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  1. What's your favorite coaster of PKI, past or present ?
  2. Will Vortex be removed here in the next few years?
  3. What will be the next ride removed ?
  4. Isn't the oil rig at Six Flags over Texas a similiar Intamin observation tower that resembles the Eiffel Tower a little ?
  5. where will the next coaster be located
  6. What attraction take the bullet to make room for a new attraction if this does happen ? Or will a new attraction (such as a coaster) be built on all new unused land ?
  7. Is King Cobra gone for good ?
  8. Thirteen years ago today, Adventure Express had its grand opening and inaugural ride. It was the first Arrow mine train installed in any park since 1980.
  9. I was messing around and stumbled across the up-and-coming official PKI website that hasn't been released to the public yet. It includes info on everything about the 2004 season, including teh 2004 park map. Check it out. http://pki.paramount.viva-technology.com/
  10. What will PKI add for 2005? What will they refurbish or remove ? What about 2006? 2007?
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