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  1. So, I am trying to plan a day with my kids where we ride as many rides as possible as many times as possible. My kids love it and thought it would be a fun thing to do as they aren't into the shows too much. I am imagining all the big rides as much as possible, but also the smaller rides a few times as well...everything from The Beast to Amazon Falls:) We will probably get fastlane+ for obvious reasons (unless it is super slow), but I had a few questions for you pros. 1. How are the Fast Lane lines on busy weekends? I assume they only sell a certain amount? I'd hate to buy these and find out it is still a 15+ minute wait due to it being a super busy day or something of the sort. 2. What's the most # of rides you've done in a day? Any advice on this? We did about 45 once last summer but think we can do better. 3. I know mornings are best for line avoidance, and knocking out Firehawk, FOF and BLSC makes sense early. Any other ideas?

    weather tomorrow

    As I look at the KI live video, Diamondback is a walk on right now. Man I wish I was in Mason right now.

    Dress code in the park

    I really, really wish the park would enforce this more. Parks attract some folks that wear stuff I just think is so very trashy and I don't want my kids to read or see. It's an amusement park, man. For kids...adults like us have an obligation not to dress, act and talk like you're auditioning for Springer. This made me LOL. Or 3 sizes too short...

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    This Saturday I overheard a kid tell his friends, when discussing where to sit on The Racer, that the Red Racer is always faster. He had reasons and explained them but I didn't hear them. Smoother, maybe, but not faster:)

    Action Zone

    I think it's a great idea, I'd love to see that stage used more but I doubt KI would see that value in that...especially the extra staffing issues that may pose.

    Question about switchbacks

    Gotcha, thanks guys.

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Man...I feel a cold coming on...I might need to take a day off work here sometime before the end of school ye...I mean, next week...

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    2 cents.... 1. I go to the park for the RIDES and not the food. I can get mac and cheese or pizza anywhere. I can't get The Beast "anywhere". 2. Eat before you enter and plan accordingly. I usually pack some peanuts or beef jerky in a pocket (protein=energy and easy to carry). Pack a cooler. I'm not willing to wait over 15 minutes for food when I could ride a world class coaster in the same time. But that's me. 3. The park does have food issues. So does any entertainment option of this magnitude (concert, Reds game, etc.). I personally think this whole "executive chef" stuff is a bit silly for KI to be focusing on but I get the reasoning. Don't sugar coat it just because you love the park, but don't make it ruin your day. I'm cool with the food issues. Sucks they happen, and probably always will be. Keep on running a world class park and don't fret about the chicken tenders

    Question about switchbacks

    I've noticed that even on busier days, switchbacks aren't always used in all areas. For example, The Beast never seems to use the ones up front near the station. I'm curious if there is a method or reasoning behind when these are utilized?

    Current wait times

    One of these years I'm going to find a way to get off work for a day during this 2 weekday stretch that school is in session and the park is open all day. Looking at the webcams and seeing DB as a walkup is just so tempting, lol.

    Harlem Globetrotters at the park May 5-6

    I wish it was more than just one weekend. They put on an amazing show even if you're not a big basketball fan.

    Current wait times

    I recall riding it once with the lights on in 1996 when I was working at the park. It was a little on the scary side to say the least.

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Just checked out the webcam. There is about 47 people there right now... So jealous. Back to reality...

    Son of Beast roller coaster to be removed

    That would make a great paintball park.

    2018 Kings Island Bucket List

    Ride 50 rides total in one day Beast at night with my 2 boys...they have yet to experience this catch all the shows by the end of the season (I'm not a big "show" guy but should see them at least once)