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  1. I'm assuming manufacturer has some significance only because it is printed so large on the poster. Hard to tell at this point though. I think within a week or two we should start to see a pattern
  2. Launches are great, but let's not forget that sweet sweet noise of a chain lift
  3. It just seems purposeful to start so far right instead of center.
  4. So what do you guys think of the fact that they are on the right side of the fence and there isn't enough room to spell out 'Kings Island' unless they move them again...
  5. Maybe we will get B&M's first 'surf coaster' , whatever that is
  6. But the graph has to be important enough to change it out or they wouldn't have
  7. They are just making up for the lack of excitement over the past couple months. The last 2 hours has been a roller coaster ride of emotions haha
  8. That's why I'm wondering what these are made out of. A heavy cardboard type poster could be printed short notice, but not a metal sign
  9. What material are the posters made out of?
  10. This wasn't a mistake. They had to have planned it if they had those already made
  11. Yes, I'm sure you aren't trolling. I was just pointing out that a senior member confirmed so we shouldn't be worried about if they were real or not.
  12. I feel confident the posters were real. Magenta Lizard has been on here a long time and wouldn't troll and those pics are too realistic. So the question is why did they take them down? I personally think it was a simple placement issue. If so, someone is getting chewed out big time right now.
  13. So they would have had to do backwards in time then? Maybe someone messed up and they have to move them
  14. That's why I asked where they were at on the fence. There would be holes where they were removed
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