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  1. Probably will be filled with rowdy, line jumping teenagers
  2. This is why the food pass needs to go away or be more expensive. You are having poor quality of food that is not consistent in any way. You are trying to keep up with heavy demand and the facilities just can’t handle that many guest. We were able to leave the park eat at a nearby sit down Restraunt and get back to the park with 70 minutes. We might have boughten food at the park a few times a year before the food plan spending maybe a total of $300 year. When we used to have the food pass we ate more times at the park and paid less money. I would think it would be like this for most families. Just my 2 cents
  3. I am thinking that building will be used for haunt.
  4. I really liked the old main character better I forget what his name was in the show. We went to the 3:00pm show on Sunday which started late and the green laser did not work.
  5. Fun trip today! Looks like the steps have been torn out on two of the water slides and the green laser was having lots of troubles in the gravity show.
  6. We are going to attempt to see Gravity this Sunday. It is actually one of the only reasons we renewed our passes this year.
  7. I am not one usually to create a scene but I have seen several times non Fast Lane guest using the Fast Lane. I usually point them out to the separator and they just make them leave the line. When will the park start kicking these people out.
  8. I like the forceful launches of TTD but the ride doesn’t have to go that high to reach those speeds.
  9. I really think the water park could use a redo. It is so spread out and nothing it worse walking on that hot concrete to get to the next slide.
  10. Ride the main rides early as possible is about all you can do.
  11. I remember the 2008 cycle and it was a lot of fun and I told my friend how awesome it was. Rode it sometime later with the lame cycle and felt like an idiot for telling my friends how intense it was. Could the weight problem have been because the two A frames where so far apart thus letting the arms flex more?
  12. I find the B&M gigs coasters looks extremely odd. They are like 80ft off the ground and on a huge slant downwards. Just looks out of place. Kind of like when a movie or book just ends and it leaves you thinking wth.
  13. If it was 324ft you would still have many on here complaining! I am for happy KI is installing coasters at the rate they have been.
  14. Wonder how many guest will think they are boarding Firehawk to find them self’s in line for Flight of Fear. Sidenote: Wouldn’t the haunt building need water lines for fire suppression systems?
  15. The mechanics behind Drop Tower always have interested me. Probably really simple but still fascinating to me.
  16. Can we wait to hate or love the ride after it opens. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
  17. So the old photo booth is going to be the entrance and the old Firehawk queue is going to be used for Flight of Fear
  18. Yes it was only $2.00 or a $1.90 with a season pass.
  19. Has anyone other than me found a deal better than this in the park. Our 6 year old says no.
  20. Diamondback was vertical before the announcement.
  21. I noticed this on The Racer seats that they angle you inwards. I have no problems fitting but riding tilted inwards feels very awkward to me.
  22. We actually dropped the meal plan this year and talked about going to the park Sunday but opted out because we didn’t have the meal plan.
  23. It will have three trains so one can be in the station and the other two in the blocks behind it. Kind of like Diamondback.
  24. This is probably a dumb question but was that seriously what the passes looked loe
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