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  1. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    If this the rumored antique cars it will never live up to the original set that Kings Island had. Just saying.
  2. Flat Ride at KI

    I wouldn't mind a ferris wheel but I think it would be neat if it was one of the ones that were 400 or 500 feet tall.
  3. Improving Que Lines

    Go to Disney some of the rides they don’t even check your restraint. They load super fast too.
  4. Improving Que Lines

    Just take at look at Disney. Almost every queue is inside, fully themed, and air conditioned. There is nothing worse than standing in a slow move line in the hot sun when it comes to amusement parks. Firehawk would be a great ride to benefit from an enclosed queue.
  5. Winterfest 2017 Attraction Lineup Announced

    Off season maintenance? They would likely have to take Flight of Fear down to one train or maybe they don't people in that area of the park.
  6. Hopefully this was durning testing and no one was hurt
  7. Closure of Dinosaurs Alive and opening of lots of land.

    The park is going to do anything based on patterns of years past. They will only do what is right for the parks wallet at the end of day.
  8. Adams Family Coaster

    No, we dont need a mystsery mine style ride. The capacity on those things is horrible!
  9. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    One of our favorite places to eat in the park. They had the best chicken. Excited to see what goes in though.
  10. Bengals Game PBS

    Which is strange because PBS is the only sport stadium to be on the top 100 structures. The outside of does look pretty sweet.i
  11. Bengals Game PBS

    I think it was pretty bad that you couldn't even buy anything with a credit card!
  12. Bengals Game PBS

    My wife and I love love football so this year are fiances allowed us to get season tickets for the first time. We headed downtown and found parking for $5.00. We went to Jefferson Social and had two over priced beers before the game. We got to our seats just before kick off. Not only was the football bad to watch but so was the stadium. The escalators where broken and the credit card machines were down again so we were unable to get anything to drink or eat at the game. We still had a great time at the game but too bad we had to watch some horrible football with no beer!
  13. Kentucky Kingdom: Before and After

    I love this. We just got back from the park and it was alot more than I was expecting. I actually had a better time there than our KI visit the next day! Love this article!
  14. The Giga Speculation Thread

    New trains with the soft restraints would fix alot of the issues with Vortex. There are some really strange transitions though on it still. While I love The Vortex I think the park has earned its money back on it and its time to see something new in its place.
  15. Park CLOSED Friday 9/1/17

    We were supposed to go canoeing this weekend in some caves but that looks to be washout as the water levels are too high.