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  1. I have been on a few mine train coasters. Have to say my favorite is Thunder Mountain but Adventure Express is number two.
  2. I woudl like to see Kings Island's number becuase the park seems really crowded this year to me so far. Maybe its just the days I am picking to go on.
  3. Where was the package found? I heard it was outside of the entrance. Wouldn't have been safer to keep the guest in the park so everyone wasn't walking past the package?
  4. Build it and they will come they said. How much did the attendance go up with Mystic Timbers. Could just be the number starting to settle down after a major investment.
  5. What is your electric bill each month? I know it wont get answered but I really would like to see the monthly expenses.
  6. We were at the park on Saturday while it was crowded and we didn't do much we had a great time and all the staff was awesome. We were also in the waterpark Sunday and had great experiences this weekend. The food we had was actually really good. No ice at the drink stands and half working machines still continues though.
  7. The membership plan seems cheaper to me. For example We paid $900 almost for our Kings Island passes this year. A Six Flag membership with food passes would cost our family a mere $500 a year almost half as less and we get to visit more than just one park.
  8. I really like the idea of memberships versus passes. Lock you in for 12 months for your first year and just pay a small monthly fee.
  9. Maybe bring back the gold pass parking and coupons for percentage of stores. In reality you wouldn't have to add any perks that aren't there now since I think the ERT woudl be enough. So many havegold passes now though its hard to justify it as a perk.
  10. It seems to be being a gold pass holder doesn't really include any benefits since so many people have a gold pass. Is anyone on board with the park charging extra like $15 to try to add some value back into the gold pass
  11. The problem is the guard goes one way and the person smoking goes the other. The smoker just lights one up as soon as the guard or employee is away from site.
  12. 60 days seems a little harsh to me. Too bad they don't treat the smokers that are outside of the smoking zone that way.
  13. I had one on Vortex last year during a lighting storm.
  14. I follow your Facebook page as does my wife. Lots of good content! Keep it coming!
  15. Why would be worried about how fast the trains were getting out anyway if there was little no line.
  16. Hard to believe the ride we got in 2000 is already gone.
  17. ^ Why would you do that and put your child at risk to just ride a ride?
  18. You can go to the park and spend $0.00 or you can go and spend $100's. I have been on both ends.
  19. I believe your picture shows up on the registers as well. I could see if the passes had a differnet last name or something. I even pointed my wife out in the crowd. They tossed the plate out and made her wait in line.
  20. Two bad things happened to us a the park yesterday. One - At Panda Express everyone in your group has to be present to use the meal plan. So, now when my wife gets my son his pizza, I have to wait in line at Panda and then she has wait in line at Panda as well instead of me just waiting in line in getting both meals. Two - Some kid line jumped at the Skyline on IE street. I complained as did the person standing in front of me to the person working the register. The employee served the line jumper anyway.
  21. How long are these coasters? Seems like some of them would have be like 12,000ft or more.
  22. I am really going to miss this. Our family love this event so much!
  23. Went to the 50's diner across Vortex over the weekend. Had the pig pen burger without hot dogs and I eneded up pulling the chicken tenders off but the burger was good and the onion rings were awesome. This place has the best food in the park. I do wish the inside was laid out a little differently though.
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