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  1. flightoffear1996

    Favorite coaster in Ohio

    It is hard choice for me. It just all depends on what kind of mood I am in when I go to the parks. For that reason I plea the 5th.
  2. flightoffear1996

    Questions about the trains

    I guess they could but I wonder what the advantage would be?
  3. flightoffear1996

    2019 Season Pass Auto Renewal

    The 12 month program might lure our family to a platinum pass this year. Our 5 year old keeps asking about going to Cedar Point.
  4. flightoffear1996

    possibly Coming in 2019 or 2020?

    Just curious as to how many Giga threads we need? Its pretty clear the park isn't getting a giga for 2019 but maybe for 20202. 2019 I think we will see maybe a few small updates and general sprucing up. I am not sure if it will be enough for our family to renew our passes.
  5. flightoffear1996


    The Vortex seems to be in pretty good shape to most of the Arrow loopers out there.
  6. I wonder what they are doing about texting and driving in Canada. The cars I see in Ohio about 30% have a driver using a cell phone it seems.
  7. flightoffear1996

    Vortex 2 or 3 train operation, better experience?

    I think the 3rd train on The Vortex helps the capacity. Generally when train is dispatched the other train is just entering the MCBR. 3rd train can be in the station when the 2nd train is just completing the course.
  8. flightoffear1996

    Which coaster gets the RMC axe?

    If they did Vortex they had better leave the first drop alone. Best coaster drop ever.
  9. flightoffear1996

    Wildwood Grove Dollywood 2019

    We are actually season pass holders at Dollywood. This looks like a great addition to a great park.
  10. Isn't Wonderland kinda of on the US/Canada border.
  11. flightoffear1996

    Cedar Point to Remove Witches' Wheel

    Will removing the Witches Wheel even free up that much room?
  12. flightoffear1996

    Racer 2019?

    I dont understand the hate for Racer. It is like one of my fav. rides in park. If the park is crowded it generally has one of the shortest lines. Its a must ride for me every time I go.
  13. flightoffear1996

    Racer 2019?

    One could only hope the Red White and Blue paint scheme makes a come back!
  14. flightoffear1996

    Season drink plan questions

    I don't think the ice is all the parks fault. I think some of it has to with the piles and piles off ice just sitting on the dispenser drain.
  15. flightoffear1996

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    I noticed that as well. I thought maybe the 3rd train went into early winter mode since Mystic is open nearly all year round now.