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  1. When you mentioned your ride on skyflyer and how you still get nervous on it, that is so true! I will never forget the first skyflyer flight we had together my amazing friend [mention]VortexBFForever [/mention] , I should not have said something on it, but what do you expect for my first time riding it? I am happy to ride skyflyer with you again, along with many other rides, thank you for your wonderful trip report as always! In case anyone is wondering, I said something that sounded like mother trucker on skyflyer, and I did say those exact words on my second ride on Vortex (not the adult version but just mother trucker on Vortex). That was a funny memory I will remember for my second ride on Vortex, I said it, and [mention]VortexBFForever [/mention] was laughing and so did I the rest of the ride. The image I shared by the way is from my second Vortex ride. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. This is an awesome trip report for our sister park! I have never heard of you being met your match with I305, that’s a really cool story, and I need to ask you about it more on our next visit to Kings Island! Something I can directly relate to is your experience with enjoying volcano a lot, we have both experienced one of our favorite rides once, you only got to ride volcano once but you loved it, and I only got to ride Firehawk once and loved it! Isn’t it funny how that happens to us? This really was an awesome trip report! Keep up the awesome work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have never been on Drop Tower, any of the wooden coasters, Flight of Fear, Adventure Express, a some other rides I can’t remember. I plan to change that when I get back this season (whenever that is). Who here has any good advice for Drop Tower? I am mostly scared of the heights of it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. When you have a dream about riding Banshee with VortexBFForever. It was an amazing dream! You know it is also the off season when you can’t wait to be back at Kings Island! I really can’t wait to try Drop Tower for the first time in 2020! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Sugar is a wonderful thing to have at an amusement park, I remember you telling me the story about having the root beer before riding Vortex, and I can’t stop smiling hearing that story again. I wish I could have made it to WinterFest with you VortexBFForever, you are an amazing friend, and I really enjoyed reading this trip report on the cold day of WinterFest! It was also cold in Nashville Tennessee as well, but I couldn’t really enjoy the cold like you did, as I got my wisdom teeth removed on December 17th of 2019. You could say I am Toothless at the moment, which for anyone reading this and being confused, don’t be afraid to ask VortexBFForever about our favorite dragon named Toothless from how to train your dragon (also look at the emotional support dragon in my profile picture that VortexBFForever is holding). When I get back to Kings Island in 2020, I will give you (VortexBFForever) a giant hug, and I am here if you need me for support with Vortex. Keep up the great work! Everyone, if you see our wonderful Vortex loving friend, give her a giant hug from everybody on this amazing community! I am so glad you had an amazing time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I hope that everyone is having a good day. While I know this is a Kings Island forum, I decided to post my report here on this forum, as I feel extremely welcome in this forum. Beech bend park is an extremely small amusement park in bowling green Kentucky, where most of the rides there you could find at fairs, but I have my reasons for enjoying the park. I rode many first rides there, including my first Drop Tower, my first ride that wasn’t a simulator that went upside down, and other rides I didn’t feel good about riding before I visited beech bend for the first time in 2016. I also enjoy the park for how close it is to Nashville Tennessee. A drive to beech bend park is normally about a hour and a half, while a drive to Kings Island from my house is about four and a half hours, so the location is convenient for me. With all that said though, I still prefer Kings Island as an amusement park, and hopefully beech bend park adds new rides soon. I decided in 2018 before a history class at Murray State University to get a 2019 season pass for beech bend park, and I did this because the season pass was only around $40, which is around the admission price of the park. I shall now break up the park into certain categories: Overview, flat rides (I will make it easy to read there are a bunch of flat rides), coasters, employees, and a conclusion. Overview: While beech bend park is a small park, it feels like you are going through the countryside to get there, especially the last five to ten minutes of the drive. Upon arriving, there are no paved parking spots, so you park in grass instead (you are on a pavement to the grass). There is no theme to the park, the rides may be themed slightly, but there are no zones like Kings Island has (Action Zone X Base ETC). There is a small game area similar to the coney mall, but it is a lot smaller than coney mall, which doesn’t surprise me. The rides are scattered a little bit, but the rides are within at most five minutes of each other, and that is from one end of the park to the other. While I enjoy flat rides, most of them can be found at a fair or carnival, but they are still fun. Speaking of flat rides... Flat rides: beech bend park is known for flat rides and a certain