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  1. Maybe electric cars? With lights!
  2. Just wait long enough and it will just sink into the ground. No need to tear it up.... Just kidding. Keep riding it if you want it to stay. I love that I never have to wait long and honestly I would rather go ride Vortex a couple of times instead of wait to ride Diamondback once. Beast and Racer can be rough but those arent going anywhere. I do think Vortex will eventually have to be torn down but it will most likely be from some obscure part that KI won't be able to get or something like that. Even with short lines ridership is still high.
  3. I have been on a few times this year and mostly I thought it was rougher. One time was particularly bad and I didn't want to ride it again. One time was unbelievably smooth. I think it depends on the seat and train. Tuesday I had my worst and best ride on Vortex. First time was in the back of a car and it was so rough. The second time was in seats 6-1 and 6-2 (fiancé and me) and we both have never had such a smooth ride. I didn't think Vortex was capable of it. Same thing happened on The Beast. Once we rode above one of the wheels and it was hard. Second time we rode in the middle of the car and it was awesome. Just try out different seats until you find the one that you like.
  4. I've been spying through the cameras throughout the day and it looked pretty calm. Diamondback got to the covered area and filled up one switchback. Banshee was a station wait or just down the stairs.
  5. Great picture of The Bat! I love standing there when the train goes by.
  6. Oh wow! I have some practicing to do! I did figure out my last trip you have to hold the gun at the target for a whole second. That helped.
  7. You probably got lucky there. I went once on a bring a friend day and will never do that again.
  8. Hello everyone! I wanted to see some of your highest scores on Boo Blasters. Every time I go to KI I try and beat my previous score. My record is 1760. Tell me yours and I will see if I can beat it next week!
  9. To the ride ops on here.... Keep it up! There are tons of people who love the jokes and speils. I personally love it when someone says the wrong ride or park name. I'm smart enough to know what ride I'm on. I'm not going to suddenly think I'm in a totally different park or ride because a ride op joked around. (seriously does anyone really do that?) Keep playing games and trying to get people involved. If someone doesn't want to they can ignore it. When I look around the queue or station most people aren't paying attention. Some are enjoying it and very rarely will I see someone complaining about it. Also speils and jokes do not make a ride unsafe. The ride ops are paying more attention than the guests most of the time. If talking on a mic made the ride unsafe KI would not have the safety record it does. Also the rides themselves have most of the safety checks. You are safe. Ignore the ride ops if you must and enjoy the ride.
  10. That happened to me too on FoF! That was our first ride of the day and I didn't even notice until we were heading back into the station. I thought that since it was so early maybe the brake section didn't have to slow the train that much in order for the other train to clear the block. Later in the day we rode it again and the same thing, no slowdown. It was awesome. What ever the reason I like it.
  11. Banshee Crew yesterday evening were playing The-floor-is-lava game to get people to load faster. It was awesome. I rode that several times in a row and a couple times was able to get right on. Not even having to wait at the gate. I did notice that they have to spend some time buckling the empty seats so I started doing it for them when no one was next to me.
  12. I love this thread too. I was trying to find all of the eggs in FoF and a couple other guests were interested. Unfortunately it was moving too quickly to get a good look. You know it's a slow day when that ride goes fast.
  13. Today in the FoF queue, a guest said something about the "poo fog" everyone around laughed and I'm pretty sure the ride ops did too. I've noticed these clouds far too many times.
  14. I love this guy who has been working on Drop Tower for at least a couple of years. In a deadpan voice to each rider. "Enjoy your drop. Enjoy your fall. Enjoy your plummet... "
  15. KI was awesome today. Got there when it opened. It was not busy at all. Took a two hour nap in the car and enjoyed a mostly empty park the rest of the day.
  16. Great trip report! I agree about the food. Everyone I know praises La Rosa's but I think it's on par with frozen pizza. The only thing I'll buy is Potato Works and that is far from what I would call good. It tastes like canned cheese. And I hate waiting ten minutes or more for simple food items like this. Sometimes the water rides will get you. Most of the time not. I buy my tickets for friends through my work and they offer the ride and refresh. After reading this I looked at the main KI page and didn't see that option. Odd that it's gone. I'm glad you had a good time at KI!
  17. That sounds awesome. I'll give that a go tomorrow on The Bat. I'm going to agree with the smokers. I smoke but would never outside the designated areas. And it bothers me when smokers bring their little kids to them.
  18. Every time I am coming into the last brake section of racer (also other rides) I will point to the gum/spit/whatever on the walls and call out "GROSS!" It's up to everyone to call out rude behavior, it doesn't matter what age someone is or who they are with. Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing.
  19. I agree that this can be an argument starter. And this is very off topic for this thread. My apologies if my opinion is offensive. I just value my time and driving for several hours to ride ten rides or less simply isn't worth it. Back to the ride times!
  20. I would gladly pay more for the gold pass if it meant less crowds. Even if they took off everything but general admission. Anything longer than thirty minutes and I will buy a Fastlane or not bother. Same with food and drinks. I came to ride rides, not stand in line most of the day.
  21. I thought it was a little rough last time I rode it. Last year I remember it being smooth. It could be all in my head. Still love it!
  22. Thanks for another great post! Vortex is my favorite and I am loving your perspective and work experience. I'm jealous that I can't work there.
  23. The ride op on MT said "Don't tell your mama. Don't tell you Nana. This ride is crazy bananas! " This guy was there when the park opened when I rode it and he was there my last ride of the night. He looked sweaty and tired but he kept it up all day. I love the idea of getting people to clap right before Drop Tower drops. It's a great distraction that gives the ride more of a thrill. That ride was designed to scare you and make you scream. Oh! Suggestion to any ride ops here. Try and get people to do the wave on a ride!
  24. During my last trip to KI I was exiting Diamondback and a few people were using the gate to bypass the shop. Someone apparently took great offense to this and called one guy a cheater. He replied with "They should lock it then" The offended guy said that he probably cheats on his relationships too. Without missing a beat the "cheater's" wife/girlfriend responded with "How do you think we met!?" The offended guys wife/girlfriend starts laughing really hard and he is now quiet. I thought the whole thing was hilarious.
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