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  1. Pretty soon, track will go up as well.
  2. When do you think they're going to put the next piece of track?
  3. I would think that would be the case.
  4. Orion looks massive towering over Coney Mall! Can't wait to see it in person next year!
  5. It looks like the overbanked turn is in place.
  6. I believe they are removing Vortex after Winterfest.
  7. I just would love if they could move the slingshot, bring back the original facades, add some new flats, and maybe a new roller coaster too.
  8. Probably the land with the most needed upgrade is Oktoberfest. However, I hope Kings Island is focusing on that area soon with the return of the clock.
  9. It's Six Flags, what do you expect?
  10. During the season, you can change which way the camera is facing.
  11. I wish the cams were like Holiday World's where you can turn the camera.
  12. So are they just going to build in order of the layout?
  13. What if Kings Island becomes the B&M capital of the world?
  14. So now that the cams are back on and the lift hill is complete, what is the next section to be done?
  15. Yeah you might be able to see The Beast more easily now, unless if the trees have grown taller now.
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