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  1. I never understood this. The park advertises things very well and it should be of no surprise to anyone. Haunt is supposed to edgey, and if you dont like simply don't go.
  2. Should we do an upgrade if we are changing from gold to Platinum pass? We are planning visiting KD for the fist time this weekend.
  3. We are back to upgrading to Platinum this year, as we are going to KD finally on Friday. We plan on hitting some of the other parks west next year. Would love still try and get to Knotts next year but not sure I will have enough time off work to there or not.
  4. I wonder what prevents the train from rolling back incase of failure.
  5. How are you upgrading already? Only thing I see is the 2022 passes?
  6. If its a ride which IDK if it is that seems like a strange spot to put something with the nice empty lot by Vortex.
  7. If all we got was some shade in Planet Snoopy I would be happy.
  8. The line jumping is really bad at the park this year. I see it all over the place! Adults, teens, families. I was even lined jumped in the fast pass line once! I have not one to make scene and I usually keep to my-self but when my 3 year old is getting line jumped by grown adults its a problem. I have started standing with my hands across the rails. Does security still have a number that you can text?
  9. Im sure they could automate that section as well and have them attached to sensors.
  10. The ones that area controlled by the operator are broken as well. This is sad as its one of best spots to get soaked on this ride.
  11. I have been showing my kids some old videos of the old Sky Ride and they are so disappointed that the park doesn't have one now. I would love to see one make its return.
  12. That is awesome! I didn't even realize they were missing!
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