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  1. The only think I dislike about expanding back there is it ruins the parks wheel and spoke design. I think KI is one of the easiest navigated parks that I have been to.
  2. As anyone looked for permits on this? They would need would to remove a ride wouldnt they.
  3. A freshly paved parking lot. *Slaps self to awake from my dream.
  4. I was super excited when Firehawk came and then I rode and thought it was lame. The vertical loop is okay but the rest of the ride is overall a boring layout. I actually like the Superman Ultimate Flight clones a lot better.
  5. I know they used to charge extra for haunt. I remeber doing it once or twice as a kid but I can't remember how they filtered the non-paying haunt guest out of the park.
  6. I do not know the number of riders Firehawk gets but just because there is a long line doesn't mean its a popular ride. The capacity on that ride is horrible.
  7. I really would love to see the cost to rehab a ride verus a ground up RMC. The rehabs it looks like lots and lots of labor versus saving some money on materials.
  8. I really hope if KI gets the rumored giga its in the 7,000ft range in length.
  9. This would be amazing! WHere does the park sign.
  10. Haunt also used to cost extra as well. I guess with it being free now they dont have to compete with other area haunts.
  11. Okay 2035 isnt that far off but I would hope a newly paved parking lot would be in the future.
  12. These rides "look" lame. Low capacity for a big park but I guess it makes guest happy and the parks money so that is all that matters.
  13. I really hope they leave the Gobbet toss. The amount of prizes my kid gets from that is insane.
  14. Just because there is a line doesn't make it a good ride for the park.
  15. I went with my son Saturday morning and it was not very crowded then but it did get crowded after a few hours and we left. Thanks,
  16. ^ Do you really need any more stand out coasters. I feel that outside of Diamondback, Banshee, Beast, and Vortex the rest of the coaster lineup I could find at pretty much any park.
  17. I really wouldn't mind an outside chain restaurant like Long Horn come in and rent out some space from the park. Sometimes it is nice to get away from the crowds and cool off for an hour.
  18. Firehawk needs to go to the scrap yard. LOL
  19. Yeah, Carowinds is now on my list of parks to go to next year if we can. This ride looks like it will win ride of the year!
  20. I thought that got nixed because the ground underneath couldn't support the weight of the Ferris wheel.
  21. I think I would take an Intamin plug and play before and RMC. What RMC does with wooden coasters takes the entire point of them being wooden coasters.
  22. I can see it now. Restroom season pass up charge to ensure that your stall is cleaned before each use. $49.99
  23. Adding some kind of ride in the old Crypt building would be nice. Maybe a ride like Haunted Mansion but theme it to a haunted lumber mill!
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