster. I liked their Racer, but Grizzly is the worst roller coaster I've ever rode. Employees where not very friendly, but if you engaged them they would smile, and become friendly. However the group at the Grain and Grill were fantastic. They loved my Cincinnati Bearcats shirt, and how the Cats beat Georgia in the Peach Bowl. (I didn't have the heart to correct them) The Grain and Grill was our favorite place to eat we ate three of our four meals there. A huge variety of food, with good portions. It was very tasty. Our 4th meal was at the hot dog stand and it too was very good. The thing that made me sad about KD is you could tell it runs on 1/4 budget compared to Kings Island and Cedar Point. I would like to go back someday to get a ride on the new coaster.
  3. The Bansheelover family made the trip to Six Flags Great Adventure as well. Unfortunately we were unable to ride everything due to a major thunderstorm, and only having one day to explore it. We did get two rides on Jersey Devil which was a lot of fun, and enjoyed the Houdini experience. Also snagged rides on Cyborg, Nitro, Batman, and Dark Knight before the storms. I definitely want to return to finish the park, and ride El Toro.
  4. Looks like footers for Wicked Twister!
  5. At the Cedar Fair board meeting. CF, "Everyone cool with whats going on next year?" CP, KI,, CW , knotts, Carowinds, "yea we're good thanks" VF, WOF, CGA "yea thanks for including us! We will make you proud thank you so much for thinking of us." KD, "OMG thank you so much!!! We can't believe you remembered us, and we love you!" Dorney, "Hey wheres our new coaster!?!?!" CF, "Meeting over, no further." MA, "Um hey guys what about us?" CF, "You're still here? I thought we closed you." Intern, "Sir that was Geagua Lake. CF, Oh f&^K.
  6. I can't remember, but didn't California's Great Adventure have a permit request with the city that fit Wicked Twisters dimensions? I really hope they ride goes to Michigan's Adventure they truly need it.
  7. Rode The Beast today around 1pm. Row 2 very rough, it was my 23rd ride of the year, and the worst. Kings Island and Cedar Fair need to address this situation, and get this right.
  8. Went on Wednesday during all the rain, and ate at the Brewhouse. The Pub burger and tots were hot and fantastic. Ended up staying all day in the drizzle then ate at Hank's. Best chicken bowl I've had in quite awhile. Went over yesterday, and the family wanted the Brewhouse again tried the BBLT. Not my favorite as the bacon was too chewy. Must be crisp for a sandwich. However in all my trips, and meals yesterday was the only bad experience with a meal. I will stick with the cod sandwich and burger at Brewhouse.
  9. The Vortex was a wonderful coaster from its birth until about 2005. As technology advanced, and people started to enjoy different restraints and smoother tracks The Vortex became obsolete. I don't think it was a hated coaster, it just aged and peoples tastes changed. The skyline of KI is changed forever, and I will miss the only roller coaster to ever intimidate me.
  10. The vehicle I saw fit the description in the article. Such a tragic accident, and I feel awful for all involved.
  11. Last weekend we traveled to Atlanta to visit my sister who surprised us with Six Flags Memberships, and a trip to SFOG. I had never been to a Six Flags park, and was interested in seeing the DC theming. I really enjoyed the Gotham City and Metropolis Park areas. In my opinion they were very well done. The rest of park just kind of blended in with itself. The park is kind of hilly, and when approaching areas there are signs telling you the grade of the hill, to use caution. Rides We did not get to ride all the coasters, more on that later. However we rode Superman, Goliath, Dare Devil Dive, Great American Scream Machine, Blue Hawk, Twisted Cyclone, Dahlonega Mine Train, Justice League Battle for Metropolis, and Skyscreamer. Goliath was the groups favorite the speed and ejector air was fantastic. Rivals Diamondback as my favorite hyper. Dare Devil Dive was a lot of fun. The lift hill was unique, and the elements were smooth and fast. The capacity was very low however, and the line was slow moving. Superman was a lot of fun, and g forces were intense. Twisted Cyclone was fun, but some members of the group did not like it because it was no where near the intensity of Steel Vengeance. Operations were very slow, and it felt like you the guest was requiring too much from the ride operators to dispatch a train. It was a very unwelcoming experience. However they did not have a 2-3 click rule or seat belts on most rides which made it more enjoyable, and less stressful on my bigger frame. We did eat one meal, and it was a very slow , and seemed again we the guests were demanding too much out of the staff. We ordered 5 chicken finger baskets paid for 5, and received 3. After a brief discussion with an area manager, and showing our receipt did we finally receive the 2 other meals. Next time we will not bother with eating in the park. Shopping was a highlight all the employees were welcoming, and very helpful. They had a lot of shops throughout the park. Membership services was a great success the young man who helped us was informative, polite, and quick to service. They need 1000 more of him. Security was horrible, and as the park grew more busy it got very dangerous. We saw 3 fights in lines, and in the midways. The midways became full of teenagers who dared you to walk into them so they could fight you. Once I realized what was going on we left that is why we did not get all the credits. Upon exiting we saw one man attacked by 4-6 kids in the main midway, and the police had crime scene tape up near our car where a car had been stopped and the windows busted out. Overall we had fun, but it is not fun to go with your family when you have to be on guard. I doubt we ever return, and if we do I will make sure to have some friends come along just for protection in numbers. It is a beautiful park, but has problems. However Goliath and Dare Devil Dive are fun coasters.
