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  1. Thanks to the huge crowd on Saturday we went to Tom and Chhee. The line was short the service was fast and the food was hot! A+ here.
  2. Is the ride going to go on both sides The Racer. I really can't wait to see what the area looks like when it starts to take shape.
  3. While I never been before but Halloween Horror Nights is 10th? Seems like that should be the 1st one from the review I read.
  4. Agreed. One of the reason why I will not venture to the waterpark,
  5. Go into the kids area. Hardly any shade for the parents there.
  6. Park with the least amount of shade.
  7. I don't drink at the park but if they want to sell it; it doesnt bother me. I have never had an issue with an drunk guest in the park. I avoid Halloween Haunt though.
  8. Okay for that but would would that need sewage pipes?
  9. Maybe if they would set some records in the attendance category we all would be better off
  10. is there even underground plumming close by for an X-base bathroom. Digging to find plumming for that could be the biggest reason there isn't a bathroom there now.
  11. I just really don't understand the lines at the food stands. Why does it take so long to toss a burrito bowl together or put a sandwhich together. Sometimes I am in the mood for some crappy Kings Island food but the lines are just too long and they move way to slow. My family and I are ditching the food pass for next season between some of the lines and poor inconstant quality of food its no longer worth it to us. I would rather take the $360 or whatever it cost for the 3 of us and hit up the local restaurants that have good quality of food after we leave the park.
  12. The only ride I sometimes have an issue riding is Drop Tower. I am 6"3 245 pounds and I dont really have a belly though. The issue with Drop Tower is my shoulders dont always allow the restraint to pull all the way down.
  13. The only think I dislike about expanding back there is it ruins the parks wheel and spoke design. I think KI is one of the easiest navigated parks that I have been to.
  14. As anyone looked for permits on this? They would need would to remove a ride wouldnt they.
  15. A freshly paved parking lot. *Slaps self to awake from my dream.
  16. I was super excited when Firehawk came and then I rode and thought it was lame. The vertical loop is okay but the rest of the ride is overall a boring layout. I actually like the Superman Ultimate Flight clones a lot better.
  17. I know they used to charge extra for haunt. I remeber doing it once or twice as a kid but I can't remember how they filtered the non-paying haunt guest out of the park.
  18. I do not know the number of riders Firehawk gets but just because there is a long line doesn't mean its a popular ride. The capacity on that ride is horrible.
  19. I really would love to see the cost to rehab a ride verus a ground up RMC. The rehabs it looks like lots and lots of labor versus saving some money on materials.
  20. I really hope if KI gets the rumored giga its in the 7,000ft range in length.
  21. This would be amazing! WHere does the park sign.
  22. Haunt also used to cost extra as well. I guess with it being free now they dont have to compete with other area haunts.
  23. Okay 2035 isnt that far off but I would hope a newly paved parking lot would be in the future.
  24. These rides "look" lame. Low capacity for a big park but I guess it makes guest happy and the parks money so that is all that matters.
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