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  1. Having not set foot in a park since late 2019 (Winterfest/SFMM), it was almost comforting to just walk around the park. Planned to tackle an Orion credit, but that was quickly dashed the moment I pulled up into the parking lot. It's quite a sight to see in person, I'll say that much. When you see queue lines for just food and even the bathroom almost anywhere you walk, you know it's time to just hedge your bets and just hit up the park on another day and not feel bad about it. Let's just say I'm glad that 2020 passholders were given 2021 as a consolation. Guess I underestimated how many people were itching to get out and around because of the pandemic. I'm sure CF as a whole will have better days ahead thanks to rising vaccinations.
  2. I hit up the scooters today and tried my hand at snapping. I wasn't able to snap as well as others. But for a guy who hasn't tried to snap a scooter since the Flying Eagles it wasn't bad. Practice makes perfect, I suppose.
  3. Personally, I was fine with today's announcement. The park has been getting some pretty sweet additions in recent years in relation to coasters, so I don't really mind seeing Soak City getting some love. I'm just glad those Racer rumors were squashed quickly. Wouldn't really make too much sense for a certified classic to be yanked out of the park like that. :-/
  4. While I do agree that this is not a commendable thing to do, it's not particularly easy to keep an eye on an entire queue line at all times. Guests may complain about the camera idea, and it would just snowball from there. If anything, CF is doing what it can to clean up this sort of defacing of property. Outside of that, I don't know what the company would do. It's up in the air, I guess.
  5. I would have no clue. Honestly, Vortex is a solid ride. Though most Arrows don't age well, or so I'm told.
  6. Great pictures! I'm still curious as to what KI is placing there in Swan Lake. -S
  7. By the end of the evening, there's sure to be at least a few videos of the jump on Youtube. I can't get there personally because of work being so close to said jump. But I'm sure that there will be videos of it. -S
  8. Nice photo TR! Great to see that KI is taking care of the park better then they have in the past. Though the mystery coaster looks to be pretty interesting. Shame they took out the lake, though. -S
  9. October 9th, 2002. Wow, for that length of time, I didn't really post that often at all. Yeah, I was around for the PKIC/U merger, and it's been a good time here. Now I just need to go to some more board functions. I missed out on SOAR this year. -S
  10. In before nerd war. I think that CF shouldn't touch either franchises. Theming has never been their strong suit. -S
  11. It was a nice read, but I found it especially sneaky that Chef was able to sneak that one in on us. Well played Chef, well played. -S
  12. Not bad. Nice to know they did something with that extra space that the mountains left. Though that KD sign makes me shudder. But whatever. It works, and it's just a sign. Woo hoo. -S
  13. Interesting video. When did they take out the "train position" panel? I found that aspect just strange. -S
  14. I need to go to Kentucky Kingdom. But that right there is a true sign of an enthusiast. I don't care who you are. -S
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