  12. Today while running errands I passed Kings Island on I-71. I saw a crane behind Diamondback's turnaround. Does anyone have any idea what they could be working on?
  13. Usually in jail for trespassing on various Cedar Fair properties.
  14. Very excited to return to the parks! Have a Dorney KD trip planned as well.
  15. 19 trips for me. Absolutely love the back being snapped over the first drop, and the airtime on the hills. Hope to ride it every time next season when we visit.
  16. Just booked our trip to Michigan with a stop at Michigan's Adventure. Hopefully the park is opened in the second week of June.
  17. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed Winterfest until the Facebook memories began popping up, and driving by. I really miss the slower atmosphere, and family time.
  18. Although I highly doubt we will ever stay there, it is a fantastic add for the area and Kings Island. Great job to all involved. Not a new ride, but Cedar Fair and Kings Island still made huge news in an odd year.
  19. I have a vision of Kings Island making International Street longer. The ticket processing center, and gate is brought to where the tents began this year, and after you enter it is nothing but boutique shops, walking paths, and floral arraingements leading into the park.
  20. This is an interesting topic, and one that should be discussed. I have been attending Kings Island with a season pass every year since 1994, and very happy doing so. Not until 2018 did I attend Cedar Point with my daughters. They were becoming enthusiasts wanting to learn about every type of coasters, and ride a variety of them. We made the trip, and bought FastLane plus passes. Well worth our investment. We rode every ride at least twice with 10 rides on Top Thrill, Millennium Force and Maverick. I noticed small details in my first trip, that differed vastly from Kings Island. In 2019 I wanted to share the same magic and fun with my wife and youngest daughter. Our trip was fun, but did not capture the magic of the previous year. My wife did not want to buy FastLane passes or ride the big 4 coasters. After some persuasion we bought FLP, and were able to ride most of the coasters. With the whole family however I realized that Cedar Point is not very family friendly. A few weeks later I took my older daughters and their friends, and we were able to have a lot more fun. Our 2020 trips were a disaster. Long lines, hardly anywhere to eat or use the restroom, and we rode only Steel Vengeance and Maverick in an 8 hour time period. Kings Island nailed the pandemic park opening, and Cedar Point dropped the ball. Although I now consider both parks to be a home park, and love them both for strengths and weaknesses. I would like to compare them. First Impression Pros Kings Island takes your breath away with the Eiffel Tower, and International Street as you enter the park. The flowers, building facades, and fountain are a beautiful greeting. Cedar Point is amazing as you drive up the causeway with their towering roller coasters, and the water surrounding the park and you. The excitement builds as you watch the coasters come closer. Cons Kings Island's view from the parking lot hides a lot of the rides , and the International Street Restaurant shield the beauty of International Street and the Eiffel Tower. I can envision KI taking the building down, and the anticipation of entering would grow. Once you enter Cedar Point it is a concrete jungle with no charm, nor concrete that even matches. There is no wow factor like there is at KI which is a huge letdown, after seeing the rides from a far. Edge Kings Island Cleaniness No matter how you cut it Kings Island is the cleaner of the two. Cedar Point is on a peninsula surrounded by sand, water, and seagulls. A recipe for a dirtier park. I notice the kids with brooms at KI, but cannot remember seeing them at CP. Edge Kings Island Roller Coasters Kings Island has a great collection of roller coasters for everyone of all ages to enjoy. Cedar Point also has a great collection, but they have three that make them stand out from Kings Island. Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, and Steel Vengeance, Kings Island does not have a roller coaster in my opinion that can compete with these three. Edge Cedar Point Flat Rides Cedar Point owns this topic. Kings Island cannot even compete here. Edge Cedar Point Hotels With on the property resorts, cabins, and hotels room nearby Cedar Point takes the cake for staying on the point or very near the CP. The best hotels near Kings Island are an eight to ten mile drive down to Fields Ertl. Cedar Point has done a wonderful job making sure that all the attractions you need are there for you stay. A day at their very clean beach is one of the best days of my life, and now the kids look forward to that more than the park itself. Edge Cedar Point Food Kings Island and Chef Major own the Ohio Amusement Park food wars. At Kings Island you can have a variety of meals, Cedar Point , chicken tenders it is. Half joking, but it seems to be CP's staple is Chicken Tenders. Kings Island has such a variety with the meal plan you can go days with out repeating a meal. Edge Kings Island Overall I think Kings Island is the better overall park with it being cleaner, better food, and family options. Cedar Point has the better collection of rides, but I think their target audience it teens and adults without small kids. With todays disposal family incomes becoming smaller due to the pandemic, I can see how families get more bang for their buck at KI. I love both parks, and consider them both home parks, but as I said earlier Kings Island is much more enjoyable for my whole family where as Cedar Point is a lot of fun for my older daughters and their friends when done with a FLP. To each their own. I have been to three Cedar Fair parks, but that number was to grow to six this year, but now hopefully next year. I rank them based on fun for the whole family, and the enjoyment we had there. 1. Kings Island 2. Carowinds 3. Cedar Point Next year hope to add to the rankings Michigan's Adventure, Dorney Park and Kings Dominion.
  21. I felt that way about the Raven. I was disappointed in it. After riding the Raven I could not understand how it won multiple Golden Tickets. I thought it was rough, and way too short. The turn over the water was a cool element though. I did however love the Voyage, and did not think it was rough, and the Legend was a great ride, but a tad rough. Doubt we ever go back, but Holiday World was fun to experience. Glad they are putting the TLC into their coasters.
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