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  1. Anyone else just refreshing this page every 30 seconds? Lol
  2. KI already jumped to advising winterfest on the front page of the website. I was hoping for a teaser on there if not at the park, but after combing through each page I can't find anything unusual I'm assuming teasers would be on the fence and that video was from ET so maybe they just haven't made it back there yet? Colin should have been arriving around 20-30 mins ago but will need time to go through security and walk back there so don't lose hope just yet
  3. Impatiently waiting for an update
  4. I wonder who actually hangs up the teasers? It could just be a supervisor or employee who is told the morning of, but I personally like to imagine Don zooming through KI in the middle of the night on a golf cart, dressed in all black, armed with a staple gun and some teaser posters
  5. I feel confident that it will be at night. My theory is that in order to do the video they have to have darkness for a projector. Antique cars wasn't a huge announcement so they were able to do it during the day because they were indoors. This will be a huge announcement with lots of people there so will have to be outside, most likely at the site. I predict the video will be on a projector screen hung on the side of the FOF building with the announcement around 10pm on a Saturday, probably August 10th
  6. Yeah I'm starting to think that too since there is only two days left lol Now I'm wondering if it will be Monday, the day after GC ends, or next Friday or even later ... or maybe none at all. At least it is finally July so stuff should get interesting real soon. I'm mostly looking forward to having the theme and name confirmed/announced.
  7. So now that it's after July 4th, this is officially the latest they have waited into the season to start teasing, right?
  8. This is what I came here for, I was hoping someone would see some teasers on the fence today
  9. So the more I think about it the more I think the new coaster won't be space themed. It's just too similar to FOF. None of the other areas in the park have rides that match that well. If they did make is space/alien/rocket theme then they would need to stick with that for all other future rides or attractions in Xbase if they ever expand, which they probably will in the next 10-15 years I would think. So I'm wondering what everyone thinks some possible themes could be that would go with Xbase/FOF but not be space themed? Let's also assume Orion and Polaris are not the name since we don't know that one of those will be it yet. Im thinking : futuristic Military/ jet Mad scientist any other ideas?
  10. I'm guessing black silver and white for trains or black grey and white
  11. I asked in guess services and was told people higher up randomly select people throughout the day to be in the parade.
  12. Anyone know how you get to be in the parade?
  13. Here is a comparison of April thru now. First photo credit goes to IndyGuy and second photo is mine. Ravine is definitely being made deeper than it originally was
  14. Clearing looks visibly bigger in the back now
  15. The new store building by racer has the floats in it. Excited for tonight's parade after seeing them
  16. Floats in the new building
  17. I'm at the park. Nothing on the fence, haven't been up ET yet for pics
  18. This is what I think too. After seeing it in person, they aren't widening it by THAT much so far. Maybe 5-10 feet wider down the bulk of the length. I honestly don't think we would have noticed if it weren't for the actual trees laying in the clearing
  19. I seen a small plane over FOF and wondered if it was you lol
  20. Looks like they widened the path from about the middle to the end by Beast. Not much wider but they are clearing a line of trees most of the length
  21. 20190611_192805.mp4 20190611_192805.mp4 20190611_192805.mp4
  22. Sure! Any specific thing?
  23. Construction update and new tree clearing
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