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  1. From the things I am seeing the price increases for pretty much anything anymore is really starting to hurt the Disney and Universal Parks. They are both running some pretty good promotions now. Seems the COVID travel surge is about over.
  2. I would love to this make a return. Intamin - Suspended Catapult I think there is alot that could be done with model.
  3. I have been on Griffon and its one of my favorites' coasters. We have been to Cedar Point 6 or 7 times and Valravn has been down every single time so I have yet to ride. Not sure if its just bad timing or what. Our last visiting was I determined to get the credit and waited for almost two hours at a close ride before I gave up.
  4. Im still leaning towards a B&M dive coaster going in that spot.
  5. I have been on a few standups and honestly King Cobra was my faviorte. These things hurt and are super slow at loading. We were in line for the one at Carowinds and only a station wait. It still took 15-20 minutes to dispatch a single train. Our time was limited and we left the line. Hopefully the surf coaster fixes this issue.
  6. Do 50 people even show up to the games?
  7. Has there been any news on what shows we will have this year. The alternate entertainment is a big reason we renew our passes every year.
  8. I like the Tom And Chee but wish they offered other sides than just bag chips. Some French fries or a side salad would be perfect.
  9. I love the Disney parks! In Disney World I think my favorite ride is the Runaway Railway
  10. I think at least for my family that shows typically run their course after a year without alot of changes. It is a great show and honestly one of reason we renewed our passes last year. However, there are only so many times the jokes work before loosing the appeal.
  11. What is the capacity on these spinning coasters. Seems like anything low capacity is a bad idea for Kings Island.
  12. I hated the straws. The kids were always chewing them and when opening them up the little bit of what was in the straw would fly every where. We have a mix of the paper cups/reusuable cups. When putting paper cups in the stroller cup holder the drink would fly everywhere.
  13. I agree it may not be 100% but Cedar Fair is pretty good at getting rides open in time for opening day. This false spring in NKY right now keeps making me think opening day is soon. He have had over 100 degree temperature swing in a week. We sent from running the heat non-stop to having the Windows open.
  14. Wow this is very interesting. I wonder what time line for this project is or what that huge hole is for? Maybe for some kind of electrical work?
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