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  1. I'm hoping there are no cubbies on this coaster, which I don't think there will be, and if there are then they should be those cool new ones like on Yukon Striker
  2. @Magenta Lizard says it looks the same as yesterday
  3. You know there are high quality pictures and videos of the staked out footers, right? Not everything has to been seen in one second on Racer. Also, It really itsnt hard to see the obvious pattern in the stakes, and now drilled and poured footers. If you have spent time studying the blueprints like I have then you are able to immediately recognize where the helix is, the turn around etc. when you do see the stakes. Anyway, we will get an announcement soon I'm sure and then everyone will know.
  4. It doesn't matter if the blueprints were approved and if they have the ability to change them if they wanted, the point is they aren't going to. The footers/footing are all staked out. Every single one, and a lot of them are now also poured. If you look at the layout we have, approved or not, it matches perfectly to what is happening at the construction site.
  5. We don't have the exact footing coordinates like we do for the station, but we do have a complete layout that has supports and footers pictured, and if you go ride Racer and look at all them staked out (plus all of them near the turn around that are also poured) they match perfectly to the blueprints
  6. And every single footer all the way out to the turn around. Most of those have already been poured too. They would literally have to dig up each footer and have filled fake prints that real people with real jobs wasted their time reviewing, approving and working on. It's not gonna happen guys.
  7. Did anyone ever confirm that the Bayern Kurve poster is the same as yesterday?
  8. The sign for the new coaster isn't on the blueprints either. I really hope FOF gets a sign
  9. Good eye. I think that can pretty much confirm 3 trains
  10. I'm really excited to see if we get a new poster tomorrow. I think even just one more will be immensely helpful in decoding some kind of pattern
  11. This was last night. Probably just a coincidence though
  12. Yeah I wouldn’t take anything to heart, it’s all in fun. But last night I had specifically mentioned to a friend that I had seen a 1,200/hr rider capacity on the blueprints while we were discussing something else, so today when I seen it on the FOF teaser it jumped out at me. It is probably nothing but I thought was worth pointing out
  13. But it doesn't have a MCBR which factors in and honestly the only reason I said 1,200 was because I thought I seen it on the blueprints. I know Banshee and DB are around 1,600
  14. I bet the 1,200/hr is teaser at rider capacity. Didn't it actually say the capacity on the blueprints?
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