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  1. Improving Que Lines

    Firehawk also needs a tent or something where you have to wait to get back into the station. I don't ride it unless it's slow or cloudy.
  2. Is this Kings Islands 2018 ride?

    This would a great fit for KI
  3. Beast cars

    I think The Beast is perfect the way it is. I just found out about the middle row and I love it even more now. If you change The Beast it won't be The Beast anymore. Maybe retrack it and add some hills to the long straight part but that's it.
  4. Baffled... optical illusion?

    Alright, how about we all chip in for some paint and ask KI if we can redo it?
  5. Baffled... optical illusion?

    This bothers me so much....
  6. Pop music back on International Street

    I too have loved the instrumental music. I know that pop music is well, popular but I get so tired of hearing the same songs over and over again. I'm looking at you whip nay nay song. I would rather have pleasant background music playing than annoying songs that make me want to get out of the line.
  7. Current wait times

    Wish me luck. Taking my girl on Labor Day.... Sounds like it's going to be busy.
  8. Gold Pass Renewal

    As far as I can tell KI has on their web page that they are doing Dollar Days this year too. Dollar days have been my worst times to KI.
  9. Why do B&Ms click at the bottom of the hill

    I know why I like the sound of Diamondback exiting the station so much. It sounds like clothes in a dryer with a button clanking rhythmically on the drum. I have a load going now and it sounds just like it. Neat huh?
  10. Prize giveaway cruise (scam?)

    That is hilarious. Ever get someone who speaks it too?
  11. Hello again everyone! I know this isn't strictly related to Kings Island but I wanted to share it anyway. Cedar Fair just made a bit of a partnership with Planet Coaster and they made a model of Cedar Points upcoming Steel Vengeance roller coaster. Check it out on YouTube of you're interested. I am hoping they continue and maybe add some things from Kings Island in the future. I don't think they will just do this one thing and stop. Planet Coaster has a very Cedar Fair feel to it. I apologize if this is too off topic.
  12. Prize giveaway cruise (scam?)

    Thank you for the replies. He specifically said it was from Kings Island. And I haven't been getting any marketing calls other than this one time. I admit I did not read the rules so that's on me. Live and (sometimes) learn!
  13. Guests Say The Darnest Things

    I agree with you completely lifetimecoaster. There is no excuse. It's too easy too look up information and educate yourself. It doesn't seem to be normal behavior though. That says a lot about us.
  14. Prize giveaway cruise (scam?)

    During my last visit I filled out one of those cards where you win some four wheeled vehicle. I did it jokingly as I have never won anything in my life. I didn't win it. But I did get a call saying I won a cruise. It was a live person who called and it was a local phone number to me (Indiana) which I thought was odd for a thing I tried to win in Ohio. It sounded legit until he asked my FICO score. I don't know what mine is but I knew it was lower than the requirement for the cruise. So I am pretty sure it's a scam or they used my information to try and get a sale of some sort. I just wanted to see if any one else has had this happen to them. If I really did win something great (well not really). If it is a scam or aggressive sales tactic I would warn everyone to avoid putting their information in these things. Thanks!
  15. Why do B&Ms click at the bottom of the hill

    I like to clap my hand in time with the clicks as we exit the station. Maybe we will get lucky and a staff member will ask a maintenance person about this.