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  1. The first and second ones. I absolutely love seeing them up close and talking to them. Usually most of them do come out and do it. I'm not sure on the four show days.
  2. Balancing act is Abresh Ethio Rola Rola (Instagram is abresh_he_adi ) The mask guy is Naƫl Jammal (Instagram is Naopus )
  3. https://www.apmmusic.com/albums/SCD-0760 #9 is the sway pole #12 is the duo cyr wheel
  4. Nico has a lot of neat slackline stuff on his Instagram nicoairmonkey The duo cyr wheel act is Phillipe Renaud and Shannon Maguire and you can find them at houk3 and maguree56 on Instagram
  5. I hope DA doesn't close. There are a ton of Pokestops around the trail. Some of the dinos need some new skin though.
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