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  1. Welcome to this awesome forum! I have also had to find this form because my other forums were not as welcoming as KIC (Kings Island Central), but the community here is extremely welcoming, and we are looking forward to hearing about your trip to Kings Island! Kings Island has made many happy memories for me, my first trip was on October 28 2018 with VortexBFForever (she is your go to for an awesome friend to hang with all with Toothless the emotional support dragon), and don’t be afraid to ask questions that haven’t been answered on the forums before. I asked a lot of questions on this amazing
  2. When you mentioned your ride on skyflyer and how you still get nervous on it, that is so true! I will never forget the first skyflyer flight we had together my amazing friend [mention]VortexBFForever [/mention] , I should not have said something on it, but what do you expect for my first time riding it? I am happy to ride skyflyer with you again, along with many other rides, thank you for your wonderful trip report as always! In case anyone is wondering, I said something that sounded like mother trucker on skyflyer, and I did say those exact words on my second ride on Vortex (not the adult ve
  3. This is an awesome trip report for our sister park! I have never heard of you being met your match with I305, that’s a really cool story, and I need to ask you about it more on our next visit to Kings Island! Something I can directly relate to is your experience with enjoying volcano a lot, we have both experienced one of our favorite rides once, you only got to ride volcano once but you loved it, and I only got to ride Firehawk once and loved it! Isn’t it funny how that happens to us? This really was an awesome trip report! Keep up the awesome work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I have never been on Drop Tower, any of the wooden coasters, Flight of Fear, Adventure Express, a some other rides I can’t remember. I plan to change that when I get back this season (whenever that is). Who here has any good advice for Drop Tower? I am mostly scared of the heights of it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. When you have a dream about riding Banshee with VortexBFForever. It was an amazing dream! You know it is also the off season when you can’t wait to be back at Kings Island! I really can’t wait to try Drop Tower for the first time in 2020! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Sugar is a wonderful thing to have at an amusement park, I remember you telling me the story about having the root beer before riding Vortex, and I can’t stop smiling hearing that story again. I wish I could have made it to WinterFest with you VortexBFForever, you are an amazing friend, and I really enjoyed reading this trip report on the cold day of WinterFest! It was also cold in Nashville Tennessee as well, but I couldn’t really enjoy the cold like you did, as I got my wisdom teeth removed on December 17th of 2019. You could say I am Toothless at the moment, which for anyone reading this a
  7. I hope that everyone is having a good day. While I know this is a Kings Island forum, I decided to post my report here on this forum, as I feel extremely welcome in this forum. Beech bend park is an extremely small amusement park in bowling green Kentucky, where most of the rides there you could find at fairs, but I have my reasons for enjoying the park. I rode many first rides there, including my first Drop Tower, my first ride that wasn’t a simulator that went upside down, and other rides I didn’t feel good about riding before I visited beech bend for the first time in 2016. I also enjoy
  8. I have a class starting soon, so I read this right before class, and all I can say is I am currently crying with people asking me if I am ok. This is an incredibly awesome trip report with many memories! I cried knowing we won’t be able to ride Vortex again, but it will forever be in our hearts, and it is especially in your heart my best friend VortexBFForever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I can’t wait to hear part two! I am currently crying when I read the part about the last hour, I know it was hard for you, and I am here to support you. You need a giant hug when I see you in 2020 at Kings Island! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I know I am writing this trip report a little bit later, but I have been extremely busy with college at Murray State University in Murray Kentucky, and I finally have a break to write this. When I last visited Kings Island in August of 2019 (I went with my best friend VortexBFForever on that trip and all other trips to Kings Island), we both agreed that I need to go back for the fall season, but with Vortex closing after this season, I had to go back. I decided to go back to not only ride Vortex a couple more times, but to support VortexBFForever, as she has ridden Vortex over 1,000 times (s
  11. For me personally, I am devastated with the retirement of Vortex this year, and I have many reasons why. 1: Vortex was the first ride I ever rode at Kings Island, I first rode it on October 28 2018, and I rode it with VortexBFForever and her friend Macy. I rode in the front left seat of the train, which interestingly enough, was the same seat VortexBFForever rode in as her first ride on Vortex. Just like her, I was nervous about riding Vortex for the first time, but I got on it anyway. 2: Vortex is/was my favorite coaster at Kings Island once Firehawk left (Firehawk was number one coaster of a
  12. You know it’s the off season when you have dreams about riding the rides at Kings Island. I have a dream that repeats all the time, but it is a good dream, and it involves the (sadly as it was my favorite ride of all time) now gone Firehawk. In this dream while on the lift hill (with the loud anti rollbacks working), the famous dragon from How to Train Your Dragon Toothless appears, and he rides the ride with me and VortexBFForever (we rode Firehawk and many rides together on my first visit to Kings Island). Somehow, Toothless followed us through every loop, and even followed us into the stati
  13. When I went to Kings Island for the first time, I rode Vortex first, as it has less loops and it would get me ready for the other coasters with loops. I know that sounds silly, however, ask VortexBFForever, as she was terrified for a while of coasters that had a loop. One day (she can tell you the exact day) she rode Vortex, where she has ridden a lot of rides since on Vortex, and she will happily ride with you (she rode with me on my first ride). I really recommend starting with Vortex, as Vortex may be a headbanger at times, but VortexBFForever can help you with that. As for how scary it is
  14. I can’t even begin to thank y’all enough, where I loved all the rides I rode that day, but Firehawk has now become my favorite ride of all time. I know Firehawk is leaving, but thanks to my friend VortexBFForever, I was able to ride Firehawk and many other rides that day! I will be coming back next season, where I plan to come during the middle of the summer, and I can’t wait to see y’all again! When I told my parents what I rode, they were extremely proud of me, as last time I was at Disney world I didn’t want to ride most of the rides. I am happy to come back to Kings Island, where it was
  15. As always, you did a great job with detail and photos on your trip reports! I also always enjoy your posts! Keep up the good work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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