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  1. Market Summary > Cedar Fair, L.P. NYSE: FUN 19.47 Down from 53.97 one month ago. I bought 100 shares as I think it will recover eventually. CF will do everything in their powers to keep every possible pass holder and attendee as this is a HUGE drop. Don't hold your breath waiting for a refund until they absolutely have to.
  2. Why is everyone so down on Congo Falls? A very easy ride to operate, one can assume it takes little $$ to upkeep, manpower, etc. A wet ride on the side of the park that has none...perfect for hot summer days Quick, easy ride for hot and busy summer days. Can be closed on cold days with good reason. Small footprint. Why on earth would KI remove it?
  3. I can't imagine them scrapping 3 coasters in 3 straight years. There was NO WAY The Vortex closure was planned, it was obviously a last minute decision and we're not hearing the real reason...end of service life is a silly and generic reasoning.
  4. So with all this re-theming and changes, and the fact that they copyrighted 2 names (Orion and Polaris)...I wouldn't be shocked if they changed the name of FOF to Polaris. Think about it...the name "Flight of Fear" does not match the alien / outer space theme. Just a hunch.
  5. I'd be shocked if Racer didn't have new paint and a lot of new track for KI's 50th anniversary season. It makes too much sense.
  6. Give anyone living within a 10 mile radius a free front of the line coupon. Problem solved. You're welcome.
  7. But that RMC would sink worse that Votrex did!! I'll show myself out now...
  8. Hope you guys have another offseason photo contest to keep us entertained...those were some awesome photos to get us through the winter!
  9. More shade. More quality entertainment (bands, etc) and less glorified karaoke shows.
  10. The Reds stand head and shoulders about all local area sports teams, and I think any reciprocal proportions between KI and the Reds would be a huge benefit to both parties. When you think Cincinnati, the Reds are one of the first things you identify the city with. IMO, removing the Reds HOF Grille for some hipster looking Brewhouse was a terrible mistake.
  11. I completely agree with Shaggys now 18-year old comment. Watching 5 teenagers sing pop songs is not very entertaining and seems quite lazy on the parks part. Get some CCM kids in...a band...something...
  12. I just view it as juvenile but overall apathetic to such a response. I recognize its a pretty simple question but thought there may be a method to renew instead of being considered a new pass holder. And there is valid president to ask such a question. Reds season tickets, for example, do not consider you a "new" season ticket holder if you skip a year here and there.
  13. I have been a season pass holder from 2016 to 2018, me and 2 kids. I did not renew last year. Can these passes from 2016-2018 be "renewed" since I missed a year? Or do I have to be considered a "new" pass holder since I missed a year and thus pay more? Thanks in advance for your help!
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