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  1. Diamondback is such a thrill that it does not need more theming. The older rides with less of a line need it much more IMO.
  2. Nostalgia sells. Keep improving Coney Mall.
  3. 1. Mystic Timber 2. Orion 3. Beast 4. Flight of Fear 5. Congo Falls
  4. I am up 85% since this posting and made over $6800 currently right at 42...feels good to be right! This will fund some season pass upgrades for me next season. Buy looow!
  5. Paint The Racer red, white and blue again. Re-track it. Make The Racer Great Again!
  6. I'll skip the Chick Fil / panda Express type of places as there is no way I'll ever spend 20+ minutes or more waiting to get food. Larosas and quicker places only for me.
  7. Thank you! Feels good to be right in a friendly disagreement I set a timer every 90 minutes when I bring my 2 older boys with me...hungry or not we share something every 90 minutes or so.
  8. All Day Dining: Is it encouraged by the park to share this plan if you are going with a group or bringing your kids? I always end up getting my moneys worth and sharing it with my kids, but the wife (who is not a big fan of amusement parks but encourage us to go) thinks this shouldn't be done and the park probably does not like this. Not a big deal either way, I'll continue to do it and share, but I always assumed it is "allowed" but not advertised as such.
  9. Now would be a great time to invest in FUN (Cedar Fair). Stock is very low, and if amusement parks go under, well, we'll have bigger problems to worry about. While I'm glad KI is open, the slower lines due to less trains running and social distancing protocols make it less of an experience in 2020. I know I'll appreciate it and enjoy it more in 2021 and anticipate the stock to be in the mid- 40's by this time in 2021. Buy FUN and thank me later:)
  10. Orion is awesome. Some of the nit picks and critiques make me LOL at the "enthusiast" mindset.
  11. Based on the initial footage I see from Holiday World and Dollywood, I am cautiously optimistic that it won't be too packed early on. Orion will have a wait no matter what, and perhaps FoF due to its proximity, but most other rides will not be. Either way, I'm looking at 2020, especially the first visit, as a historic visit, good or bad. "Remember that time we had to wear mask and deal with all the virus crap? Yeah, that sucked.."
  12. Do we know exactly how the queue for FOF has changed? I hope they don't change that goofy 90's "X-Files" pre-show video inside the building but have a feeling they will. Really looking forward to seeing Area 72.
  13. One thing that bugs me is that in many of the reviews / POV videos I find, they always state it was themed to Indiana Jones originally. Even though Paramount owned the park, they did not have the rights to that property, Lucasfilm did. So they may have played some of the John Williams score, and perhaps leaned on the Temple of Doom aesthetic when designing it, but it was never an "official" IJ themed coaster. That being said, I love the ride and cannot wait to ride it with my 8 year old!
  14. A requirement to complete a pre-visit health screening declaration 24 hours prior to admission; Curious as to what exactly this means? Good news! Nice for the passholders to have some time before opening to the GP.
  15. Wow, this was incredible to listen to. Thanks for sharing! Nostalgia overload this morning.
  16. While Dennis might miss some elements to coasters that enthusiasts might be able to pick out or be incorrect about specific details, he's a good quote, has the background and experience, and available to reporters. Cedar Fair would never give anything other than a canned corporate response (Vortex closing seemingly out of nowhere..."end of service life")...and I get that and don't begrudge them. Outside sources are necessary, even if it's just speculation.
  17. I'm sorry, but financially there is no way Cedar Fair is spending on anything big for at least the next couple of years. Brand new giga being unused in 2020 so far, their stock value plummeting...just be glad when KI is back open and don't even bother to speculate on this.
  18. This reporter is a big KI fan and advocate. Not the best article in the world, but it's what a lot of people are speculating on, so makes sense to report on it. Perhaps he should have consulted the Dip N Dots guy instead?
  19. Market Summary > Cedar Fair, L.P. NYSE: FUN 19.47 Down from 53.97 one month ago. I bought 100 shares as I think it will recover eventually. CF will do everything in their powers to keep every possible pass holder and attendee as this is a HUGE drop. Don't hold your breath waiting for a refund until they absolutely have to.
  20. Why is everyone so down on Congo Falls? A very easy ride to operate, one can assume it takes little $$ to upkeep, manpower, etc. A wet ride on the side of the park that has none...perfect for hot summer days Quick, easy ride for hot and busy summer days. Can be closed on cold days with good reason. Small footprint. Why on earth would KI remove it?
  21. I can't imagine them scrapping 3 coasters in 3 straight years. There was NO WAY The Vortex closure was planned, it was obviously a last minute decision and we're not hearing the real reason...end of service life is a silly and generic reasoning.
  22. So with all this re-theming and changes, and the fact that they copyrighted 2 names (Orion and Polaris)...I wouldn't be shocked if they changed the name of FOF to Polaris. Think about it...the name "Flight of Fear" does not match the alien / outer space theme. Just a hunch.
  23. I'd be shocked if Racer didn't have new paint and a lot of new track for KI's 50th anniversary season. It makes too much sense.
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