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  1. ^^^Lol. That would have been my only concern. It is a step in between the kiddie coasters and the thrill rides. I don't think that they can use the SOB station to access the land behind Banshee. That would leave only X-Base to build. They would have to build their way around Firehawk to access that land. I think if they decide to build in X-Base that they should take DA out. That would allow for a lot more space. However, this would result in a move in maintenance buildings as mentioned above. The only thing is, I am not a fan of the name Gigasaur but I do like the location.

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  2. Is the ridership on Adventure Express high? It could potentially be removed in order to make way for a new Giga. Every time I visit Kings Island, it never has a long wait. If removed for this, it would make a clear path to the open space behind Banshee or FOF

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