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  1. Wow, I feel bad for anyone who went out there but understand the parks decision.
  2. How have the crowds looked with all this rain? Was thinking it might be a good day to make a trip on one of these "thunder showers off an on" days. Bummer when it is raining but when it is not, I bet it is a ghost town. Bad weather = less crowds.
  3. I wonder how all this rain is hurting attendance. In between raindrops I bet there's been some ghost towns there of late.
  4. For you regulars, just curious, has there been a major increase in ridership this year so far with the added promotion due to the anniversary year?
  5. This right here is a perfect and hilarious response.
  6. Curious why Action Theater is not used for shows at all?
  7. When walking into the front entrance, seeing the fountains and smelling that fresh air combined with the water from the fountains is a personal favorite of mine. That scent and scene hits you with "you just entered Kings Island and are about to have a great day"!
  8. Seriously. Boo Blasters didn't work and you had to grab ketchup off another table? And didn't get a dipping sauce? I hope you soon recover from this tragic event.
  9. Wait just a minute... An article on KI's official website says it's new restaurant is opening to RAVE REVIEWS?! YOU DON'T SAY!?!?
  10. As long as they never replace that way-too-long pre-ride video with that Pauly Shore looking dude in it that is so very 1990's, I'll be happy. It plays like a B-grade X-Files episode
  11. If you didn't know any better (rides aside and other clues), you could think these pictures are 30+ years old. Such a vintage vibe...I love it!
  12. With the removal of the Reds HOF grille, I doubt this will happen, but will you have Reds players (current or former) at the park in 2019? And if so can it be announced earlier?
  13. Larosa's Rivertown is my favorite Larosa's!
  14. Lurker chiming in... The mods of this site owe nothing to us. They may get some minor perks here and there, but they spend considerable time to maintain a site and social media presence. Abide by it or don't comment. As someone who volunteers for several religious and non-profit ventures, and coaches, I have ZERO tolerance for anyone who complains at someone who is doing something for someone else's benefit. If, say, we pay a fee to be part of this site, then complain away. Also, the internet is really big and you can find that info in many other places. This argument is dumb on many levels.
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