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  1. Backwards it gives more air time
  2. PKI is better due to the color scheme
  3. Hopefully its more intenense because it is kinda weak now lewts wait and see
  4. I dont know if this is true but I heard that PKI is the only theme park that went up in attenedce
  5. Id be will to pay alot of money for one of the old KC cars man wouldnt that be great to have a rollercoater car. Anyway I plan on making a recreation of the KC out of Knex starting tom.
  6. I was thinking about going into the same thing. Thanks for the info.
  7. I dont pay attention to music or sounds when im on rides i always try to listen for DZ breaks when i ride it but i can never hear them i dont know why. Any way I think they should play like a drums
  8. Here is why PKI is now putting in flat rides A. Cheap B. Doesnt Take up much land C. It brings in people D.Stll makes the park look good E. FLat rides are easier to theme
  9. Well, then again PKI hasnt built much to get much more than the locals to the park
  10. Wrong the I heard the Air Time on Hyper Sonic was great at the top of that hill
  11. Sounds good for the park. Hopefully they will use that extra money to build a mega coaster
  12. What ride are you looking forward to ride first in the 04 season. Im hoping to ride Drop Zone first.
  13. You could just tell them I didnt mean it sorry.
  14. I m kinda into build custom models. I made around 3 or 4 complete ones mine arent that great since im limited to 3 sets. here is another great link to some custom coasters http://www.bgtguide.com/~sscoasters/
  15. I hope itss not true and I dont know why the bann it. I dont see how it damages the cables.
  16. What about the sidewinder prototype coaster?!?!!
  17. I would like to see a Flier and if it was a custom one not like superman it would bring alot of people to the park
  18. The coaster will come rember TR:TR SOB FACE/OFF and Drop Zone all osted alot of money give pki some time to recover from the expensises.
  19. They should add a thing like Nickeloden had with all the game shows. I know they used to have one but i forget what it was called and I got to go on stage and play one of the game
  20. I like the water I night it is always much warmer.
  21. I pick the Son of Beast doesnt bother me to me its only jerky in one spot and that is the incline after the first drop and the turn on top of that hill is a little jerky the rest of the ride is great
  22. I think MF is too short but then again if your going that fast 8000 feet (im not sure if that what it is i pulled the number out of my head) track wont take long if your going 70 the whole ride :medieval:
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