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  1. flightoffear1996

    Expanding Action Zone

    I wonder why the park doesn't use it for some shows?
  2. flightoffear1996

    How Far Do You Live From Kings Island (and how do you get there)

    US-27 to 471N and then to the dreaded i71
  3. flightoffear1996

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I would think the giga coaster now would be pushing closer to $40million. Maybe they would save some on shipping since the track wouldn't have to far.
  4. flightoffear1996

    Expanding Action Zone

    I wouldn't think it would pay for the park to relocate a ride as large as Congo Falls in-side the park. You might as well build a new one at that point. I would think yo could even add Invertago to the removal list.
  5. flightoffear1996

    Hello, Dolly!- silver2005's 2019 Southeast Trip

    In the Gatlinburg area there is a restaurant called Sawyers it seriously as the best non ghetta breakfast food I have had. Make sure you get there early though as sometimes the wait is up to two hours.
  6. flightoffear1996

    Racer Track Work 2019

    I was able to ride Son of Beast without issue. The ride never really gave me any issues. It is strange how to some its the roughest thing ever and to anther its not so bad.
  7. The end of that made me balls my eyes out
  8. Hopefully they do a good job on the landscaping because that is what is going to make ride.
  9. flightoffear1996

    Platinum Benefits

    I really think the park should discontinue the gold pass perks. I mean pretty much everyone who has a season pass get a free upgrade to gold. If it was a paid tiered program I would be all for it.
  10. flightoffear1996

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    They have built coasters on the side of mountains. I would think if they want to they could put a support anywhere without much issue. Walking paths however would be a different issue.
  11. flightoffear1996

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    What is the square in the middle?
  12. flightoffear1996

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    I think around the 350ft mark if they do.
  13. flightoffear1996

    My current project (Warning: Nerd Alert)

    That would make an awesome Christmas decoration.
  14. flightoffear1996

    Cedar Point Fast Lane

    I think it would be the parks goal to not have any stand by lines or very little ones if at possible. If your standing in line your not spending money in the park and some queue lines take up massive amounts of land. Think about this going to the the entrance scanning your season pass, ticket or cell phone and the kiosk tells you the link is currently 45 minutes and come back at whatever time. Return during a certain window and scan your pass and be seated on the ride with 15 minutes.
  15. flightoffear1996

    My current project (Warning: Nerd Alert)

    Nice! What kind of controller are you using?