coaster, but I was surprised by the amount of flat rides, there are a ton. I will only be reviewing flat rides I have ridden, so I won’t include the kiddy rides and certain family rides. Family rides: Laser Fury 360: in my thought, it combines a bumper car and a game of laser tag, but it is a waste of $6. I was expecting a ride that was interesting for the idea but what I got instead was a horrible ride. It felt way too arcadey, the other rides don’t try to make you flip, and it is extremely boring in my mind. Hip Hop Drop: this is the parks mini family Drop Tower, it goes at most thirty feet into the air, and drops the riders to a certain height. It is actually quite thrilling, I actually consider it more thrilling in some ways than the bigger Drop Tower at beech bend park, but that is just me. Sizzler: a spinning ride of epic proportions to crush your friends with. That’s the summary of it. It is basically a scrambler ride at the fair. Starship 4000: a graviton type ride that can make you feel extremely sick if you turn your head on it, trust me, don’t turn your head on it you will feel extremely drunk after the ride. Tilt a whirl: what can I say? It is a fun ride, but it is such a common ride at fairs that I don’t know what to write here, but I enjoy riding it. Thrill flat rides: Air Race: it is hard to explain, so look up “air race beech bend park” on YouTube. I really have fun on that ride, however it was down the whole 2019 season, but when I did ride it in 2018 I had a blast! The harness is tight, but not as tight as the harness of Banshee at Kings Island, but it is a comfortable ride. Most Dick: I was tempted to start signing a song from Futurama (Whalers on the moon we carry a harpoon), but I am holding myself back, but in all seriousness it is a ride that spins on a platform in either a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. Vortex (please don’t be confused with our late friendly coaster at Kings Island): Vortex at beech bend park is basically a fireball at a fair, where it is surprisingly intense, but not as intense as the opposite ride of Delirium at Kings Island. It is also a comfortable ride. Zero G: the 140 foot tall Drop Tower at beech bend park. It was my first ever Drop Tower, I first rode it in 2016, and I still get nervous riding it today. Unlike Drop Tower at Kings Island, when you reach the top it is an instant drop, but it is a somewhat smooth drop (probably not as smooth as Drop Tower at Kings Island I still need to ride that). It is my favorite flat ride at beech bend park due to how thrilling it is. Coasters: Wild Mouse: memes aside, the cars look like they are on certain substances, but it is a good little thrill. Wild mouse is a small coaster that goes up to 60 feet, and at certain points it feels like you will fall out! Spinning out: a surprisingly fun family coaster that spins more than wild mouse, which is a bunch of fun! Kentucky Rumbler: it is now the moment y’all have been waiting for, the most famous ride at beech bend park, well I should say the most famous coaster... Kentucky rumbler is a good thrill, but due to how rough it is, I don’t enjoy that much. I last rode it in 2019, where it was still rough, but I enjoy the thrill it provides. Employees: while most employees are somewhat nice, others clearly haven’t heard of the ADA (Americans with disabilities act), thanks to how they don’t understand how certain people need extra help with certain things. I have general anxiety disorder with ADHD and a general learning disorder, so sometimes I can’t find the right words to say, but Kings Island is very supportive with that. Beech bend is as well with the rides, but in the gift shop they clearly only want more money, and I have had horrible customer experience in the gift shop. Overall though the employees are nice. Conclusion: would I recommend beech bend park? Yes, it has good thrill rides for the area, and it is nearby to me. No, the employees can be awful, and the rides are nothing compared to Kings Island. Overall though I recommend going if you are in the area, but if you don’t want to go that it fine as well. Sorry for the long trip overview, I finally had a chance to write this, and I have been busy with school at Murray State University (go racers). I did decide to get not only a 2020 season pass for beech bend park, I also have a 2020 gold season pass for Kings Island, and I am super excited for 2020! Here’s to 2020. I hope that everyone has a good rest of the day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have a class starting soon, so I read this right before class, and all I can say is I am currently crying with people asking me if I am ok. This is an incredibly awesome trip report with many memories! I cried knowing we won’t be able to ride Vortex again, but it will forever be in our hearts, and it is especially in your heart my best friend VortexBFForever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I can’t wait to hear part two! I am currently crying when I read the part about the last hour, I know it was hard for you, and I am here to support you. You need a giant hug when I see you in 2020 at Kings Island! