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  1. I just wonder how much of a bottle neck it will be to get to The Vortex and Wind Seeker.
  2. flightoffear1996

    Things that KI can improve on

    I dont mind the theming in the queues. The park can't have everything. After all I do enjoying buying my season pass for less than one day at Disney.
  3. It sure how they are going to put all that in such a small space but we shall see
  4. Interesting. I guess it would work since I believe there will only be one station. Just doenst seem like a lot of land in the area.
  5. flightoffear1996

    Holiday World 2019

    Is the Voyage even really a traditional roller coaster? I believe the support are all steel.
  6. flightoffear1996

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Kentucky Kingdom really should have moved to a city that embraces what an amusement park can do for the city. Its not often you hear Mason getting into arguments with Kings Island.
  7. flightoffear1996

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    Thanks to the huge crowd on Saturday we went to Tom and Chhee. The line was short the service was fast and the food was hot! A+ here.
  8. Is the ride going to go on both sides The Racer. I really can't wait to see what the area looks like when it starts to take shape.
  9. flightoffear1996

    USA Today Names KI Best Haunt

    While I never been before but Halloween Horror Nights is 10th? Seems like that should be the 1st one from the review I read.
  10. flightoffear1996

    Titles KI Could Nab

    Agreed. One of the reason why I will not venture to the waterpark,
  11. flightoffear1996

    Titles KI Could Nab

    Go into the kids area. Hardly any shade for the parents there.
  12. flightoffear1996

    Titles KI Could Nab

    Park with the least amount of shade.
  13. flightoffear1996

    How is the Haunt conducted at KI?

    I don't drink at the park but if they want to sell it; it doesnt bother me. I have never had an issue with an drunk guest in the park. I avoid Halloween Haunt though.
  14. flightoffear1996

    By 2035 Kings Island Will Have What?

    Okay for that but would would that need sewage pipes?
  15. Maybe if they would set some records in the attendance category we all would be better off