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  1. I hate to get off topic but would you prefer an Intamin Giga or a B&M Giga. In my opinion I say B&M even though I'm an intamin Fanboy. It would fit KI's aesthetic of airtime filled coasters, but then again I don't want it to be another Canadas wonderland so maybe an intense Intamin would be nice, even though CF hasent worked with them in a while.
  2. I could think of multiple coaster styles that could fit there over BLSC. Most importantly would be an Intamin Blitz. (or maybe that's cause I'm an Intamin fanboy). Or maybe a crazy Mack coaster.
  3. Yesterday Sunday October 8th was very rainy and the park was empty buti noticed one thing. The music on I street was different they were playing classic Halloween songs like monster mash! Along with that they played spooky Movie and and TV themes like the twin peaks intro. sorry for the long post but I was very excited about that!
  4. lol let's not forget the time Don had an Instagram live stream through DA and everyone spammed "GIGA!!" Im sure they know by now and have probably already signed off on a few plans
  5. While it does fit there I highly doubt they would build it back there. All the land leading up to it is behind the scenes and the only pedestrian path near it is the one leading to and from Soak City
  6. Is this the 2018 attraction for Kings Island?
  7. What do you think will replace Dinosaurs Alive and take up all that land? (if they tare it down) Personally I would like a giga there but you can never know!
  8. I really hope the shed changes but since it has entered changed for Haunt it probably won't for Winterfest. But there's no telling until Winterfest comes.
  9. But that isn't a change to the shed itself just the station
  10. I just got off Mystic Timbers on the first night of haunt and disappointedly enough the shed has not changed
  11. I asked my supervisor is they will bring back the orchestral music to I street and they will for Winterfest. And during haunt it will be spooky theme music.
  12. I wish phantom theater or even enchanted voyage was still around instead of that crap Boo Hill ride. Not only do the effects and guns not work but it breaks down ALL the time!
  13. Sure. Id you need any advice just ping me
  14. I love Kings Island because its not like any other theme park out there. It has such a storied influential past that is also unlike any other theme park. Also Kings Island is beautiful and has a great selection of rides
  15. I live in Mason so I have a quick commute. Its fun working at Kings Island its not really like many other jobs. There's also a lot of different jobs at KIand you'll d to chose the best one for you. I work in Merch and ill probably be there till I turn 16 and work in rides.
  16. Just try your best! You will make mistakes but you'll learn KI is pretty fluid when it comes to mistakes for rookies. You'll learn to do your job perfectly soon enough. I work in Merch by the way
  17. I totally agree with you. I hope she is wrong and until we get an announcement, which I have no idea when that will be, we cant be certain. I really really hope they add more then a restaurant 2018. But 2018 will be small no matter what. But that just means they are saving up for something big!
  18. If GCI were to overhaul the ride and make it smooth I feel beast would lose its charm. My opinion is probably unpopular but I think what, let me say, the cherry on top of Beast is its bumpiness it makes it feel like a Beast throwing you around and it makes the ride more intense.
  19. No this is not for a ride its for a dry park smoke house. I have a friend who worked in attitudes but now got moved to another store and they told her why she got moved...for a smoke house, she is reliable because she was a supervisor of attitudes.
  20. Kings Island has revealed its new scare zones. Wasteland and Dance of the Macabre. I'm guessing Wasteland will be by MT and Dance will be either main street but I don't know. with the little descriptions of the zones we've gotten what are your opinions? I'm looking forward to this years haunt
  21. I saw that too. But both those rides have much louder roars then other B&M's along with other older B&M's like After Burner and Dominator
  22. So I was at Cedar Point over the weekend and i noticed on Valravn that, like Diamondback, it made loud clicking just as it reached the bottom of the hill. I think it could be the stress cables that shake and make that sound but I don't know for sure
  23. I think 2018 might see a touch up on Coney mall, new games, flats, themeing etc. I've always felt coney mall lacked..something, a whole redo would do it some justice
  24. I've been on it about 20 times and its amazing each time, one of the most airtime filled rides out there, honestly I think its an easy second or even first place at the park. I don't think there is one it of straight track besides the break run and station
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