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  1. I have been lucky enough to ride Top Thrill Dragster a few times. The launch and the atmosphere around the ride is awesome. However on my last few visits to the park its been nothing but a dissapointment. Queuing for an hour and have it break down. I don't think anything really make sa guest more upset. Its mechanical and things happen but this has happened to us multiple times the past few years. Its time for the thing to go.
  2. Anyone ever try the Buffalo Blue Cheese popcorn. I chickened out our last visit but we are heading to Disney later this year. We had a Disney cruise planned but choose to opt out with all the COVID going on.
  3. Its going to be almost like visiting an entire new park!
  4. That bathroom is almost in use. Its nice to have but when you have kids when you gotta go you gotta go so these often dont always work for us.
  5. Cedar Fair or the parks add whatever will get them the greatest ROI not because they favor one park over another. If they thought a dippin dots stand would make them millions Im sure we see those instead of roller coasters installed.
  6. Ended up being an issue with my computer. We were able to access the page on another device.
  7. Did the pathway that is the near The Racer change? It doesn't seem like you can get that close to it now.
  8. Is anyone else having issues with the Kings Island website? It is very slow at loading if it does and when I tried to renew our passes I kept getting a database error.
  9. I think the Invertago Spot could be a nice spot for a Giant Ferris Wheel.
  10. We must have dodged a bullet here in NKY. Everything made it for us. It god windy and maybe a couple of bolts of lighting but that was about it. My thoughts and prayers goes out to those effected by the tornadoes.
  11. Cedar Fair really dropped the ball on how they handled COVID. I think Six Flags did much better in that regards.
  12. I signed up looking forward to see what kind of SPAM I mean park information they push out via text versus using the app.
  13. The park seems to have recovered really well from COVID. I am still waiting to see what is going to be the next addition. Seems like Cedar Fair has been on a removal trend for awhile and has some gaps to fill.
  14. We were at WinterFest last night too and it might have been the busiest I have ever seen the park. We were shoulder to shoulder back to front walking down the midway! However, with that being said we were had no issues getting into the see What the Dickens show which is my favorite show, the parade, and nativity area. We also were able to get food at Skyline and Panda express, and the Mac-N-Cheese bar. The mac n cheese bar food was cold and not enough cheese sauce was used. The parade was awesome! The shops were mostly unnavigable because of crowds but hopefully we can visit again before the years end! This is just an awesome event.
  15. Does anyone of a schedule of the show times?
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