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  1. So if you had already bought a Fast Lane you can still use it? And you don’t need an access pass if you have it? Sorry I’m going next Saturday and was just trying to find more detail about how my Fast Lane will work!
  2. It's a giga wing coaster. I'll see you guys in a few months when this comment was wrong.
  3. I always thought it was weird that they never played off the "King" part of the name. So my inclusion would be; "Where we treat you like royalty!" or "Come be a King (on our Island)"
  4. I was at a flea market today and found this shot glass. Anyone happen to know what year it was from it looks kinda old? Any info would be fun to hear thanks!
  5. Just to add to this. The KI App all last night was a joke. They were supposed to have special giveaways on the app last night but it never worked. The map on it used to show ride times but not last night. In fact last night it didn't even show anything. It was like looking at a satellite view of the park. Nothing was labeled, there were no information to be found about rides,shows, or haunts. And yes I had bluetooth on and allowed the app to use my location.
  6. I went yesterday and had an overall great time. I had some complaints about the Coke Refresh Stations however. I have the drink plan because I get very thirsty while at the park. Last night I only found 2 open stations. One of which was in terrible condition (the one by Adventure Express). Out of the three Coke freestyles 1 of them had ice, most where out of a lot of choices,and there was water everywhere on the floor. The other actually open one was the one by Diamondback and the line was so long it had to have been a 15 minute wait just to get a drink. I can understand not opening some place
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only person to want to know this haha! This video does a great job showing the line! Video by :Coaster Master Media via YouTube
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