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  1. I would get a strap, but I just hate the way they look. I always feel like everyone is suddenly looking at me which makes me feel uncomfortable.
  2. My glasses fit fairly loose and can slide off easily. I went to Kings Island last Friday and I took my glasses off for most of the rides, however I forgot to take them off on the Banshee and only realized I hadn't when we were going up the hill. I didn't try to take them off because I wanted to grasp the bars as firmly as possible (It was my first time riding the Banshee and I have a fear of roller coasters, which I got over after riding the Banshee). They stayed glued to my face the whole ride because of the speed so I started wondering if I had really needed to take them off for all the other rides. The only ride I would think would be the riskiest to wear them on would be Firehawk. I'm going back next week because I loved my trip so much and didn't get to ride everything I wanted, so I thought I would come on here and ask you guys if you have any advice on this topic. I want to keep mine on for most of them as I'm practically blind without them and I like to be able to see around me, but I also don't want to lose them. So from your guys' experience, which rides are the riskiest for wearing glasses on?
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