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  1. Your mask prevents you from expelling the load of droplets you would normally expel on a coaster ride. My mask protects you, not me. Your mask protects me, not you. If everyone is covered, mouth and nose, and you are also practicing distancing, the likelihood of contact with enough droplets in the air for infection is significantly lowered. That is the principle. And that can work on a fast moving coaster.
  2. This was also a recent conversation at my house. Soak City complicates the mask requirement and lifeguard training is more intensive than most seasonal positions, I assume, so we are not planning on it opening this season.
  3. I absolutely agree. It's very likely that I made a typo and some other person's pass just got my reservation registered to it ;). But I'm sure it's okay. It reminds me of the vague process for Coasterstock which always makes me nervous!
  4. I am hoping that most of the crowd sticks with Orion--my daughter and I also have the first riders event so we will check that box on the first and focus on other rides with the whole family. Actually, we've been talking a lot about the rides which are most naturally set up for social distancing/less risk of flying droplets from fellow riders. It's been interesting and I certainly don't think we really know what we're talking about ;). But it has certainly been a curious discussion! For instance, we're feeling pretty good about Race for Your Life, and hoping that it will be open! Has anyon
  5. I had to log out and back in to see my added reservations.
  6. Okay, so I'm on iPhone, but I was able to use my order # to add the reservations to "me" in my app. Still no indication that they are specifically linked to each passholder by name, but they are there!
  7. Is anyone getting any more solid confirmation other than the random ticket numbers assigned to each "guest"?
  8. So I just got my reservations for the 4th! Here's a question, though, I go the confirmation email, but there is not direct confirmation of the pass codes I entered. In other words, no confirmation of you entered "XYZ code which belongs to Joe Smith's pass," or I can't find the reservation "showing" on my pass in the app or anything, like the dining plan does, for instance. Is this typical? Anyone have insight?
  9. Would have been a lovely morning for donuts and coasters...sigh :(. My daughter who will be turning 11 on Sunday (Coasterstock is her BDay tradition), has taken to making a virtual Coasterstock in Roblox Theme Park Tycoon. Unfortunately, I'm feeling a little bit like the virtual world can shove it today.
  10. Keelboats! Love these, thank you!
  11. I know my family would love to see it rescheduled and not cancelled. We'll go even if it's during Winterfest!
  12. Thanks, as I stated on the other thread, definitely confusing and a bit concerning. As we're pretty much in "wait and see" mode for everything, I guess that's the ultimate answer. But I think that one of the absolute BEST things any company could do for its customers right now is to offer as much clarity as they possibly can about the way forward. And, maybe it's just me, but I feel like they could offer more clarity about this. Or, they shouldn't have announced yet. We're already missing out on Orion First Riders, most likely Coasterstock, and our summer vacation included CP and MA, so th
  13. Yes, this was my point of confusion. Yikes!
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