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  1. is it just me or has FOF gotten unbearably rough in recent years?
  2. when it comes to steel age has little to do with it. raptor came out in 1994 and its still just as smooth as Banshee
  3. my hubby and i both screwed our backs up on FOF it is the roughest coaster i have ever been on.
  4. i rode it in 2005 with the loop and honestly it was the best wooden coaster i have ever been on. i would love to see RMC rebuild it.
  5. no thanks. i love my coasters but you couldnt pay me enough to ride either of these. ive seen both fail at other parks. but im sure it definitely is a thrill.
  6. i wish there were flat rides that did something other than spin in circles because i get really motion sick which is why i ride only mainly coasters. i honestly see them adding two coasters for this event. idk what those woukd be other than a giga and yes possibly a RMC.
  7. comfortable? Its a roller coaster not your couch. My 4 year old would love it.
  8. SOB was designed amazingly but they chose the wrong company to build it. if it wouldnt have been demolished when it was RMC just maybe could have saved it. by far SOB is the best wooden ive ever been on. but my preference always has been steel. my first coaster with an inversion was thunderbolt at camden park (Kings Islands old screamin demon)
  9. Cedar Fairs looked at SOB like i huge problem they inherited when they purchased Kings Island. i personally belueve that if Cedar Fairs wouldnt have bought it SOB may very well still be here today. so far since the purchase of ki we have only recieved one amazing coaster and that is Banshee.
  10. Cedar Fairs would never ever mess with camden park. its not worth their time. my personal dream has always been to purchase it and make it into something great and a lot more safe. i would love to purchase old coasters that major parks are selling. make it a final resting place for all of the old arrows out there.
  11. i live in Charleston wv and our state only has one very small family owned park. im not asking for anything huge or anything that comes close to comparing to Cedar Point or Kings Island. i travel to ohio several times a summer to go to their parks but not everyone has that luxury. its not even the small size that bothers me, its the lack of safety that bothers me so much. our roller coaster opened in 1958 and is still ran by manual brakes. there are no seatbelts and the "lap" bar sits about eight inches from your legs. my dream is to purchase Camden Park and bring new life to it. i would love to put quite a few coasters in it. basically purchase old coasters from bigger parks. until 1999 we had Kings Islands old screamin demon . that was actually my first experience with inversions on coasters. all of these old arrow loopers are starting to be slowly phased out of the major parks. camden park could kind of be a final resting place for them. in their current parks they dont get much appreciation compared to all the new steel coasters but i know that they would be very much loved here.
  12. wow i thought i was the only one who felt this way. did you ever get the chance to ride SOB? hands down that was the best wooden coaster i have ever been on.
  13. im sorry but there is no way i would waste more than 30 min waiting on it. its a decent ride but i dont understand why everyone is so hyped up about it. its a decent wooden coaster but its no SOB. No woodie will ever come close to SOB.
  14. oh i totally agree naming it SOB would be a curse. in two years ill have my degree in structrual engineering to become a coaster designer. maybe i will get the chance to redesign SOB
  15. i always take mine off and place them in a cargo pocket. the smooth rides like Banshee and Diamondback arent as much of an issue as the older rougher coasters like Vortex and The Beast.
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