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  1. Ditch the fast pass and switch to all VirtuaL Queue.
  2. The kids area absolutely needs over hauled. More shade or some method to cool off. It can get brutally hot over there. I think in general beside Cedar Point the shade a Kings Island is horrible. Look at Carowinds kids area. Full Of nice grown in trees
  3. We had an amazing visit this past Sunday. We were able to use our drink and food passes without long waits and were able to get a on quite a few rides as well. So much improvement.
  4. Kinda yes, but I think what is needed is something on the more forceful side.
  5. Something that out does everything in another park. On my recent rides in Fury it seems KI got the shaft on Orion. It doesn't have to be super tall or super fast but just something down right fun. I think a good multi launch coaster with strong airtime a d quick inversion with a innovative inversions.
  6. For me its not the crowds but how the park handels them. We went to Carowinds over the weekend and it was crowded however we never had to wait more then 5-10 minutes for food or to use our drink passes. The staff was alot more friendly than Kings Island as well. One of the staff members played rock paper scissors with my son. Its the little things to us that mean alot. Every single bathroom was sparkling clean and the park overall was much cleaner. Carowinds is my new fav. Cedar Fair park. Kings Island has alot to learn.
  7. I wouldnt be so sure on that. This year the park has been packed and people have been spending big money at the park. They are going to recover whatever money they lost last year pretty quickly. At least Kings Island will. Not sure about the other parks in the chain. From the things I have been reading SF as a whole has been handling this better than Cedar Fair.
  8. Not to mention the park is currently understaffed. My family can only really visit on weekends and we have a 8,3, and 3 month old. Very frustrating to have to stànd in like for 45 minutes to get a drink. This season has been a complete bust and has thinking of getting passes elsewhere next year.
  9. Seems like it always is down for extensive work. Maybe time for a replacement?
  10. I loved Vortex. One of the best first drops on any coaster. Yes it was a little rough but nothing horrible. She was a ride I could always count on being open and hop on for a quick ride even on busy days.
  11. We did buy fast passes so hopefully that will help.
  12. Maybe someone forgot to turn the switch off?
  13. The long food lines is why we left. Couldn't even get a drink without a 30 minute wait. Got a great a picturE today
  14. Another over crowded day at the park today. Was unable to use food pass again due to the long lines at the park.
  15. We are finally heading to Carowinds in the next few weeks and we were curious what are the best places you have been too outside the park to eat? Where are the best places inside the park to use your meal plan.
  16. I will try it for sure. I liked the Orion lager from last year.
  17. I wanted to ride Saturday but when I walked by the queue was full. After waiting almost 3 hours for Orion I was over waiting in lines.
  18. Our two year old got her first credit Saturday. She rode with her hands up.
  19. Going on I have to return to normal at somE point. COVID is here to stay just like the flew
  20. Today is the first day in over 30 years I have been going to the park I had to a measurable queue to leave the park.
  21. Didnt try any of new food but went to the old Reds Hall of Fame grill. The burger we had was A plus. I hope the park is able to figure out the staffing this season. Those food stands seemed understaffed for sure.
  22. Here is my problem with the higher minimum wage. I have a good 15 years in the workforce and started off at minimum wage. Granted I do make well above that wage now but my pay will not raise equally in value. If you want to make more than minimum wage you need to out there and make yourself worth more the than minimum wage. People need to stop expecting things handed to them its not what America is based on.
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