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  1. Harlem Globetrotters

    Cool! Will have to check this out. Nice "outside the box" thinking for a good promotion.
  2. 2018 Kings Island Theater Show

    I know this would never happen...but why not a comedy set? I don't think that was ever done, but would be something different.
  3. King Cobra's Complete History

    Some of my earliest memories of riding coasters were on this one. I remember thinking even as a youngin' how it was pretty gimmiky.
  4. Park Nitpicks

    This. It's not just the spieling. It's the same fact speil all year. And the same songs all year. I treat the train as a nice little break from the walking and coaster riding and would love to have been a bit less frantic and loud.
  5. The Beast Roughness/jerking

    Double Helix > Anything on any other coaster. Ever.
  6. re-processing season passes?

    Thanks for the help! My oldest kid looks really different from when we took this photo 3 years ago, so I'll be updating that before the season to avoid any issues at the front gate. Is it April yet?
  7. re-processing season passes?

    Sorry to ask such a potentially obvious question, but I renewed for the 3rd season in a row. Can I renew at the park and get new cards at certain times in the offseason? I know it says we can just use the old ones but might like a nice new one (and my kids look a lot older now). KI's site was not very clear on this topic. Thanks!
  8. The Beast Roughness/jerking

    I have no issues with The Beast and still LOVE to ride this. Every time I ride I think how historic and important of a ride it is and head up that lift hill with a feeling of reverence. Not unlike The Racer, but Racer on the other hand, IMHO, has gotten really bad. It beats me up badly and even my kids don't like riding it. I wonder if the same level of maintenance and care is put into it as The Beast? Not to get off topic, just wondering...
  9. Great podcast! Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for doing it! My only comments / critique would be less talk on food...that seemed to get of time. I'd love to hear more in-depth talk on rides, shows, events, etc. and I look forward to hearing more!
  10. What would you like changed to KI in the next five years?

    The Racer needs some paint. Maybe some re-track...getting rough. It's a piece of history and deserves it. Make smoking areas less in "wide open" spaces. Enforce the rule more. Convert the gardens to a "history of KI" walk through. Cheap, easy and gives old farts like me another thing to do. Also, nowhere in life should you expect to wait over 10 minutes for fast food. KI should not be an exception. Get more help with food already...no excuses! Spend more $ on food help = make more $ in food sales.
  11. Improving Que Lines

    This! Leaving the phone, the "outside world" for a few hours to run around a be a kid...you can't beat that. More shade. More theme (cheap way to improve a ride). Less FunTV. More "no smoking" enforcement.
  12. FOF Queue line video

    Yes! I always referred to this guy as Pauly Shore...haha... Thanks for uploading that! That was a real treat to watch, really brings back some memories. When I first signed up for KIC I was going to use an obscure name from that video but decided not to.
  13. FOF Queue line video

    Surprised to not be able to find a full copy on youtube, does anyone know if this is online anywhere? I love this ride and this cheesy video. I really dig this ride! The fact that it is still playing 21 years later makes me smile. Reminds me of a bad X-Files episode. I wonder if those actors realized they are still being watched by hundreds of thousand of viewers each year, lol.
  14. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    When you realize you'll be in Mason for non-KI related reasons and your first thought is "COOL I CAN GO TO...oh wait it's February..."