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  1. I listen a talk radio show. He interviewed a MD durning the show. There is currently about 36,000 active cases in Ohio and Ohio has a rough population of 11.69 million. That means 0.3 percent of the population has test positive. I'm going to put my mask on and take my chances. Your chances of dying in a car crash on your way to the park is around 0.9 percent.
  2. For the declining deaths this is the reason why from what I have heard. Person A get the virus and passes it to person B. Person B immune system does "work" on the virus and then that person sheds that virus to person C. The virus person C gets is not as potent as the virus person B had. The more it spreads the less deadly it gets.
  3. I rode Steele vengeance once and while it was a very good coaster there are two at Kings Island that I enjoy more. Diamondback and Mystic. I just want a huge fan. To each there own.
  4. Wasn't the queue inside changed on the blue prints though. I thought it was only the first row to get to the ship and that was it.
  5. I I might have to get all those pins.
  6. I haven't seen the cleared land yet but I would think the possibilities are endless. I would like to actually see maybe a modern day sit down looper with some steep drops and maybe a few classic rides. Whatever it I hope they keep the classic feel.
  7. I think my favorite moment of the ride is going to be the sideways airtime hill. The pacing on the ride looks great. I just wish there was one or two more airtime hills.
  8. Yes, I wasn't disputing the fact the virus was spreading, it in fact is.
  9. Just a reminder if you get a test and test positive, you have to get retested. If that test is positive that counts as a 2nd test. So just because there is 987 cases doesn't mean 987 people have it.
  10. The ride looks impressive. I can't wait till next week. Rona stay away please!
  11. Too bad the trees are many there.
  12. I agree as well but you never know. I'm not sure what Cedar Fairs cash reserves are. I also think the park is thinking of new ways to generate cash flow once the park returns to normal. Maybe an extended operating season. I think an increase in season pass cost and add-ons will be coming. The cost of missing a season will be passed on to the consumer at some point.
  13. You have to add the order number for it show in your app.
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