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  1. They have a try 6 food items for $30 pass on the website
  2. Some of the water slides line can be very deceiving. From across the water park lines not going all the way down the stairs. Walk Over to water slide and the realize you have to wait for a mat before going to the stairs. Sidenote: how come wait times for slides aren’t posted?
  3. I would think that the all the braking systems would be designed to be closed when a ride loses power. It takes power to hold the brakes open.
  4. But if your running both elevators and load/unload after the cycle at the saMe rate the elevators are still making the same number of cycles so I would think you would just have double the maintenance.
  5. That’s strange. Usually when I request front row and the line is long they make me go to a different row.
  6. I believe they just hired for the position to manage this a month or two ago. Maybe they just rushed the program out and didn’t have time to intergrate it into the app.
  7. The Woodstock Whirley birds is one of the smelliest places in the park. A good mix of BO/sweat/mildew
  8. I don’t think there will be any surprises. Plans are plans
  9. 2021 - Roller coaster 2022 - Rollercoaster 2023 - Roller coaster 2024 - Roller coaster 2025 - Roller coaster hey a coaster boy can dream.
  10. Im Not predicting this by any means nor do I know if these rides are still made but a ride like Roller Soaker could be a good expansion idea for the water park. I remember that ride always looked so fun back in the day Vortex is an iconic classic roller coaster to Kings Island almost as much as the Raver and Beast. I hope it never goes because the skyline will never been the same without it but if/when it goes something special needs to replace it.
  11. Im Sure I have stood the full queue including the temporary ones and it took about 35-45 minutes. It all depends on how fast they are getting the cars out and how many people are generally getting into the cars. The queue house is really small IMO.
  12. Im would not be a fan of that location. I would like for it to go in the invertago Congo Falls side.
  13. Speaking of diving inverts what is the degree of Banshees first drop?
  14. They should hang a sign in The Vortex station I’m not sinking. Or have a sign on one of the supports like the water level gauges on the bridges and change it up everyone once in awhile to fuel the fire lol. Once the demise of Vortex is announced used that as the removal reason even though it’s not #longlivetex
  15. Which is why I am thinking LIMS are more reliable than LSM.
  16. Has anyone found any Kings Island Pandora charms?
  17. Maybe you send a quick text when your ride is about to dispatch from the station and have them press play on YouTube at that same time. Make sure to secure your phone quickly though.
  18. I cannot wait too see how long lines are. This looks so amazing though.
  19. Some would say that would fit the ride pretty well. Lots of hype but a big disappointment.
  20. She already has been to Kings Island 5 times and she loves every second of being inside the gates. Can’t wait to get her on some rides!
  21. I see your point of view but I always prefer to pay for better quality/service.
  22. We haven’t seen official renderings yet. The park is going to do what it will think it will get the best ROI for them. We don’t run the park nor do we see the the complete money aspect of it either.
  23. What is this new fad of using portable speakers in the park. We were in the kids area of the park and someone was standing there with a portable speaker blasting some not so nice music next to us. The park should ban these.
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