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  1. I really, really wish the park would enforce this more. Parks attract some folks that wear stuff I just think is so very trashy and I don't want my kids to read or see. It's an amusement park, man. For kids...adults like us have an obligation not to dress, act and talk like you're auditioning for Springer. This made me LOL. Or 3 sizes too short...
  2. This Saturday I overheard a kid tell his friends, when discussing where to sit on The Racer, that the Red Racer is always faster. He had reasons and explained them but I didn't hear them. Smoother, maybe, but not faster:)
  3. I think it's a great idea, I'd love to see that stage used more but I doubt KI would see that value in that...especially the extra staffing issues that may pose.
  4. Man...I feel a cold coming on...I might need to take a day off work here sometime before the end of school ye...I mean, next week...
  5. 2 cents.... 1. I go to the park for the RIDES and not the food. I can get mac and cheese or pizza anywhere. I can't get The Beast "anywhere". 2. Eat before you enter and plan accordingly. I usually pack some peanuts or beef jerky in a pocket (protein=energy and easy to carry). Pack a cooler. I'm not willing to wait over 15 minutes for food when I could ride a world class coaster in the same time. But that's me. 3. The park does have food issues. So does any entertainment option of this magnitude (concert, Reds game, etc.). I personally think this whole "executive chef" stuff is a bit silly for KI to be focusing on but I get the reasoning. Don't sugar coat it just because you love the park, but don't make it ruin your day. I'm cool with the food issues. Sucks they happen, and probably always will be. Keep on running a world class park and don't fret about the chicken tenders
  6. I've noticed that even on busier days, switchbacks aren't always used in all areas. For example, The Beast never seems to use the ones up front near the station. I'm curious if there is a method or reasoning behind when these are utilized?
  7. One of these years I'm going to find a way to get off work for a day during this 2 weekday stretch that school is in session and the park is open all day. Looking at the webcams and seeing DB as a walkup is just so tempting, lol.
  8. I wish it was more than just one weekend. They put on an amazing show even if you're not a big basketball fan.
  9. I recall riding it once with the lights on in 1996 when I was working at the park. It was a little on the scary side to say the least.
  10. Just checked out the webcam. There is about 47 people there right now... So jealous. Back to reality...
  11. That would make a great paintball park.
  12. Ride 50 rides total in one day Beast at night with my 2 boys...they have yet to experience this catch all the shows by the end of the season (I'm not a big "show" guy but should see them at least once)
  13. I believe you forgot: Wear a really trashy shirt with curse words and obscene images that is either 3 sizes too big or 3 sizes too small. Double park Spitting off the Eiffel Tower
  14. Ha! One of those days for sure...I need to go grab a Snickers or something, lol...
  15. I just don't get the need to film. There dozens of quality, well done POV videos on youtube of each and every ride! Why waste the time and effort, as well as being a jerk and disregarding rules? And smoking. Just do it where you're supposed to. It's 2017. Come on. And littering...seriously how lazy do you have to be? Trash cans are everywhere. So many little decisions make you less of a person when you make choices like this. To quote the great Jordan Peterson: “There’s plenty of darkness in the world. To the degree that people don’t illuminate that darkness with their ability. Then the darkness is greater than it should be. People are making a choice towards tilting the world towards heaven or hell with every small decision they make, and with every word they utter. And it is of consequence. It may be small, but small is all we have, and it means a lot.”
  16. In a perfect world, I'd take the instrumental music at the entrance. And that's it. The natural sounds of the park would be great if not accompanied by non stop music everywhere. The chain lifts, games, stupid things people say, screams, etc. That's all you need.
  17. Great report! Could you maybe give us a little more detail next time though? Great photos of Vortex....what a photogenic ride.
  18. Wait...this is the internet right...there was a disagreement...in a forum? And then...apologies and moving on? What strange voodoo magic is this??! I'm bummed that the 80's shop is gone. I loved that Ms. Pac man game...and who wants to build overpriced teddy bears while in an awesome amusement park? Very happy to hear instrumental music is back. KI deserves better than pop trash blaring upon it's entrance.
  19. Someone got paid to produce that. Seriously.
  20. FWIW, my fitbit dis not register any flat rides or roller coasters last year at the park. I don't *think* it registered the train, but I could be wrong. I know several flats and no coasters did (as I recall wanting to know the accuracy of this and paid attention to it). Avoid drinking pop and friend junk all day (hard to do with these awesome plans and corn syrup stations all over) and it could be a real healthy day!
  21. THIS. It really was bad last year at that hill...I thought it was just me, lol... To me, this news is just a fantastic surprise to hear and I really look forward to riding it a lot this year!
  22. Just checked the webcam out...Diamondback is already stacked (345 Friday).
  23. When you are so pumped to plan your first visit this weekend! Check out the calendar, see which date works around family obligations and whatnot...see Friday and Sat are too busy but Sunday is WIDE OPEN ...this is gonna be aweso....daa#$$%^@#@#& they are closed to the public on Sunday son of a beast dang it!
  24. I'll be sure to try that before a ride or five on Banshee!
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