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  1. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I am pretty sure there was an engineer that rode the ride with the barrel roll. Not saying that it almost killed him but I thought there was handfull of people that tried. YOU dont know the hole story maybe the park wanted to risk it and they did it knowing they might have to revert back.
  2. Could Flying Ace be updated to be like Freedom Flyer?

    I go to the parks to get away from all the screen time and just to enjoy the outdoors. Keep VR away from KI!
  3. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Just give me a fun ride that has low down time and I am a happy camper. I dont care if its from B&M or some dude in his garage.
  4. 2018 Employee Dress Code

    I don't understand the issues with tattoos. Some of the most professional people I know are covered with them.
  5. Best B&M Invert

    I have only been on a few inverts but to me the best in the business are the Batman clones. The quickness and forcefullness of the those rides are par to none.
  6. Harlem Globetrotters

    A nice perk this for this up-comining season. Hopefully it is better than the stunt show they had.
  7. What would you like changed to KI in the next five years?

    Some kind of transport that can take you front the front of the park to Coney Mall or back to Rivertown.
  8. 2018 Off Season Poll: What Food Item Should KI Bring Next?

    More things that aren't deep fried. A nice steak place would be good.
  9. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I think if a giga or any new roller coaster is coming we should see land clearing opening day or shortly after.
  10. Ideas for the Crypt building?

    What about doing a ride similar to Soarin. You could somehow do a story as someone attempting to a cave skydive into a cave were a "Mystical Beast" ruins your flight!
  11. King Cobra's Complete History

    I miss the ride still. I liked King Cobra much more than Mantis or the other large stand up rides. After rides on the Mantis the strain it put on my cavles was very uncomfortable.
  12. The spin wheel for Fast Lane.

    I have never done it but I glady pay $5.00 some days so my 4 year old and I can skip the line on the flyers. Waiting in that line is brutal sometimes in the summer but he refuses not to ride it. I am surprised they dont have the greeters sell individual fast passes in front of the lines.
  13. Best B&M Invert

    I haven't been on a lot B&M inverts but 1. Batman 2. Banshee 3. Raptor
  14. Will Coney Mall be Overhauled?

    Leave The Racer alone!
  15. Official: WinterFest 2017

    I thought Winterfest was better than Dollywood even though I never seem to have enough time either event when I am there. I think the ride selection is fine. The parking lot is full and there are plenty of things to do in the park.