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  1. The ride op on MT said "Don't tell your mama. Don't tell you Nana. This ride is crazy bananas! " This guy was there when the park opened when I rode it and he was there my last ride of the night. He looked sweaty and tired but he kept it up all day. I love the idea of getting people to clap right before Drop Tower drops. It's a great distraction that gives the ride more of a thrill. That ride was designed to scare you and make you scream. Oh! Suggestion to any ride ops here. Try and get people to do the wave on a ride!
  2. During my last trip to KI I was exiting Diamondback and a few people were using the gate to bypass the shop. Someone apparently took great offense to this and called one guy a cheater. He replied with "They should lock it then" The offended guy said that he probably cheats on his relationships too. Without missing a beat the "cheater's" wife/girlfriend responded with "How do you think we met!?" The offended guys wife/girlfriend starts laughing really hard and he is now quiet. I thought the whole thing was hilarious.
  3. I rode it about ten minutes before the event. We walked right to the station. From being there all day decided to go home after that. It was the fourth ride on MT and the longest wait was ten minutes. So I'm glad I didn't stay for it.
  4. I finally got to ride Mystic Timbers and wow! I loved every bit of it. We even rode WWC to get a better look at it. The shed was even neat. Mostly because it keeps you out of the sun. Unlike Firehawk.......
  5. I'll be there. I planed this trip a month ago and didn't know about the ERT until just now. Awesome! I plan on riding it early and late. I went to preview night and after an hour bailed on the line so this will be my first. I'm looking forward to this because Tuesday is going to be when I plan trips.
  6. I've never been the first week of daily operations and am going Tuesday. Does anyone know if it's usually busy or not? I know it's hard to predict and many things can affect that. I'm just curious.
  7. I feel the same as the posts so far. If I have a Fast Lane I will but I have never ridden it without one because of the lines. I came to ride rides, not stand in a line. That aside.. I love the coaster itself. It's smooth and fun and the restraints are awesome. It's like getting hugged by a rollercoaster. I especially like the part right after the lift hill when you're way up in the air. And I wish the train went on the outside of the loop. That would be neat.
  8. That is amazing. Good job Kings Island! I haven't seen a pony but anytime I've seen a guest who needs a special service they have been treated very well. Thanks King Ding Dong for that mental image. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/88/30/0b/88300b1f171bd04dbd5632d18254c4a6.jpg
  9. Vortex is an amazing ride. I went to KI once as a kid but couldn't ride much and Vortex was something that was almost a life's goal to ride. When I was finally able to ride it was everything I thought it would be and more. The banging around doesn't bother me. (I'm lucky) It would be nice to have different restraints. Mostly because I want to put my hands up like I can on Diamondback. I feel like a T-rex with the over the shoulder restrains. Keep the ride or give it to me and I'll put it in my back yard.
  10. My fiancé knows better but while on Vortex on preview day we were talking to a really nice guy sitting behind us about the old Bat coaster and she said it was a wooden suspended coaster.