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  1. Thanks! Back of the park sounds like a given. The layout makes me appreciate KI's layout more than I do. Solid tips all around thanks so much. Thanks this helps, makes sense about the popular rides and we'll surely knock them out early and often. A FL+ might be worth it as well it seems. Having so many "A+" coasters is tough to wrap my head around and a mental game plan is starting to form .
  2. Thanks! I may take you up on that when we start to get our ducks in a row. Watching all the POV's and mapping out a plan for the coasters is fun and somewhat overwhelming.
  3. If this is in the wrong thread please forgive me / move it, but thought this would fit best. As a KI passholder for several years, but never been to Cedar Point, I am planning on making one "ultimate" CP trip with my 2 sons. Our primary goal is to hit all coasters with minimal wait (#1 priority for us). Not really interested in shows or whatnot, just the rides and getting the most out of that. We know KI inside and out but know CP is a whole different beast to tackle. There are a lot of places online with tips, deals, etc. Not sure where to start so thought I'd ask you guys. Any tips or suggestions on getting the most out of CP? 2 day visit? Weekday over weekend? 1 or 2 days with fastlane? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. I'll take all the 2019 improvements over a big ride any time. Just awesome stuff. The Festhaus getting some much needed German flair back!
  5. When you think "Cincinnati", the Reds and Kings Island are 2 of the top things that come to mind. It was a great match and added local flair. Anytime you give KI a more corporate feel and less local feel, it is very much a loss in my book.
  6. I don't get the popularity of the music shows. Full bands are awesome, just not the singing. Gravity or any other talent show? Awesome. Seeing teenagers karaoke Garth Brooks? No thanks. Oh well, to each his own.
  7. The entrance is going to look amazing. Can't wait. I think walking into KI is one of the best experiences no matter how many times you do it. Now if we can only get rid of the annoying KI photographers at the entrance! I always let them do their job as I'm sure they have a quota to meet, but man it gets old. Put them in food service somewhere, where it is habitually and desperately needed.
  8. As a Reds fan, this bums me out. Yeah the food service stinks and probably still will. This seems so trendy to me, I get it. Brew Houses, micro beer, blahblah. The Reds HOF was a great place to have a rest, check out the Reds game, grab an unoccupied table in the AC and re-set. Now I can vision it as a hipster version of Applebees. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. Great podcast! I'd LOVE to hear a full scale trip report / walk through of the park. Like 3 or 4 guys, 1-2 hours, dealing each ride, experiences and opinions, etc. A tough task I know but that would be great to hear from the experts.
  10. IMO - the movie props we're an awesome addition and I Dug the Paramount Story, but naming some rides on films that they had to know would not have the staying power for anyone to really care about is strange to me. Seriously, when's the last time you watched Face Off? Drop Zone? Italian Job? It seems short sided to me. Also, the fact the Paramount never themed Adventure Express as an Indiana Jones themed ride is strange to me. I assume Paramount didn't have the rights for whatever reason, but come on, you think they could have gotten them from Lucasfilm for relatively cheap?
  11. Phantom Theater was awesome, but I'll still ride it as Boo Blasters if there is a small line. I would like it if the queue line had some very minor lighting...as this year someone vomited and I had the pleasure of stepping in it on the way in...ugh.
  12. Yes! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/february/in-honor-of-its-40th-anniversary-kings-island-has-brought-back-the-original-beast-trains-color-scheme?fbclid=IwAR0L29g_vpTGr1hgLp3IzbvVIupL8LTPz2fyZa-h8seerB--Y2dVs9bpIfI
  13. Such a great ride I take it for granted. Will ride it a lot more this year. If Cincinnati had some sort of generic "top 10" list, The Beast would be on it. Right there with Skyline Chili, Pete Rose, etc. It's that important.
  14. My selfish hope is that they do nothing, and my 4th favorite KI coaster will be somewhat forgotten in 2019, leading to less lines and more rides for me:)
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