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  1. You can't kick parents out for this, but I watched a large group of parents up and leave IS Skyline yesterday, leaving the tables an absolute wreck. Garbage, cheese, crackers, etc all over the table. You are, quite literally, setting an example to your children that you are a pig. Show some respect for your fellow human beings and spend 30 seconds cleaning up after your children! The poor kids working there deserve some respect. As a father of 6 this angers me big time. This type of mentality is one of the reasons our culture is in the shape it's in. And don't get me started on the trashy people the leave the McDonalds bags in the parking lot. As if there's not 1000 trash cans all over.
  2. A classic diesel 48' x 102 flatbed, straps and no tarps. That would be a fun load to haul!
  3. I absolutely loved this station as a kid. It's one of my earliest memories of KI.
  4. Not a revelation to anyone, but the carnival games seem absolutely dead this year. I feel bad for the poor kids manning 2-3 games and begging people to play. I'd expect to see less of those in coming years. Maybe a tattoo shop in place of one. It seemed like everyone over 14 had multiple tats when we went on Sunday. Not exactly judging...just a mildly sarcastic observation:)
  5. Very good points, thanks everyone for sharing. My issue is not that people are afraid of them (for a variety of reasons, most I disagree with but respect). It's when people refuse to see obvious facts about just how safe and, as @lifetimecoaster mentioned, controlled. There is little"controlled" about, say, a morning commute on 75 for example. If it were some cheap carnival somewhere, sure, I get it. But this is a billion dollar corporation...even the slightest rumor of danger (Son of Beast) could compromise the ride or the entire park financially. The logic is so very ignorant. Excellent point! Great example. I was almost clipped by an a-hole this past Sunday who sped past everyone and cut into a long line of people turning left into the park from the northern entrance. I wanted to cuss him out but couldn't with all my kids in the car. That was far closer than anything inside the park. Great way to break it down as well, thanks.
  6. Thanks, I've said similar things, like riding SOB front row over and over back in the day, etc, and never got hurt. There is literally more accidents, per person, in a weekend on the roads than there is all year worldwide on coasters. They are extremely safe. Some men you just can't reach, lol.
  7. The won't ride it either way, lol. I just want to prove I'm right!
  8. Does anyone have any good articles or data they can share on just how safe new roller coasters are? The reason I ask is, I know they are extremely safe, and good parks like KI go to extreme lengths to make sure all coasters are safe and enjoyable. It is considerably more dangerous to ride in a car, for example. After watching Orion and showing it to family, friends and co-workers, the most common response is "NO WAY" or "THAT'S TOO DANGEROUS" which we know is factually incorrect. I'd like to enlighten my friends and family Thanks in advance!
  9. IMHO, I love the ride even though it is no Phantom Theater. And sometimes the guns work well, sometimes they don't. Bummer, but life is too short to worry about guns working on a silly little dark ride. Just enjoy the ride It seems to still draw a ton of riders, so I doubt the park will change it any time soon.
  10. Daily tickets. Sadly we could not get passes this year as we can't make a lot of trips. Thanks, I guess that would solve it.
  11. Seems simple enough, but does anyone know if there is a trick to this? I add the order ID, then my email. However, it just goes back to the "edit account" page and does not show my tickets? Tried this several times with no luck. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. Wow, I feel bad for anyone who went out there but understand the parks decision.
  13. How have the crowds looked with all this rain? Was thinking it might be a good day to make a trip on one of these "thunder showers off an on" days. Bummer when it is raining but when it is not, I bet it is a ghost town. Bad weather = less crowds.
  14. I wonder how all this rain is hurting attendance. In between raindrops I bet there's been some ghost towns there of late.
  15. For you regulars, just curious, has there been a major increase in ridership this year so far with the added promotion due to the anniversary year?
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