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  1. I think Son of Beast used the same Southern Yellow Pine. Keep in mind the forces on Son of Beast were likely far more than those on Mystic Timbers.
  2. Will these be offered in the park? $7.37 shipping is a little steep for me plus the cost of the poster.
  3. Does anyone here know if you can substitute spaghetti for french fries on the meal plan at Skyline?
  4. I don't disagree but it does it make it harder and harder for us to renew are passes year after year with ride removals. Firehawk was basically replaced by Orion but Vortex (my fav) coaster there still has no replacement and likely none planned for the near future. Kids area hasn't seen anything new in awhile either
  5. Not it bothers me that much but it seems like Cedar Fair loves removing rides doesn't it?
  6. its been really windy this year at Kings Island so far however, last week I saw maintenance working on it.
  7. Anyone at the park today able to take a picture of the lines. Not sure why but I like seeing crazy lines.
  8. Cedar Fair didn't have to offer anything considering the below is listed as the terms of agreement. They were trying to make most customers happy and not sink the company from missing a year of income. I agree that all ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. ALL SALES ARE FINAL – NO REFUNDS, NO TRANSFERS OR EXCHANGES, NO RAIN CHECKS, NOT VALID FOR CASH. All operating dates and hours are subject to change without notice. All rides and attractions are subject to closings and cancellations for weather or other conditions. Operating dates are subject to change without notice. All attractions are subject to closing and cancellations for weather or other conditions.
  9. Are we sure this is a construction fence and not just a fence closing of the old Wicked Twister area?
  10. At Disney they measure the time by handing a guest a marker on it. When you get the ride station you hand the cast member the marker.
  11. Well it sounds like the park or someone modified the ride to allow the harness to open up ore than it was designed to. Without the modification the ride wouldn't have been able to dispatch
  12. You didn't have a pandemic in that time span either.
  13. I think there is still supply chain issues. I notice this at restraunts near me that sometimes the product is different. Different chicken wings, different fries ect. I notice it more at non-chain restraunts.
  14. We typical have just mostly do skyline, and larosas in the past. They are usually the quickest and most friendly for our kids. This year I am able to branch out a bit and find some healthier items to try.
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