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  1. Probably, in case there was an accident. Wouldn't want to air that live.
  2. We went the night before New Years eve thinking that it would not be crowded. We were wrong the park was packed. Might try to go New Years eve next year it looked like it was a blast.
  3. I would think it would start well before April.
  4. See why woudl the park invest money into creating this when they can get an enthusiast to do it for free.
  5. The Racer is actually my fav. coaster in the park. I also enjoy Diamondback and Flight of Fear.
  6. Not everything needs to be new and shiny. The Beast while I think its a lame coaster many others love it. If its not broken don't fix it.
  7. I would move Back Lot Stunt Coaster to the trash.
  8. I don't know what what midway Sling Shot would work in though. I thought maybe back in X-Base but Im sure that doesn't see the same amount of foot traffic. I would love to see a giant ferris wheel go in its place.
  9. I might try to talk my wife into going I guess it would mostly depend on if we are comfortable in leaving the baby behind.
  10. I chose the Ghoster Coaster just because I think it was something that my son would ride.
  11. I am just wondering what Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is going to do to pricing and the crowds. Might be best to avoid that area for the next few years.
  12. I personally wouldn't use the valet service just because whats 800 more steps at the end of your day when your walking 15,000 steps but I know the park would make loads of money on it. I have seen a few but they could offer some more polos.
  13. They could sell some of the old roller coaster parts in the shops that would end up in the landfill otherwise. They could also offer valet parking.
  14. KDs sign looks a lot nicer but I think KIs is better. KIs IE street trumps alot of parks midways.
  15. The queue's were almost always full at the old Antique Cars even on a slow day.
  16. We ad the cinnamon bread last year and you were not missing much. The Cinnamon bread at Dollywood however is worth the 4 hour drive alone
  17. There becomes a point in which you outgrow your market. Maybe running out of room isn't a horrible thing.
  18. We had some pretty heavy weather down here Saturday. I have been in the park during a tornado warning and honestly I felt like a sitting duck.
  19. So expensive to ride a Ferris wheel. I can justify the cost of $12 or $15 per person when you can go up the Carew Tower for $2.00
  20. How long does the ride last? We where there Friday and it was not very crowded at all. I walked right on Flight of Cheer but somehow we managed only to see one show from open to close to the park. Just an FYI for those wanting to see What the Dickens show its not on the Kings Island app park map in the proper location.
  21. I wonder if its going to be an actual pond or a concrete pool like Diamondbacks splash down.
  22. We got our picture taken with Santa and this was one of the best Santas around!
  23. I am still waiting for a tiered dining program. Example Subway is tier one and LaRosa and Skyline would be a gold upgrade.
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