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  1. ....when your non-KIC friends keep asking, "How much is a Gold Pass again?" and, "When is opening day again?"
  2. I think I may have mentioned that before somewhere, IIRC. I'm a big fan of Xtreme Skyflyer.
  3. How were you able to look at different years on Google Earth?
  4. I joined Coaster Crew a while back and just registered for my first Coasterstock! Wooo!
  5. When I purchased my gold pass last season, I added a photo online through the website. Can you update or change it online as well?
  6. Good to know. I try not to be annoying. But if I'm feeling particularly froggy, I'll sure ask.
  7. OOOhhhhhh, How about fried pickles? TBH, I don't eat in the park often. But if friend pickles, especially chips instead of spears. Maybe with some spicy ranch? WGSG, who has her appetite back.
  8. I've been super sick, so sorry for the delayed reply. I've never seen the bananas! I'll have to keep an eye out. I remember seeing the churros advertised in the same stands as the delicious cinnamon nuts over near Delerium between Oktoberfest and Adventure Express. Every time I went by, they never had churros, despite the signage.
  9. I realize that line separators are in place ultimately to decrease wait times, but sometimes I'd like to have the opportunity to pick which seat I ride in - especially on Mysti. I can't say that I have had a bad ride on her ever, except for in the back two rows it's harder to see what's going on in the shed. However, sometimes, I just wanna ride shotgun. My birthday is Oct 1, and after midnight on Sept 30th at Haunt last year I pulled the birthday card. Even got a quick rendition of the HBD song while we were being dispatched.
  10. I'd be down with more veggies. Maybe even seasoned corn on the cob - a couple different flavors. Actually that sounds good right now. Also, every time I passed a churrro stand they weren't open. I wouldn't mind a churro. Oreo or otherwise. As a sweet frozen treat, perhaps a frozen chocolate dipped banana? Those are pretty good.
  11. I actually tried to research this, and didn't find a lot of info on this, but I'm fairly certain this is correct. Woodstock Express/Fairly Coaster/Beastie/Scooby Doo: Wooden Kiddie Coaster with the Most Name Changes Just in case it wasn't the coaster or wooden coaster with the most name changes, I sprinkled in kiddie for good measure.
  12. ....when you start wondering how fantastic it would be if you could go back in time and tour KI through the years through a crazy weird backdated kind of Google Maps/Earth type thing to see what was where and what it all looked like from the ground rather than old aerial photos and videos. Then you start wondering if such a thing exists.... and put it out into the KIC universe with your fingers crossed. LOL! But seriously..... anyone?
  13. I enjoyed the podcast very much! As something we've never done before, this was a fantastic start and I'm looking forward to even more in the future. Just think of all of the amazing topics you could cover! This is a great way to keep us engaged during the off season and to even somewhat promote KIC. PS - Can one apply to be a guest? Asking for a friend.
  14. All rides have about a 70 day wait from what I can gather.
  15. Where's the LOVE button here? LOL! This is exciting! I can't wait to get off work to listen.
  16. I'm pro-shed. Just sayin. I still think the storyline is awesome despite the "hype." It's better than a sunny break run. I love the Tree Guy.
  17. I didn't put up anything and Winterfest was the most Christmas-y thing I did. LOL. One day maybe my heart will not be three sizes too small when it comes to the season, but until then, I'd like to say that Scrooge was one of my favorite parts of the whole event. Oh, and meeting my KIC peeps!
  18. I think I'm one of a few who like the KI LaRosa's more than the LaRosa's LaRosa's. I mean, it's okay, but the KI pizza has tasted the same since I was a kid. Tastes like my childhood. LOL
  19. When you go to a dead mall and grocery store with your KI peeps because you can't go to the park. Also, when @IndyGuy4KI asks if CiCi's pizza is covered on the meal plan.
  20. We have some kids minors around these parts. LOL
  21. This is an odd topic. I wasn't sure where to put it. It may make for fun conversation. If you were a COASTER instead of a person, what kind of coaster would you be? Wood or steel? Tons of inversions or none at all? Would you be at KI or a warmer climate, year-round park? What color would you be? What would be the determining factors that would make you you? What type of riders would you draw? I think I would be a painted woodie. I'd be a kaleidoscope of colors - in no particular order to represent my eclectic preferences in all aspects of life. I'd have at least two larger lift hills, with steep drops to get the heart racing. I'd have tons of air time hills too, that make riders smile and laugh. I'd have riders of all shapes an sizes with buzz bar restraints for comfort. I'd be at KI - because it's home. What about you?
  22. Maybe since it's my home park, I'm fond of it. It's part of what makes KI, KI. Walking under the gate and seeing the ET. Sigh. Is it April yet?
  23. I like our entrance! Maybe a little spruce up would be in order, but by and large I love our set up. Heck even open the International Restaurant up again. I'm down.
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