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  1. Man, I hate to break it to you, But if you really want to hit a lot of coasters, and fast, your gonna need a Fast Lane Pass....
  2. I respectably Disagree, I have been one time to the Reds Hall of Fame Grill, We waited maybe 45 minutes, and the serving sizes were decently Big. We used our Meal Plans, but at the end still tipped the waiter, as the atmosphere of it being a real restaurant made it feel wrong to not do so. As for Skyline, You walk through a line to get your food, it inst brought to you, If have rarely if never seen anyone tip the workers there since there is really No one to tip....
  3. Is it too late to ask what in the world a Giga is? XD
  4. I'm Genuinely surprised that no one has even mentioned anything about the Meal Plans in this Discussion. I am a Freshman in High School and Over the Summer and During the Haunt I went to Kings Island ALL THE TIME. Me and My Twin brother both have the meal plan and a All-Season Free-Refills Drink, and Its perfect, We go there and ride for free, and eat and drink for free. [I know my parents pay for It and that all sounded a little entitled] Those meal plans are an absolute steal. I would go to the haunt and when I got their, I would go to Chic-Fil-A and share some food with my friends because the servings you get for a meal are NOT small. Then right before we would leave we would get some more food. It was awesome. My family already ordered the Meal Plans again. What my point I am trying to get across here is, Its worth it 100%.
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