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  1. I'm wondering how Star Wars is so low with all the hype around it. 2020 was a luckluster year that is for sure.
  2. Looks like a fun ride. Seems like low capacity which might be good for that park but I don't want to see it at King Island. I like the people eaters!
  3. I actually feel safe when I'm there. Generally not in contact with people for more than a few minutes. Its outdoors and I can keep my distance from others. Places I dont feel safe is indoor close contact.
  4. We went last year I believe. Maybe I'm just getting older. It was hot and the dispatch Ike's were 4-6 minutes per train. Kings Island has me spoiled.
  5. I didn't visit it thanks to the long lines ( I can be impatient) but the food looked good. Hopefully they are able to expand it to have a little better crowd control. What would you think about even a small upcharge over the meal plan.
  6. I bragged to my Wife how awesome holiday world was. I was disappointed when we got there. All the rides were so rough I couldn't wait to get off expect Thunderbird.
  7. Kings Island for sure and then Kings Domion. These two parks seemed like the most well cared for in the Paramount days. The parks I think started trending downward in 2003-2004 when the I think when the split happened.
  8. I want to add in SilverDollar city. I haven't been there yet but hopefully this up comming summer I will be able to make.
  9. I recently bought this book online. Somehow the copy I received was autographed. I have almost finished reading the book and it has been a great read so far! However I left the book on the floor in my Office one time and the dogs ate my Book. Feeling bummed. What are Some Amusement park books that you have read?
  10. I think and hope the kids area gets updated soon. A B&M flooreless I think would be awesome in the spot. Maybe a launched one?
  11. I wasnt a huge Steel Vengeance fan but I don't think this will be better than SV of course it could ride way different than the POV feels.
  12. I wonder if this related to anticipated surge in cases. I don't see why they couldn't offer Winterfest this year. You are outdoors and mostly covered up anyway.
  13. I really liked the helix but I kind of wish it was broken up with some changes in direction. It just a long time spent turning in one direction.
  14. Some floor less trains on mystic could be fun
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