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I know I am writing this trip report a little bit later, but I have been extremely busy with college at Murray State University in Murray Kentucky, and I finally have a break to write this. When I last visited Kings Island in August of 2019 (I went with my best friend VortexBFForever on that trip and all other trips to Kings Island), we both agreed that I need to go back for the fall season, but with Vortex closing after this season, I had to go back. I decided to go back to not only ride Vortex a couple more times, but to support VortexBFForever, as she has ridden Vortex over 1,000 times (she will miss Vortex greatly). It was a long journey to get to Kings Island from Nashville, it took me about four and a half hours, and traffic to get into the park was horrendous (I got to the park around eleven thirty and was able to park at about eleven forty five). Parking was such a nightmare that I told my dad that I had never seen parking be this crazy at any amusement park in my life, which includes Disney world. I was given instructions to message VortexBFForever when I got into the park, which I did, and I was concerned when I didn’t receive an answer. I was also worried that Vortex would not run, as I didn’t see it running when I parked, but thankfully both things I was worried about were fixed quickly (I have general anxiety disorder so I worry easily but I am medicated for it). After waiting about five minutes for a message, VortexBFForever messaged me saying she would be one of the first rider of Vortex that day, and I hurried to Vortex expecting a short line. When I got to Vortex, I didn’t see VortexBFForever (how did I miss her and a dragon named Toothless), and the line extended to the gate near The Vortex line. I messaged her saying I would wait near the exit of Vortex, where I quickly realized she was near the front of the gate I mentioned earlier, and we talked before her Vortex train went off. When she got off Vortex, I let her get her funpix photo, and then gave her a massive hug. She really enjoyed that hug, along with me telling her I’m sorry, as I know you will miss Vortex a lot. For the uninitiated, VortexBFForever has ridden Vortex over 1,000 times, and it was her first coaster with a loop in it. She conquered a fear of going upside down on it, she made it my first ride at Kings Island on October 28 2018, and I am forever grateful for Vortex and VortexBFForever. Vortex holds a special place in my heart, but it is extremely important to VortexBFForever, and I am devastated by the removal of Vortex. After the hug, we headed to the front to get our Fast Lane plus, which she had won for winning a contest at work with all the crews of Kings Island. We then rode Vortex first, which I was nervous until the first drop, and then I had an amazing time! I sat in the first train second row on the left side for my first ride of the day on Vortex, which was rougher than the very front, but it was still fairly smooth. The rest of The Vortex rides of the day went wonderful as well, but I actually lost count of my Vortex rides, but thankfully VortexBFForever kept track (as she always does with her phone that she then transfers to an excel spreadsheet). One of the main reasons other than Vortex that I am writing this trip report is for conquering a fear of heights on roller coasters, as I rode Diamondback for the first time, and I have one word to describe it: EPIC. I never thought a coaster over 200 feet could be so much fun! After riding many rides that day, I had to head home, and VortexBFForever had to work. I told her at the end: “I know I am five and a half hours away from Mason Ohio, but I am ready to drive to you if I have to, and I hope everything gets better for you.” The final photo I took of the day made me tear up, it showed Vortex dwarfed by Diamondback, but it showed the skyline will be completely different at Kings Island. To quote some Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear: “And on that bombshell it is time to end.” Here’s to the memories of Vortex, I always dedicated shots of alcohol to memories of the lost, and Vortex will be included in the list. Attached to this post are the photos I took that day. Thanks, Daisy1380#. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. For me personally, I am devastated with the retirement of Vortex this year, and I have many reasons why. 1: Vortex was the first ride I ever rode at Kings Island, I first rode it on October 28 2018, and I rode it with VortexBFForever and her friend Macy. I rode in the front left seat of the train, which interestingly enough, was the same seat VortexBFForever rode in as her first ride on Vortex. Just like her, I was nervous about riding Vortex for the first time, but I got on it anyway. 2: Vortex is/was my favorite coaster at Kings Island once Firehawk left (Firehawk was number one coaster of all time but then I decided my number one coasters of all time was Vortex and Banshee after Firehawk left), I have many memories of Vortex being awesome, and I will share some of them. When I first rode Vortex, I remembered I had my harness on and everything, but then I had to get off due to a thunderstorm the morning of October 28 2018. VortexBFForever wasn’t happy about that, so she proceeded to ask why, as did I (she wasn’t a happy camper at the time)(we asked why for different reasons). After about five minutes of waiting, VortexBFForever asked her fellow crew mates at Vortex if she could clean the train, with the exact quote being: “Can I clean the train?”, with the response being “No silly, you can’t clean the train, you gave up your Vortex duties to be a guest for the day.” After realizing she couldn’t clean the train of Vortex, I realized she truly loved Vortex, and I learned how well maintained Vortex is. We waited another twenty minutes until the trains of Vortex started to cycle, at which point I got back on, and I was freaking out about riding (I have general anxiety disorder so it is easy for me to worry). I realized once we got to the lift hill that I was truly scared, so VortexBFForever being the kind person she is let me hold her hand for the ride, and it helped a lot for me. Meanwhile, VortexBFForever was telling me facts about Vortex, which was fascinating! After the first mini drop around the bend, I had a beautiful view of the drop, and I somehow wasn’t freaking out at that point. Vortex was an awesome ride! I can’t remember my favorite part, but Vortex did become my favorite coaster at Kings Island, and I am forever thankful for Vortex making me feel welcome at Kings Island. 