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  1. I wonder why they are going back to the reservations? I think it's a good idea anyway with rides not loading at full capacity
  2. I didn't realize that Diamondback was only running two trains
  3. Since there hasn't been an annoucment yet I would really doubt I we will see any thing new. A couple of new small kids flat rides and maybe adding some shade in the area. I think of these could fit the area well. https://www.zamperla.com/products/happy-swing/
  4. Crazy that your B&M hyper has a longer wait time than your brand new B&M giga. I really want to see great things for the park and I hope Orion does them well and the ROI. Something block buster needs to replace Vortex and a kiddie area is aging and could use a good revamp. The kids area needs to have more shade as well.
  5. The trains are very interesting! I wonder how the downtime will compare with say a B&M flyer. Seems more complicated mechanically. I wonder why the office stats haven't been listed.
  6. I must have missed something what exactly happened
  7. Just because there is stain doesn't mean it's loaded germs.
  8. I would love to see the water return but I highly doubt that is going to happen for the reason you mentioned. Keeping it clean. Sadly it would be mostly the guest fault the lake wouldn't stay clean.
  9. I would think they would want to fill the empty Vortex spot quickly. Yes we did just get Orion and yes the park is likely hurting for money this year losing WinterFest and Haunt but I do think that space is too valuable to leave open.
  10. I am going to disagree with Gordon. I think the less we do the quicker we will get over it. Things would get very bad however. A vaccine is almost here and this virus will be out the door.
  11. Do you think the season Fast Lane will return?
  12. I would be fine in the removed another coaster as long as the opened one the same year. They do already have a nice plot of land where The Vortex was.
  13. It depends what I am in the mood for. If I want airtime I had to Diamondback. Raw power and speed I go to Orion. Both do what they do well. They are different rides and have different objectives in my mind. Can't compare them.
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