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  1. 10,000' overview of townships - Townships are unincorporated areas that fall outside of contiguous city limits. I.E. no city services like trash pick up, snow removal, city police or fire protection, et al. These things are privately funded, handled by the county, or custom governed by an ad-hock committee formed by the township itself. The main draw - you do not pay city income taxes, are typically more rural, and are not subject to standard city ordinances.
  2. We live in the Township in between Mason and Monroe. Take us about 10-15 minutes to get there. Straight shot down 741 to Kings Mill and onto Kings Island Drive. Visited the park 40 times on the nose last year. Made the Gold Passes and All-Season Dining plans well worth the investment. We like taking our 2 and 5 year old in the evenings after work. Grab dinner, hit a few rides in Planet Snoopy. Gets them all tired out and they fall asleep on the car ride home. We can hear the fireworks every evening at 10. :-)
  3. Bumping from last year - Fit on everything in the park sans Drop Tower. Kids are a bigger this year and tall enough for Flying Ace in Planet Snoopy. Any thoughts or insights on that one being a tight fit or no go for a big boy? (6'4" and 260)
  4. Bumping this topic from last year. My daughter is now tall enough for Surf Dog and Flying Ace in Planet Snoopy. Again - good sized guy - 6'4" and 260. Fit into Surf Dog just fine. How accommodating is Flying Ace for big boys? Big broad shoulders/chest don't always agree with kiddie rides. Especially with OTSRs.
  5. Could have been worse. They could have run out of chili... We walked to CM Skyline and had our food within 5 minutes. Zero line. No big deal.
  6. So IS Skyline just ran out of spaghetti. 15-30 minutes until they are ready again.
  7. Festhaus LaRosa's is closed due to their fryers being down. Employees say it "should" be open by 2:00PM. Causing the lines at Panda to get a bit longer than usual, but they are doing a GREAT job moving people through to accommodate. Also, Hanks was still not open. People milling around inside, but doors locked. Several guests knocked and tried to ask when they were opening, but they were ignored. All of the tabl a our front we're getting full of people waiting.
  8. For anyone who is looking for a "healthier" food option: broccoli beef, mushroom chicken, and steamed rice at Panda is only about 650 calories. Tons of broccoli and zucchini. Pretty filling. I'm sure the sodium destroys all the positives, but it's worth a shot as a "healthier" option to pizza and burgers.
  9. While taking a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower earlier this week, I was chatting with the op about plans for the Crypt building. She said that there is nothing on the docket for it right now but KI is currently evaluating options and doing preliminary surveys on the land between the SoB station and The Bat for something "big" and gave a wink. Perhaps teasing he Giga or just hyping the park and entertaining riders?
  10. Reds and Hanks closed today. (Fri 2nd)
  11. I stopped over for lunch today, right during prime time. (12:15) Tom + Chee was about a 20 minute wait, which I didn't think was bad at all. Good sandwich. The griller only had one sandwich going at a time, which held things up a bit. Overall, good service. IS LaRosa's was wrapped down to Graeter's. IS Skyline was still closed. Chick-Fil-a was half way to the Eiffel Tower. RT Potato Works had a massive line. Hank's was closed. The two things that surprised me were: 1) the lack of drink stations open. (20-30 people deep by Diamondback) Freestyle Market and Freestyle by Train were closed. Tower Drinks closed. 2) Planet Snoopy Grill was closed. First time I've ever seen it closed this year.
  12. Heard the same thing about the Island Smokehouse. Hoping to give that a shot in the near future.
  13. I was more interested in today. (Saturday) it makes sense that weekdays would have limited staff. Thought the unofficial weekend kick-off to summer might have made it all hands in deck.
  14. Now that it is memorial day weekend, is anyone noticing that more restaurants and drink stations are open today? what are you seeing and where are you eating this weekend? I would love to hit Reds hall of fame grill tonight if it is open.
  15. I'm 6'4" and 260. 52" chest and 38-40" waist. Broad chest and shoulders. Solid up top. Softer in the mid-section. I'll give you a run down of my experiences on ever ride I've hit this year. - Banshee: Test seat. Fit just fine. OTSR is a little snug in the shoulders. If you want a little more room, hit row 4-5. They have a red belt that is an 1" longer to give you some wiggle room. - Diamondback: Test seat. Fit. Clamshell can be tight if you have muscular or thick quads. Scoot as far back into the seat and melt down into the bucket of the seat to give as much room, cross your ankles to bring your legs down when you get situated, then pull clamshell down. My favorite ride in the park. - Delirium: Test seat. Roomie even with big shoulders. Be careful not to pull OTSR down too far. Did that last week and it made for an uncomfortable ride. - Mystic Timbers: Fit. Cross ankles and angle knees toward center of car. Pull lap bar down snuggly to hit first click. Then apply pressure to the corner of lap bar for the second click. Super smooth. - The Bat: Fit. Most roomie coaster in the park, IMHO. have extra room in shoulders. Nowhere near touching my stomach. - Adventure Express: Fit. Watch your knees and hips. Beat my lower body to death. Cross ankles and angle knees inward. Snug lap bar. - The Beast: Fit. Watch your knees and hips. Beat my lower body to death. Cross ankles and angle knees inward. Snug lap bar. - The Racer: Fit. Watch your knees and hips. Beat my lower body to death. Cross ankles and angle knees inward. Snug lap bar. - Vortex: Fit. Tight on shoulders. Room in the chest. Tons of extra space in the stomach. Head bangs in between the OTSR. - Scrambler: Fit. Tighter on the stomach. Bar hits about 2" above belly button. - Shake Rattle & Roll: No issues. Pretty roomie. - The Monster: Little tight. Bar hits above the stomach. Should be easy. - Invertigo: Fit. Tight on the shoulders. Snug in stomach. Knocks your head around a bit in the OTSR. - Drop Tower: No fit. Not even close. With the OTSR smashed down into my collarbones, the buckle was a good 3" from connecting. Didn't even bother trying to have the operator help. - Planet Snoopy: Fit into everything except Kite-Eating Tree. Daughter isn't big enough for Flying Ace, so not sure on that one. - Flight of Fear: Tight on the knees. Lap bar is snug, but fit just fine. - Backlot: Same as FoF. Snug, but not issues. - WindSeeker: Tight on upper legs. Give it a push for the second click. Should be fine so long as you don't have a massive spare tire. Hope this helps out a bit. As others mentioned, if you aren't sure if you will fit, go to the exit of the ride and ask to do a test fit in between runs. Most operators are more than accommodating and will try to help you out. Good luck and enjoy your visit!
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