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  1. Wondering, has anyone seen if KI still has the Plinko boards where you can win a one time Fast Lane pass? Or if there are any other games you can? Cedar Point got rid of there’s last year. Wonderland still had one last year. Was wondering if KI still had theirs.
  2. I thought it was outstanding, and blew away my expectations going in. Got a few night rides in, even one close to midnight. After it's been running all day and the speed it maintained was amazing, as the train was ripping it up to the shed. The POV does not do it justice at all. Coasters like this with an speedy, out control feeling combined with ejector air are my favorite. There were even some excellent laterals in the far turnaround. Tough for me to really rank coasters, but it's in my top tier along with Voyage, Ravine Flyer II, and Boulder Dash. My 2nd tier would be the likes of Phoenix, Shivering Timbers, GE Comet, Raven, and Legend, and I'd pick this in a second over those. Might just be because my last ride near midnight was just plain insane in terms of speed. Hope it's even breaking-in in a little and yields that through the year. As for the Shed.. Meh. My favorite ride in the park, with Beast at night being my favorite "Experience" still.
  3. Bar far the best $83 I ever spent. Parking lot had to have been 95% full (only a few spots in the southwest corner were open ). Mystic Timbers had a full queue most of the day. Other major coasters queues were at least 3/4 full (except for Banshee, might have been half full, but it was up and down a bit). Being unfamiliar with KI I don't know how I don't know how that correlates to wait times, but ride op on Fire-hawk said we passed at least an hour line, and saw one of the park TV's that flashed a 130 Min wait for The Beast. The Eiffel Tower had a full queue that was spilling out. We waited in Bat's line and that was at least 30 minutes (uggh). With the Fast Lane plus we did not wait more than 5-10 minutes. 99% of the times it was a walk up, Mystic Timbers never had a more than a few people in the FL line. Biggest "line" was for Beast down to the end of the the Fast Lane stairs, and we were still on quick. I also appreciated they had crowd control on most stations so only a 1 train wait for most coasters. So I feel the Answer to the question is.... even on the busiest days you will have minimal to no wait with Fast Lane. Might have gotten lucky with the "type of crowd it was (convert goers, company picnic), but would not hesitate to go again on a Saturday and purchase fl+ if that was my only option for a visit.
  4. Yup, getting the plus option. See almost no value in the standard. Usually I wait and see when I get to a park to buy "fast express Q's", but I already purchased since this seems like a no brainer... Curious do they ever sell out? Hoping the overall fastlane purchase amount will be low... Thinking concert crowd will at least shy away from buying them since they will be in the concert part of the day.
  5. Hey KI Fans! Wondering what types of waits you have seen in Fast Lane lines for busier days, this year and historical? Headed down to the park Saturday, and know it will be packed with the concert and good weather. My first rule of thumb is never go to a park on Saturday, but only time we can really go and have been itching to get back to KI. (Last time I visited there was a "P" in front of KI ) I have seen some crazy waits at CP with Fast Lane, but those are generally in the fall period with the "free" Fast Lane that comes with pass renewal. I am hoping it will only be 20 minutes tops for the big attractions at KI for a June Saturday. If not oh well, at least it won't be as insane as the regular line... Unrelated question.... I have a platinum pass from CP, anyone know if they will Scan in the Gold/ KI pass lanes? Thanks!
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