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  1. Type into Google "windows startup sound roller coaster" it's a video of a guy on Diamondback passing in and out. It may or may not he fake but it's funny and shows how modern rides don't let limp or passed out riders fall out. Disclaimer... There is cussing and laughter.
  2. Awesome video. I think those people are very proud of their work. I'd put it out for people to see too.
  3. If they didn't want pictures taken they shouldn't have put them outside where people could see them. The people who deal with legalities know that it's legal to take pictures from a public space.
  4. MT makes an awesome sound on that first drop. Last time I was there we ate at the Potato Works and just listened to it.
  5. Awesome report. I didn't get to go to KI for the haunt so it's great to see pics. Thank you. Also RCT classic is awesome.
  6. My wife also complains (every.... Single.... Time...) about her blaster not working. I've come to the conclusion that it's just her.
  7. I was there for preview night too. We dipped out of the line for MT after two hours. (It was cool seeing the queue for the Tomb Raider ride (I've never been in there)). This is the first year I bought the gold pass and also didn't think there would be so many people. I was very wrong.
  8. Firehawk also needs a tent or something where you have to wait to get back into the station. I don't ride it unless it's slow or cloudy.
  9. Saerenzea

    Beast cars

    I think The Beast is perfect the way it is. I just found out about the middle row and I love it even more now. If you change The Beast it won't be The Beast anymore. Maybe retrack it and add some hills to the long straight part but that's it.
  10. Alright, how about we all chip in for some paint and ask KI if we can redo it?
  11. I too have loved the instrumental music. I know that pop music is well, popular but I get so tired of hearing the same songs over and over again. I'm looking at you whip nay nay song. I would rather have pleasant background music playing than annoying songs that make me want to get out of the line.
  12. Wish me luck. Taking my girl on Labor Day.... Sounds like it's going to be busy.
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