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  1. I think it'd be cool that even if they keep the existing buildings and don't use them for anything guest-related that they give them a paint job/exterior theming to match the whole "space filght" theme of the area. Sort of "hide them in plain sight" as hangars/experimental facilities with easy and cheap signage-type stuff*. *I also think they should do this with slaughter house: give it a quick "aged" paintjob on the outside and put a "Losantiville meat and Poultry" sign on it that can be reversed to "Slaughterhouse" when Haunt rolls around. Nothing fancy, in my mind it's be simila
  2. This x1,000,000. Whenever I see speculation of resurrecting either SOB or Flight Commander I roll my eyes. Those two rides will forever be linked with actual* deaths or injuries. There is absolutely no benefit to the park in labeling something new with those monikers. I also think it's hilarious how much "hmmm, 24 hours isn't a lot of time to build hype for a massive roller coaster announcement, PR is really dropping the ball on what's obviously an RMC SOB Giga announcement" became "OMG, I can't believe the announcement I said wasn't hyped enough turned out to not be the thing I said wasn
  3. This was one of my thoughts also. I'd expect they'll do some sort of themed drive through based on a popular Christmas story/song (kinda like the 12 days on the train). Overall, I'm really happy to see the 'tiques come back, it helps fill a pretty big gap in the parks lineup that will hopefully get more families spending those $$$ and will (hopefully) add some scenery to a fairly dead end of the park. I'm not ruling out a racer refurb because as someone mentioned earlier, that's not the sort of thing I've ever seen a park announce to the GP.
  4. I fully understand the "keeping haunt buildings around all season" logic but I think a very minor improvement could be to make them less generic and empty-looking in the offseason. The easiest example I can think of would be a paintjob on Slaughterhouse that's similar to MT's lumber company shed but named something like "Losantiville meat and poultry" or something like that. It'd be a little bit f "theming" for The Beast's queue but also still hold up as Slaughterhouse for haunt. Someone with more creativity may be needed to suggest something for SOB/Wolfpack...
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