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  1. Just curious as to why its not similar. They are both launched blitz style coasters.
  2. My only personal disappointment is that cirque show would have changed. While Gravity was an awesome show a new story line to keep us engagaed would have be awesome.
  3. What about a dark ride themed to a haunted abonded lumber yard? Do something similar to Spider-Man at IOA but of course on a Kings Island budget.
  4. I believe we saw land clearing for Diamondback in late 2007 but I could be wrong on that. I would think the site should ramp up in activity here soon if we are getting a new coaster in 2020
  5. Under a coaster station, in a storage container. These areas don’t seem like a safe place to be.
  6. I like the idea and thought of this. Now let’s see if the park can actually excute something that has to do with food.
  7. I understand that but if the park is at capacity is there enough shelter for everyone. I have been at the park durning a warning some years back and stood in one of the IE Street shops. Nothing happened of course but Im sure that is not the safest place to be
  8. We have a hard time getting our 6 year old on rides. He likes them but doesn’t like the tickle feeling he get in is stomach. The Ghoster Coaster would have been a perfect fit for him! He doesn’t like the Great Pumpkin coaster but he loves the the small kid coaster at Dollywood
  9. Where do you shuffle all the guest durning a torando warning
  10. I really want a giga. They can give us a B&M looper and time after that!
  11. They are low capacity and of all the flying roller coasters that I have been on have been just meh.
  12. Weather isn’t 315ft or 264ft the ride freaks me out and you won’t catch me dropping In on a ride any time soon.
  13. I really hope KI doesn’t get a flier
  14. I didn’t realize the KD version rotated. I thought that version was called Gaint Drop.
  15. Kings Islands also has a roto drop and not just a Drop Tower like KD
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