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  1. I can imagine the endless loops of LOUD and "cool" pop music would make the employees lose their mind. This is a small but smart and classy move.
  2. Kings Island deserves better than pop music. This is a very good thing.
  3. I recall going there as a kid and loving it! IIRC, one ride was relocated to Strickers...?
  4. Wow, great post and very informative. Thanks for taking the time to share this and I look forward to future posts.
  5. Couldn't agree more on this point!
  6. I believe the rules say none at all, but I brought a stroller in several times with a couple bottles of water and small snacks for my little (4 and 5) ones, clearly visible, and they didn't seem to care. A couple well timed gummi snacks or peanuts can go a long way in keeping the kids happy on busy, hot summer days. As long as you're respectful about it, I don't believe KI really minds...
  7. Great interviews, this really sets your site above the rest, very cool stuff. In relation to your first question, I do picture Rivertown being ridiculously crowded with this addition.
  8. Sorry to drag up an old post, this was a great listen! Do you guys know of any other good KI related podcasts? There was one long review from Coaster Radio that was awesome to listen to, but I don't see many more like that from a quick google / itunes search. Thanks in advance.
  9. I did that (uninstall and re-install) in hopes of seeing my photos and confirming everything renewed fine, but it then said my android "does not support" this app...so if you do this, be careful as you might lose your app. I'm hoping an update will resolve this soon!
  10. Not exactly a ride and purely a random idea, but I could see the old arcade building going away, as they already have a ton of games and they aren't as in demand nowadays it seems...plus Coney Mall is due for a new, small flat ride or two. They could use that area plus the old Flight Commander area for a couple small things to spruce up a pretty quiet area of that park. And I have a completely irrational love of Congo Falls. Just a quick fun ride on hot summer days so I wouldn't want that to go. edit - Flight Commander. Brain fart.
  11. Not only grandparents, but a select age group of, say, 8-10 that are in between thrill and kid rides. I have a 9 year old that is too big for the kiddie rides, but too young for thrill rides.
  12. Dang. Seems silly, my phone is relatively new. Oh well.
  13. It's like comparing Pete Rose with Joey Votto...who's the best Reds hitter of all time? Similar analogy that fits well IMO, old school versus new school, sorry couldn't resist.
  14. You know what would be nice at KI? One of those old antique car rid...errr...*sigh*
  15. I recall one of The Racer ride op's saying something like "the song's you hear here are as old as this ride" or something along that line last year. I couldn't tell if he was being complimentary to the (better) Racer music or just making a joke. Either way, I chuckled.
  16. I hope that's the case as it says that "this app is incompatible with your device", my android...doesn't make sense to me but I'll just hope an update will fix this.
  17. It is welcome on a hot and busy summer weekend, when you don't want to wait 45+ minutes for the big 3 coasters. I like it, even though the 2nd loop near blackout is no fun.
  18. Newbie here, had 2016 passes and renewed for 2017. Is there an option to take pictures and upload them onto the app (which I can't seem to download right now for some strange reason) or online? It seems the season pass "porthole" is a bit bare boned. Will that change at all when the season starts up? Just curious.
  19. Dumb move on my part, but I deleted my KI app, in an attempt to re-install and see if the map was updated, etc., but now my android is not showing an app is available? All other Cedar Fair apps are, but not this one. I wonder if it is just because they are updating it like the are the website? Seems odd thought that the 2016 version isn't available for download.
  20. Long time lurker here...but I finally joined up. Had a handle a bit last year but lost my login and couldn't retrieve it. I'm no enthusiast, but love KI and can say this is the kind of ride they need...not record breaking but it just looks like so much fun. Hills, theme, the shed gimmick...pure fun and I can't wait to check it out! Thanks for the great site!
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