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  1. I didnt go to fearfeast last year how did the lines seem to be moving?
  2. I heading to the park this saturday for rides/fearfeast. Hopefully it wont be to bad before fearfest starts. First park visit since july since i had my wisdom teeth pulled and then school started
  3. I was on the lazer tag 2 year ago i think. Was the areas to ride like little walls and they were painted like a rock color?
  4. Will they be keeping any slides from the old water park. I like the one (not sure what its called cause i never go to water park)where you sit in the 4 man tube and go on the high banked turns its painted white.
  5. What do you think they will put in place of it
  6. I doubt you could see it sway cause the massive building and if it only sways a few inches I doubt you would be able to tell
  7. I dont know why they would have taken it out maybe it was because of a longer line for fearfest. I dont know. Or room for a 05 flat
  8. My internet has been down. Anyway it is sad that one of the parks signs have fell. At least it wasnt the Effil Tower. Who know it could have been worse then what it was. Kinda funny on pkiu I recently made a topic called what if a torando hit pki i know what knocked the sign down wasnt a tornado it was straight line winds.
  9. How crowed do think fearfest will be this year?
  10. flightoffear1996


    Do you think PKI will ever add tunnels to the Son of Beast. I know PKI is planning on putting tress and things by SOB but I would like to see tunnels
  11. I wish TR:TR was more out of controll like Rip Saw say you go up to the top then it stop suddening causing you to spin and spin uncontrobally that would be sweet. I know it wont happen though
  12. I would have to say Coney Island since The Beach auctioned all the water slides and is now closing. Dont for get about Strikers Grove which houses 2 small coaster im talking small and some carvial flats.
  13. All are the same againg this year cept route 666. Was evas demand in the building as soon as you enter the park and go left or in the FX theater? Why do teh haunted things start at 3? That is really dumb cause its like in the middle of the afternoon and things woundn't be as scary then. Im going up on Oct. 4 and cant wait to see the park.
  14. This is spam but I was wondering how come you cant eat meat?
  15. I dont thing it would be true but, you never know. I heard no such thing and Im sure PKI will do what the other parks will be doing that are getting Boomerang Beach. I think the water park is kinda a watste though since it is only open a few months out of the season, and most water parks dont bring att\dentence to a park to much. PKI really needs to spend more time thinking about where their money goes and what the guest want.
  16. Skyline 1)Its one of the cheapest places to eat in the park food taste better when its cheap 2)I always loved skyline 3)I dont take long to eat so I can go and get back on rides 4) Its in the middle of the park so you got many picks of what to ride with out walking for the one side the other
  17. Sounds cool. I like being on broken down rides. Did they take the person that was screaming out first?
  18. I dont want to buy them I would like to take them my self. Its just not the same when you buy them. Im not going to take the camera any rides throught the day.
  19. Who would buy King Cobra after the problems PKI had with it? I love that ride and wish PKI would have fixed the problem. Im a fan of stand up
  20. How bout everyone forgets what happened on pkiu and make pkic a great place where people who love pki can talk about pki. So go out and tell all your friends!!!
  21. No pay per rides dont attact people. The only have pay per rides cause season pass holders get too many fee admissions. There should be no pay per rides in any park after all for games, food, and admission for one person one day could be like 60 bucks and that is horrible.
  22. How do you get the permission of the park?
  23. How many pay per rides are there in the park?
  24. I think these are the dumbest thing anyone could ever put in a park. All it is for people who are afraid to be on a real coaster. Nothing will ever be able to simulate a rollercoatser to the exact feeling as a realone.
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