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  1. Yes they do but BLSC is geared towards families and while I love Flight of Fear I think something out side would suite the park well.
  2. I would not rather have an Intamin at the park. I just know how disapointed many guest would get when a brand new shiny roller coaster is broken down on the $1000 vacation to the park. I guess this is me just getting old but I just perferr the tried and true methods any more. Give me something that works and that is just fun. It doesn't have to be record breaking. One thing I think the park could use is some kind of launched coaster.
  3. What exactly is the problem with them? Other than them possibly hitting a guest on a ride. I actually like to watch them around the park.
  4. Angry Orchard brewing company needed it back. LOL! Its crazy how similar those logos are!
  5. It would also be nice too see people pick up after themselfs in the parking lot. There are plently of trash cans in the parking lot but yet 3/4 of the people can't seem to find them. I noticed at Disney World they had no trash cans in the parking lot but yet there wasn't a piece of trash on the ground.
  6. The Beast still takes the cake!
  7. I heard on a Coaster Radio interview Mystic Timbers and a few other rides will be open.
  8. That picture is downright amazing! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Slow loading times and generally a pretty boring layout I avoid this ride. If the line is short and its been awhile I will ride it.
  10. We got to the park about 2:00ish or so and we were able to eat at the Jute Box Diner with little to no wait. We spent most of our day in kiddie land were lines were about 20 minutes.
  11. I think I will be heading to the park Sunday evening. I have been meaning to get my Kings Island fix but it's been hard since at was at Disney last week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Any ride can go if they feel its not making the park business. If The Beast was costing more to operate and maintain than it was bring guest to the door I am sure the park would have no qualms about removing it. After all Kings Island is a business and not a charity.
  13. Yes, the helicopter was black.
  14. I am not going to do a big long trip report but I did see something that was very concerning to me while I was at the park. I am not sure what time it was maybe around 5:30 and I was over by the bathrooms by Planet Snoopy and I saw a helicopter flying extremely low. From my guess it was around 250ft and it was extremely close to Diamondback. It didnt look like a medical helicopter. I'm just wondering if anyone else saw this and knew what it was about.
  15. I don't see them adding one of these anytime soon at KI. The next coaster Kings Island will add I think will likely bee steel.