3: The history of Vortex is important to me as well, as it was (at the time) the tallest coaster and the highest, although I wasn’t around in 1987. I am very disappointed with Kings Island retiring Vortex, as it was my first ride at Kings Island, my favorite coaster at Kings Island, and the history of it. Attached to this post was when I rode Vortex the first time. I am going back to Kings Island October 12 2019 with VortexBFForever, we will ride Vortex first, and that is a promise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. You know it’s the off season when you have dreams about riding the rides at Kings Island. I have a dream that repeats all the time, but it is a good dream, and it involves the (sadly as it was my favorite ride of all time) now gone Firehawk. In this dream while on the lift hill (with the loud anti rollbacks working), the famous dragon from How to Train Your Dragon Toothless appears, and he rides the ride with me and VortexBFForever (we rode Firehawk and many rides together on my first visit to Kings Island). Somehow, Toothless followed us through every loop, and even followed us into the station for Firehawk. After the ride ops saw Toothless, and knowing nobody else wanted to ride (it was a quiet day at Kings Island in my dream), they let us ride over and over again. In my dream we rode Firehawk a total of four times in a row, all with Toothless, and all while having an amazing time (again Firehawk is my favorite ride of all time but sadly it is gone). I love having that dream! I can’t wait to go back to Kings Island in 2019! Here’s to Kings Island’s off season! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. When I went to Kings Island for the first time, I rode Vortex first, as it has less loops and it would get me ready for the other coasters with loops. I know that sounds silly, however, ask VortexBFForever, as she was terrified for a while of coasters that had a loop. One day (she can tell you the exact day) she rode Vortex, where she has ridden a lot of rides since on Vortex, and she will happily ride with you (she rode with me on my first ride). I really recommend starting with Vortex, as Vortex may be a headbanger at times, but VortexBFForever can help you with that. As for how scary it is, Banshee I would say is less scary, as there is a lot less movement inside the harness of Banshee. Vortex still is a ton of fun, where it does prepare you for Banshee, and I recommend starting with Vortex. Welcome to KIC! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I can’t even begin to thank y’all enough, where I loved all the rides I rode that day, but Firehawk has now become my favorite ride of all time. I know Firehawk is leaving, but thanks to my friend VortexBFForever, I was able to ride Firehawk and many other rides that day! I will be coming back next season, where I plan to come during the middle of the summer, and I can’t wait to see y’all again! When I told my parents what I rode, they were extremely proud of me, as last time I was at Disney world I didn’t want to ride most of the rides. I am happy to come back to Kings Island, where it was a pleasure to come, and I can’t wait to see y’all again! For those who answered many questions for me, I am thankful for y’all, as I was able to know what to do before coming. I normally don’t use the pound sign, but this is my first, and it is: #KIBestDayEver! I can’t even begin to thank all of y’all so much! If anyone wants to know more about what I thought of my amazing day at Kings Island, please either send me a PM. To quote some Roger Waters (former Pink Floyd band member) at the end of the wall tour of 2011-2013 (saw it in 2012): “Thank you!” This quote is from outside the wall from his album Roger Water’s the Wall. Thanks for the amazing time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. As always, you did a great job with detail and photos on your trip reports! I also always enjoy your posts! Keep up the good work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I hope that y'all are having a good day. I noticed that there is a poll called the "Vortex Poll". I looked on these forums for a while, and I could not find one on Firehawk, which I have always wanted to hear what people think about Firehawk on these forums. I ask this out of curiosity, where I am not trying to start anything, and I want your thoughts here (good or bad about Firehawk). What are your thoughts on Firehawk? Why is that? If you want people to believe your reason, explain of any experiences you have had on Firehawk, whether the experience was good or bad on Firehawk. So do you have any examples of good or bad things on Firehawk? Finally, would you recommend Firehawk for anyone who has never ridden it before? If someone has never ridden a flying coaster before, would you recommend Firehawk to them? Why or why not? I not only made this poll for y'all to answer, I made it to help others out. Please be honest with your answers, explain your position, and help others out if need to be. I hope that y'all have a great day. Thanks, Daisy1380#.
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