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  1. Has the heat today caused less attendance? Curious how that would affect the park...nearing 90 out there.
  2. Anyone know if they still have those $5 "spin the wheel and get a front row pass to a coaster" thingies? I recall seeing them around Action Zone a couple years back.
  3. "Suspect information will be presented to Warren County Juvenile Court for charges. Further investigations are being conducted to identify others responsible, according to the city of Mason Assistant City Manager Jennifer Heft said five people have been identified as of late Tuesday afternoon, and that there may be more because the investigation is ongoing." IMO the park should charge any and all of these stupid kids to the fullest extent. I feel that would go a long way.
  4. Awesome! Great podcast, keep it up! You guys are crushing it so far this year.
  5. It is a lot easier to be conservative with operating hours, then expand as needed as the summer progresses. I am hoping this to be the case.
  6. Nothing beats the fountains on IS right when you enter and dodge the "paparazzi". It is the sense of "you've just left the real world. Enjoy the day."
  7. Diamondback is such a thrill that it does not need more theming. The older rides with less of a line need it much more IMO.
  8. Nostalgia sells. Keep improving Coney Mall.
  9. 1. Mystic Timber 2. Orion 3. Beast 4. Flight of Fear 5. Congo Falls
  10. I am up 85% since this posting and made over $6800 currently right at 42...feels good to be right! This will fund some season pass upgrades for me next season. Buy looow!
  11. Paint The Racer red, white and blue again. Re-track it. Make The Racer Great Again!
  12. I'll skip the Chick Fil / panda Express type of places as there is no way I'll ever spend 20+ minutes or more waiting to get food. Larosas and quicker places only for me.
  13. Thank you! Feels good to be right in a friendly disagreement I set a timer every 90 minutes when I bring my 2 older boys with me...hungry or not we share something every 90 minutes or so.
  14. All Day Dining: Is it encouraged by the park to share this plan if you are going with a group or bringing your kids? I always end up getting my moneys worth and sharing it with my kids, but the wife (who is not a big fan of amusement parks but encourage us to go) thinks this shouldn't be done and the park probably does not like this. Not a big deal either way, I'll continue to do it and share, but I always assumed it is "allowed" but not advertised as such.
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