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  1. It's not older than 2000 but I can see Wicked Twister going at some point in the near future. I've always heard about maintenance problems with it and it going down.
  2. Thing about Arrows: Arrow ride attendance is really often not bad as they may seem. Pretty sure we've already established a bunch of time that Arrows often get shorter lines because of capacity and operations. Just take our own good ol' Arrows here as an example. Consistently on the higher side of ridership yet short lines. Even better example: Anaconda. Anaconda gets practically no lines and is pretty unpopular among enthusiasts. However it's consistently the fifth most ridden at the park, with 554k riders in 2017 and 541k in 2016. I just see Cedar Fair focusing on removing "trouble making" rides. Rides that break down a bunch, expensive to maintain, and don't have many parts around. I'm going to predict we're going to see some more Intamins and maybe Vekomas leave as well.
  3. lol Carolina Cyclone is my 4th favorite coaster Carowinds. Worst coaster either has to be Green Lantern at Great Adventure or the Carowinds Vortex. Both bashed my head in reeaaall good and were super uncomfortable. The corkscrew on Vortex really messed me up, and Green Lantern was just overall a really bad experience all around.
  4. Going to assume really not anytime soon. It's still pretty popular, iconic, and isn't even close to the maintenance nightmare Firehawk was. I think it's pretty safe unless something major happens to it and the only option is to remove it.
  5. S&S has an Arrow Division which focuses on making Arrow parts.
  6. I'm honestly really happy about this. (Probably a bit too happy about it) Bringing back the old retro train design was something I was really wanting for the longest time. And now they actually went and did it, but also made it better. Now I'm actually really looking forward to riding it again. And to me, the "Interesting" is just Tony wanting to spark up discussion/rumors like he does all the time when talking about the future.
  7. Arrow

    CGA hinting at something big?

    I could've sworn I heard somewhere that the hyper was actually cancelled, but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  8. via O'rourke Wrecking Company on Facebook. 42936051_2028805270507600_6587720856085285663_n.mp4
  9. I used Fast Lane Plus. This year I went on a VERY busy day, Steel Vengeance had over a 2 hour wait. I waited 30 minutes. Remember Millennium Force having an hour wait, while I again waited around 30 minutes. In the end I wouldn't of been able to do a whole lot of things I wanted to if I didn't have Fast Lane, so from my experience I would definitely say it makes a difference.
  10. Arrow

    How was your 2018 season?

    My 2018 season wasn't really all that exciting, but it was still a pretty awesome year. Went a LOT this year. I even got free tickets and Fast Lane vouchers to any Cedar Fair park from the temporary army tent, which was really the only reason I got to go to CP this year!
  11. Arrow

    Rename the Rides!

    Rename and repaint Vortex to Cyclone, just because of how it's kinda the same thing and the familiarity. Repaint to be anything but the weird Black/Blue Yellow/Orange thing it's faded into.
  12. Arrow

    Vortex Gets a New Paint Job

    nah man imo I like the black (dark blue?) and orange rails paint. Not that it's really that orange anymore lol
  13. Arrow

    Kings Island Nominated for Favorite Holiday Park

    Winterfest was pretty good last year. KI's got my vote!
  14. Arrow

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    Oh boy, DaVideo. Always trying to advertise their glasses by replying to anything KI related.
  15. Arrow

    Question about Beast's entrance?

    Pretty sure yeah. Think it was removed because of mosquitoes.