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  1. Also can confirm new clearing of trees after riding racer
  2. Not sure if this was posted, but there is blacktop around the new structure. Were those 4 footers in the background there before?
  3. I’m hoping for black supports. It would make them less visible at night and white will make the coaster look like a B&M version of MF. I would like silver too
  4. How do we know for sure that track labeled MCT is for KI? Just by process of elemination or has this been confirmed somehow?
  5. I really wish I would have taken my good camera and telephoto lens. I just didn’t want to wait until I got home to post pics so I only used my phone. Hopefully someone else with a good camera can drive over in the next few days and confirm the blue track is for KI.
  6. Other pics Incase anyone wants to see these
  7. If it makes you feel better I believed you that’s why I made the drive
  8. The blue track is real! You could see blue track inside the barely open door and some laying out back. I dig the color
  9. No, sorry I'm not gonna go today. I live about an hour away and was going to drive by and then go to KI. Now strong storms are moving in so I won't be able to ride anything therefore making the drive not worth it. I'm hoping to go in the morning on my way to KI if anyone else hasn't posted pics before then. And so the wait continues...
  10. Is anyone going to go take pics at CSF today? I can around 7 this evening but don't want to make the drive is someone else closer is already planning on going
  11. I agree! I don't scare easily but I feel genuinely unsafe on the lower deck. The top deck feels more sturdy, the floors aren't as rusted and don't buckle as much, plus if you fall through the top floor, the second floor MIGHT catch you lol
  12. Hope you are safe. Update us when you can
  13. Can anyone tell me why the top line on the lift bows upward only in the middle?
  14. Me and my husband on Diamondback lol
  15. Drove through this town on my way to Cedar Point. You think Cedar Fair planted it there as a teaser?
  16. I rode Racer and Beast and there is no new clearing
  17. Road Racer. No new clearing in either direction. We are getting Baby Giga lol
  18. Nah, I'm going to look for teasers and progress in other places, if other people have the tower covered them Im going elsewhere
  19. You can actually tell a lot by those blue prints. There are banked airtime hills. That video that was posted is actually pretty spot on. If you look closely at the leaked blue prints you can see lines where the supports are so you can tell where there is height. The turn around starts low to the ground and rises quickly. The helix also appears to be pretty high in the air based on the length of the suppprts that are visible Also, look closely at the track. You can see lines on the sides and so where there is banking you can tell. The second hill is banked to the left. I actually traced over the track in photoshop, not just as one solid line like other people had, but zoomed in and traced all three lines of the track so you could see banking. I also highlighted the supports in red so you could tell where there is height but when I posted on here it was removed because it was a traced copy of the leaked blue prints. I would be happy to PM to anyone interested though. If this is real it will be short but pretty intense. That video someone posted on YouTube looks to be spot on
  20. I will be there when they open and will update with pictures
  21. Found it, thank you. My ****ty rural internet loads slower than people are leaving comments lol
  22. I'm gonna be there as soon as they open just to post update and pictures of progress
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