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  1. I loved Griffon at Busch Gardens. I am all for a good ole B&M dive coaster to take the place of Vortex. I think if done right it could even keep the old school feel that area has to it.
  2. Here is why. The ride is supposed to generate guest and money for the park. People dont care about an extra 13ft or extra 1000ft of track. This would have cost the park millions of dollars extra with no increased ROI. My biggest complaint with Orion is location. I think the ride would have been better served towards the front of the park and be interactive with the park entrance.
  3. My first ride with Orion I wasn't overly impressed. Now that I have a few more rides on it the ride is very impressive. I would rank it within my top 5 coasters I have been on. Do I wish it had a little more track length. Of course. Do I think it was a missed opportunity for Cedar Fair. Absolutely, still a great ride even though it was t what we were Expecting.
  4. Obviously painting on site didn't protect the steel used on the ride.
  5. I was not a fan of Cinnamon bread but apple pie? We may have to try this. Has anyone else tried the fried cookie dough. On the outside they dont look like much but they are amazing!
  6. On our Carowinds trip the Fast Lane plus was a must to if you wanted to ride Vortex or the mine train there. The Vortex had dispatch times in the 10 minute range!
  7. Looks like someone's password has been compromised.
  8. I don't think you should try this if you are counting calories. LOL! I tried JukeBox Diner for the first time in awhile on Saturday. While the line moved terribly slow the food I got was good and piping hot. The food service has completely been turned around this year. We used to go to Skyline alot in the park because it was generally safe and quick but I am happy at what I am seeing. Our visits have been less this year than in years past but sometime life gets in the way.
  9. Was this an accident? It seems Cedar Fair doesnt seem to interested in trying to restore Kings Dominion.
  10. The sound yes. The ride not so much
  11. It does not I don't think. I like the idea of fast pass but I do think it needs to be adjusted. Only allowing so many rides in a row ect. To help spread out the users. while at Carowinds we had someone try to like Jump Us in the fast pass lane.
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