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  1. What is the capacity on these spinning coasters. Seems like anything low capacity is a bad idea for Kings Island.
  2. I hated the straws. The kids were always chewing them and when opening them up the little bit of what was in the straw would fly every where. We have a mix of the paper cups/reusuable cups. When putting paper cups in the stroller cup holder the drink would fly everywhere.
  3. I agree it may not be 100% but Cedar Fair is pretty good at getting rides open in time for opening day. This false spring in NKY right now keeps making me think opening day is soon. He have had over 100 degree temperature swing in a week. We sent from running the heat non-stop to having the Windows open.
  4. Wow this is very interesting. I wonder what time line for this project is or what that huge hole is for? Maybe for some kind of electrical work?
  5. We went last night and had a great time! However the parade stops on the parade route the cast members got of the floats and the parade ended so we only got a see about 1/2 of the parade. Seemed strange and weird.
  6. I think something like a Downtown Disney kind of thing. Withing walking distance somehow to the park.
  7. Wow! I have been to the park so many times but never really ate there to much back when I was younger. I never even noticed this place.
  8. Part of the rumor was a new restaurant was taking Skylines place. Not sure how true this is however. The rumor may have something behind it with this announcement.
  9. But the meal plan is valid there. Not sure how that works but it could have a factor in it?
  10. I heard from the rumor mill the Kings Island will be leave the park as well. Skyline on IE street will be taking its spot.
  11. I mean things are only worth what someone will pay for them. If that is what he wants to sell if for that on him that what makes this country great.
  12. Has anyone used LAX to fly in Knotts? The airport that is closer doesn't really jive well with flight times.
  13. Backlot doesn't fit the area. I think it needs removed honestly with a different family ride in its place. Something with a more classic feel to it.
  14. I don;t think these rides would generate that much extra traffic in that area after the first season or so. They are not major attractions. Im glad to see a new ride added that the kids will enjoy. Can't wait for next season.
  15. Anyone else refreshing the KI webpage over and over?
  16. Thank you but its only display what rides that are currently close but not a schedule for them.
  17. My wife and I are looking at planning a trip out to Knotts Berry Farm soon and I can see the park operating hours but is there a ride maintenance schedule? I was nervous about going and having alot of rides closed down.
  18. Drink pass is perfect on those hot summer days.
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