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  1. I'd take new seats on DB, they're gross, before a paint job!
  2. Just came back from Holiday World this past weekend! We had a blast! If you like wooden coasters then you're going to have a blast! The Raven is short, but fun. Expect a wait with only having one train car, but hey, someone died on this ride so you gotta at least give it a try. The legend is fun, and a complete walk on at night. We rode it four times, my girl bruised her hip. Get ready, it's wicked and will push you into the left of the car, hard! THE VOYAGE!!! That ride was AmAzInG.... I frickin loved it. It's as if The Racer and Mystic Timbers had a really fast baby. Unfortunately, it was shut down the majority of our visit, but we managed to squeeze one ride in before they closed it for the night. Obviously, the winged coaster is a ton of fun, but I love a good beating so my heart stayed with the Voyage. For your first ride on the Thunderbird ride back left I promise it's worth the small extra wait. I haven't been to another park in a long time, forgot how spoiled I was by KI ride ops. Bless their heart, but the HW employees moved so slow. I think some of it is on purpose because their aren't too many dry thrill rides, so you know, keeping in the park longer and all that. Free soda, sun screen and parking, can't beat that! Also, after 3pm it's only $40. If you aren't into water slides it's worth it to go after 3pm.
  3. A Cedar Fair platinum pass gets you admission, free parking and all the gold/platinum benefits at every Cedar Fair park (morning ERT, food discounts, etc.). Also if you buy the platinum season dining plan that will work at every park as well. Yes, Fast Lane is just another lane. Neither Plus or regular Fast Lane include ERT AT KI, you need Fast Lane Plus for these rides: Firehawk Flight of Fear Mystic Timbers Rendezvous Run The Beast Thunder Falls Tropical Plunge Zoom Flume
  4. On the arch walking into Planet Snoopy by Chick-Fil-A are a few blue paw prints, I'm pretty sure these are from the Nickelodeon days. I find their presence very comforting.
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