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  1. I thought the exact same thing. .."outlaws" outlaw would be a cool name. IMO. But since they like animals names they might call it " buzzard." . Jk!!
  2. That is very true.... Maybe I will consider going another time when I don't have to squeeze it all in in 6 hours and HOPE it's not busy... either way the advice I have is very helpful.
  3. That's exactly what I am looking for thank you so much!
  4. Have not been to KI in a very long time. (like 30 yrs) Were driving 5 hours for pass holder night and going back to Michigan the next day. I am hopeful of short lines. I want to hit the coasters, not so interested in smaller rides other than the dark ride. Any tips for me? I know CP like the back of my hand but at KI, I am in unfamiliar grounds. I have a lot to cover in 6 hours! Thank you in advance
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