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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. 1. Mystic Timbers 2. Racer, love the classic feel and airtime on this ride. Plus its the one coaster I can ride without long waits even on crowded days. 3. Diamondback 4. Orion 5. Banshee
  2. I heard the same thing about Canada's Wonderland. I am excited for a health 2021.
  3. Working on the house and usually studying or some Kind of certification
  4. In jokingly fun. *Safety glasses will now be required on all rides .
  5. I think mask will be required. Should they be? No they dont make me feel any safer
  6. I try and find bright spots with everything I ride but when I think of rides I don't want to ride again Voyage comes to mind. That thing beat me up.
  7. I out it somewhere in the range of Kings Island from what I have seen of the park. I haven't been yet. Was supposed to go in 2020 but we wanted to wait to see the park at its fullest for our first visit. I would say upper midtier.
  8. I was at the point in 2019 and the queue was over an hour.
  9. Look at the queue! That had to be a two maybe three hour wait. I have been standing in the line for Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal for ages
  10. I know we may never know but I am still very curious as to why the ride was removed. The timing for its removal just seems so off to me.
  11. From what I have been hearing campers are very hard to find right now. Sound like this will be opening up right on time. I am not a camper my self mostly because if I don't sleep on a quality bed I have back issues. We have thought about buying a mobile home at some point for this reason.
  12. I never understood the reasoning behind not fully loading the trains this season. Most of the trains have seat backs higher than my head.
  13. I think one of the reason might be that Kings Island didnt do the taste of Christmas event would be because Governor DwWine threatened to close things down again. While ultimley it didnt happen but it would have been risky descion to invest in setting everything up just to have to have it shut down.
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