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  1. awesome.. thanks! I've just always driven to the park..never been dropped off.
  2. My family is in Cincy this weekend and my bro and I want to just be dropped off at the park this morning. The rest of the family doesn't want to go (lame I know). Is there a drop off area at the park where we wouldn't have to pay for parking and crap? Thanks
  3. i went to SFGAm this past saturday and i saw that it was operating (hadn't been either of the other 2 times i'd gone) so i made my bro get in the hour long line with me and wait. i told him i'd heard rumors that the ride might be removed at the end of the year so i wanted to get my credit in. i joked with him that the ride breaks down about once an hour (no clue how true that is or not) but it broke down while we were in line..lol just for a few minutes though. i got to ride it finally after waiting all of those years. glad i did when i had the chance since the next day was it's last.
  4. yea i've been to the park multiple times.. even shadowed the pres. jay thomas for a day in april right before opening and he's actually working his butt off to get SF to bring that place back up. and he's doing a pretty good job himself (if you compare the park now to.. 2 or 3 years ago when he first started there). as far as maintenance goes though it's pretty hard to tell how much really goes on (even the "safest" parks have accidents sometimes. but an employee skipping out on an inspection wouldn't be that hard.. just a signature on a paper and they're pretty much good to go. can't trus
  5. not really.. they just wait until things are more official.
  6. well it would be stupid to sell the train all together because the other 2 trains will always need the spare parts. and stop hating on each other all the time. that's why i hate this site (and now someone will hate on me since i said that)
  7. i'm pretty sure theres some kind of law that any kind of public venue must provide drinking water in some form (either water fountains or tap water). i'm pretty sure you can get it at concession stands but just be sure to ask for a cup of ice water so they dont try to sell you a $5000 bottle fo water
  8. the longest i've ever waited in any line at HW is like 30 minutes.. and that's on a pretty busy day. they have great capacity on their rides. average waits for coasters are usually like 10-15 minutes or less. but expect voyage to be a bit more since its new.
  9. i didn't read the other pages so sorry if this was already said.. but the park does put out new maps every few weeks (like.. new ones for fearfest and what not) so they could easily have that area of the map edited.. or throw a box over it that says "something exciting coming for 2007"
  10. well this is a bit more extreme than a marble model. i think it actually works but i'm not sure its cleared for people to ride
  11. um... yea no i'm 17.. and yes i have been on computers since i was 5... at least that long if not longer.
  12. not bad... most of us have like 15 years experience wtih computers b/c of being in that computer generation. we were the first to use internet and what not.. so gotta respect the older ones
  13. Ok, half the stuff you wrote, I am having trouble understand. IJST has food restraints??????? ok if you passed the first grade surely you knew what he meant.. so no point trying to be funny about it. anywho...yea its just something the park and the ride manufacturers agree on together for safety reasons (the ride company doesn't want the park to allow just anyone on cause they'd get sued if someone got hurt...also the park doesn't want to get sued so they make these height limits for the safety of all) don't like the height restrictions?? .. well.. darn
  14. gosh yea i grew up with all of those shows.. all that, are you afraid of the dark, kennen and kel, figure it out, all of them! nick just isn't what it used to be and that's sad cause it was the s**t. i just wanna be 8 again.
  15. but it wouldn't need to be full-time.. i mean writing 5 newsletters a month isn't THAT hard i write more than that a week in school..lol but yes is your man
  16. once again.. the rumor for the strata was for six flags great america.. not paramount's
  17. your mom looks ugly!!! jk yea i'd love to see it go back to the red, white, and blue color scheme
  18. ok i think we all agree that lap bars would be nice..though the ride is fine in its current condition.. but do we have to repeat this same discussion every month? the ride will probably be gone in a few years anyway (hopeing not.. but no one can deny its years are numbered)
  19. nobody really knows it's a paramount park anyway.. it's always just called Kings Island. so its not like the name "Paramount's Kings Island" is helping it sell the movies much...cause no one knows the name as that.
  20. but could easily be for a name change too.. once i say the paramount part down i assumed it was for a name change anyway but didn't make anything of it.
  21. totally sounds like you just pulled that number out of your ass
  22. /\ well i hate you so it all works out... j/k! looking great man! can't wait to see the whole park done.
  23. well this certainly isn't the news i was expecting to see on PKIC today. this is really heartbreaking.. i emailed jeff a few days back and wondered why he hadn't gotten back to me cause he's usually VERY fast at responding to emails. i will miss him a lot!!! but life will move on and maureen will just have to be our new best friend. though i do'nt think anyone could ever replace jeff. man this blows. but maureen we love you!!! jeff good luck with everything and keep in touch
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