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  1. They can part one of the cars to me. I had this dream of turning nine of the cars into a go kart for one of my kids.
  2. The spine on the gigas are a lot thicker so they can run the chain return inside of track.
  3. I would love to see Adventure Express get upgraded theming. Would be awesome "off year" addition. Maybe enclose the 1st lift hill and theme the ride to an escapee from A haunted mine shaft.
  4. My only complaint was that it was hard to see all the shows. A lot of the shows all started at the same time so you wait for one to end but then miss the start of the other
  5. I understand taking the feed down. Moving pieces this heavy this high is always dangerous no matter how careful you are. Hate to have something happen on a live feed.
  6. I haven't been since I was way younger. It on extremely hot days it was the place to go over Kings Island water park. Hardly any lines.
  7. You could always make a trip to Cincinnati and they will make you uncooked ones you could freeze. Word of caution the LaRosas in the park taste completely different.
  8. I was born in 87 and makes me feel super old
  9. Somewhere I have the old Italian Job Stunt Track preview passes. I'll have to see if I can find a photo. Time really flies and I'm getting old.
  10. Any updates as to the area they are working on next?
  11. The bread at Dollywood is 100 times better. The bread at KI is good but the Dollywood bread has ruined it for me.
  12. I believe I heard on Coaster Radio daily Podcast today that Silverdollar City is filing a lawsuit against this guy.
  13. I really like the support style MF has. It just make the ride look bigger. Orian will be the better coaster.
  14. Seems like a stretch if ask me. https://coasternation.com/owner-of-mystic-motel-files-complaint-against-kings-island-over-mystic-timbers-trademark/
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