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  1. Man the things my 5 year old would do to run through that water maze. I was trying to explain the area to him the other day and he was about in tears that they took it out.
  2. It could be used for a station as well. Kind of like the cars ride at Dollywood.
  3. My best advice is just show up to the park and don't worry about the crowds and have fun. Some days this year I have went expecting it to packed and the park wasn't too bad at all and other days just the opposite. YOu never know what to expect when it comes to predicting crowds.
  4. Do they have anything new for kids?
  5. Our little guy got his 3rd credit over the weekend.
  6. Too many passes, too many rules, too many quirks with the system. Can we just go back to one pass chain wide and charge $150.00.
  7. I mean I have seen bar bathrooms in better shape. I think its more of an issue with the guest and just peeing on the seat on purpose.
  8. I would think this ride would go together pretty quickly. I can'twait to see what kind of opening day lines this gets.
  9. The cleanliness in the mens bathrooms stalls are horrible. Not the parks fault by any means. I refuse to poop in the park.
  10. People say the park has too many coasters and not enough family ride. People want the old cars back. Kings Island gives it to them and everyone complains. Can't make people happy any more. Just be glad the park is getting something new.
  11. I was not a huge fan of Wing Riders at first. I have been on Wild Eagle, GateKeeper and X-Flight. However, on my last trip to Dollywood over this past weekend it really dawned on me how awesome these rides really are. I am on the giga train but I wouldn't mind a wing rider.
  12. At the water park. Yeah, I could leave it in the car but do to the nature of my job I am tied to a phone 24/7.
  13. Is it just me but the all the dive coasters are just blah with super long drug out elements?
  14. $100 to keep my $1100 cell phone from being stolen not to mention my wifes phone. Not really a bad investment at all.
  15. Something in the old Flight Commander Spot finally!
  16. It is hard choice for me. It just all depends on what kind of mood I am in when I go to the parks. For that reason I plea the 5th.
  17. I guess they could but I wonder what the advantage would be?
  18. As an experienced driver behind the wheel there are a lot more distractions than some lights twirling around in the air. Just pay attention to the road and move on.
  19. Every Samsung device I have owned always had its quirks and the device just never worked 100% and after a few months of usuage something would always break. Bluetooth radio, charge port it didnt matter it was always something.
  20. The 12 month program might lure our family to a platinum pass this year. Our 5 year old keeps asking about going to Cedar Point.
  21. Just curious as to how many Giga threads we need? Its pretty clear the park isn't getting a giga for 2019 but maybe for 20202. 2019 I think we will see maybe a few small updates and general sprucing up. I am not sure if it will be enough for our family to renew our passes.
  22. The Vortex seems to be in pretty good shape to most of the Arrow loopers out there.
  23. I wonder what they are doing about texting and driving in Canada. The cars I see in Ohio about 30% have a driver using a cell phone it seems.
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