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  1. I have seen Orion break down once. Looked to be an issue with one of the rows on the train. Was at Cedar Point this weekend and it always seemed GateKeeper and valraven were down a lot
  2. Going to look great. Glad to see that area getting some much needed love.
  3. THe last time I rode the ride was a few years ago because I was lucky enough to walk on. I literally felt like the ride was going to tear itself apart.
  4. I would love too see some pictures of the crowds.
  5. Imma get bashed for this but the Voyage. My last ride banged me up so bad I couldn't wait to get off.
  6. As anyone ventured over the kids area lately. I think that is the area right now beside the water park that needs the biggest overhaul.
  7. Tomorrow will be the first day I have missed opening day of haunt since Fear Fest was introduced due to a surgery tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to attend next week!
  8. I am thinking Son of Beast has been my favorite lift hill. There was just something about the sound of that chain!
  9. And at the time of this writing spots are full.
  10. My main concern is for the family. This should never happen! This is not the first to TtD has been in the light for the wrong reasons. Time to swallow the pill and remove this thing.
  11. I loved Griffon at Busch Gardens. I am all for a good ole B&M dive coaster to take the place of Vortex. I think if done right it could even keep the old school feel that area has to it.
  12. Here is why. The ride is supposed to generate guest and money for the park. People dont care about an extra 13ft or extra 1000ft of track. This would have cost the park millions of dollars extra with no increased ROI. My biggest complaint with Orion is location. I think the ride would have been better served towards the front of the park and be interactive with the park entrance.
  13. My first ride with Orion I wasn't overly impressed. Now that I have a few more rides on it the ride is very impressive. I would rank it within my top 5 coasters I have been on. Do I wish it had a little more track length. Of course. Do I think it was a missed opportunity for Cedar Fair. Absolutely, still a great ride even though it was t what we were Expecting.
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