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  1. I liked Firehawk but it wasn’t anything amazing. I still remember opening day and hearing that distinct lift hill.
  2. If track pieces were humans and you had to be be one which one would you pick. I would be the apex of the banked airtime hill.
  3. i believe some of the supports multiple cranes will be needed to hold them in the place until they get bolted to the track
  4. My guess is some time in early-mid February
  5. I really wish the brake run wasn’t so high. It just looks odd. My only complaint about this new ride.
  6. If I remember correctly it is about $10,000 a day to rent a crane of that size.
  7. Pretty awesome but some of the views made me want to throw up.
  8. We got platinum passes this year and plan on hitting most of the Cedar Fair parks and doing a week long vacation in Disney and hopefully a day at Busch Gardens.
  9. Are iron and steel the same thing? Also 91 degrees on that drop is going to be amazing. We are going to Disney in 2020 and I’m trying to find the means to sneak in Busch Gardens.
  10. Anyone else amazed at how far apart some of the supports are?
  11. The river is hidden pretty well by trees. Maybe in the fall time.
  12. Wow! Surprised Im just seeing this. It looks like the front wheel assembly detached from the train possibly causing the derailment.
  13. Cedar Point is blah in my opinion. Yeah it’s nice to go here or there but I’m glad KI is my home park over Cedar Point corrected since tired brain made me look like a fool. Lol.
  14. Why is lighting rod under the wood section and Steel Vengeance under steel?
  15. Park is a business. If the dry side isn’t making money no petition will keep it open.
  16. I wonder if KI would purchase some of the flats.
  17. Shall we start the bidding now. How high can ya go!! Awesome shirt man and very crew who ever designed it.
  18. I think you have to make sure you select the Platinum Dining plan option.
  19. Okay, thank you. It was just confusing since we are now scanning the 2020 passes.
  20. We upgraded from a 2019 Gold pass to a 2020 platinum with the meal plan. It looks like our order went though last night. Are we able use the 2020 meal plan this year.
  21. The lights will not look the same as MF. The light works well with MF because of the style of support structure.
  22. I have officially seen it all. https://www.wowktv.com/news/ohio/roller-coaster-stolen-from-ohio-fairgrounds/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WOWK_13_NEWS
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