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  1. I am pretty sure Cedar Fair will do what makes them the most money breaking records or not.
  2. Money? The cost of steel has risen a lot of the past few years.
  3. Ill just to a quick post. It was 1999 or maybe 1998. It was one of my first visits to the park without my parents. My friend and I were in the water park on the little pirate ship slide. I was at the top of the slide and slipped. That’s the last thing I remember until I hit the bottom of the slide. I smacked my head on the back of slide and the park ambulance road me to first aide where I got sent to the hospital for 6 stitches in the back of my head.
  4. It’s hard to tell but If the weather is nice I would expect heavy crowds.
  5. I see the new Xbase bathrooms have been install already! Ask and you shall receive.
  6. My son and I are working on a 4x8 LEGO city in our basement. It’s not much to see at the moment as we had some expensive car repairs and just moved into a new house. I believe we have about $400 invested so far with a lot of plans to grow the city. Once I get home I’ll post some pictures.
  7. I haven’t been on a lot of coasters so my list probably isn’t valid but here’s it is. 5. The Beast at night 4. The Raven 3. The Racer 2. Viper at SFGA 1. Maverick
  8. Just putting my two cents out here but if the park has trouble staffing at this time maybe they should stay closed? Better to be closed than leaving guest upset
  9. The big metal Eiffel Tower in one of the stores is for sale. $2500
  10. I would venture to say about 35,000.
  11. This could just be a staging area
  12. From the looks of the webcams someone is at the park.
  13. I went to Universal one time back in 1999 when IOA opened. Spiderman the ride was awesome. The park has really changed alot since then though.
  14. I’m pretty sure Diamondback had track on site when they announced it. Actually, I think most of the station track was built
  15. It would nice if the park added the lake back while it was feeling all nostalgic
  16. I guess people think getting an POV we can already find on YouTube hundreds of times over and over can risk everyone’s safety.
  17. The return of the Red White and Blue Racer colors would be awesome!
  18. How about hats. I got hit in the face from a flying baseball hat on The Vortex last week.
  19. Why is everyone all lovey dovey with RMC. I personally would take a B&M that is open probably every day of the operational schedule verus and RMC that “bumps” other trains (SV) and could have extended downtime. (Lighting Rod). Coasters aren’t fun if you can’t ride them.
  20. Strange they left that one tree in the middle. #savetheplanet
  21. Why the heck does everyone think Cedar Point is so great. There are plenty of other parks I would like to go to other Cedar Point
  22. I don’t think Cedar Fair or Kings Island has given the park a bad or not worth it yet. The looks of the said plans might be unimpressive to some but I for one and hopefull of a world class roller coaster.
  23. I have trouble fitting on The Vortex of all rides because I have a long upper body
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