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  1. I try and find bright spots with everything I ride but when I think of rides I don't want to ride again Voyage comes to mind. That thing beat me up.
  2. I out it somewhere in the range of Kings Island from what I have seen of the park. I haven't been yet. Was supposed to go in 2020 but we wanted to wait to see the park at its fullest for our first visit. I would say upper midtier.
  3. I was at the point in 2019 and the queue was over an hour.
  4. Look at the queue! That had to be a two maybe three hour wait. I have been standing in the line for Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal for ages
  5. I know we may never know but I am still very curious as to why the ride was removed. The timing for its removal just seems so off to me.
  6. From what I have been hearing campers are very hard to find right now. Sound like this will be opening up right on time. I am not a camper my self mostly because if I don't sleep on a quality bed I have back issues. We have thought about buying a mobile home at some point for this reason.
  7. I never understood the reasoning behind not fully loading the trains this season. Most of the trains have seat backs higher than my head.
  8. I think one of the reason might be that Kings Island didnt do the taste of Christmas event would be because Governor DwWine threatened to close things down again. While ultimley it didnt happen but it would have been risky descion to invest in setting everything up just to have to have it shut down.
  9. Wast The Vortex two different shades of orange at one point.
  10. Kings Dominion seems like it has gotten worse over the Cedar Fair years. One of the only parks I will say that about. I wonder what the attendance number are there. Hopefully they are able to get things turned around at the park. It used to be on one of the top parks I wanted to go to but it has sadly fallen of that list. I think the trouble really hit with the flop of i305. I think they need a hyper coaster and inverted coaster to get the park back on track however Im Not sure that the attendance numbers would support that.
  11. I feel like if they did add a dive a coaster they would still have alot of extra land to fill. Whatever is installed I really hope it makes an impact like The Vortex did. Vortex and Son of Beast were both beautiful coasters.
  12. Something like that I think would fit the bill. I really enjoyed Griffon at BG. I know B&M dives get alot of hate but I think they are fun coasters.
  13. I dont see a need to break records. 200ft or 250ft is all the same in the eyes of the GP. Still massive and intimidating. Just looking at things from the business perspective.
  14. I am really thinking a dive coaster. The dive machines seem to be real crowd pleasers.
  15. I'm wondering how Star Wars is so low with all the hype around it. 2020 was a luckluster year that is for sure.
  16. Looks like a fun ride. Seems like low capacity which might be good for that park but I don't want to see it at King Island. I like the people eaters!
  17. I actually feel safe when I'm there. Generally not in contact with people for more than a few minutes. Its outdoors and I can keep my distance from others. Places I dont feel safe is indoor close contact.
  18. We went last year I believe. Maybe I'm just getting older. It was hot and the dispatch Ike's were 4-6 minutes per train. Kings Island has me spoiled.
  19. I didn't visit it thanks to the long lines ( I can be impatient) but the food looked good. Hopefully they are able to expand it to have a little better crowd control. What would you think about even a small upcharge over the meal plan.
  20. I bragged to my Wife how awesome holiday world was. I was disappointed when we got there. All the rides were so rough I couldn't wait to get off expect Thunderbird.
  21. Kings Island for sure and then Kings Domion. These two parks seemed like the most well cared for in the Paramount days. The parks I think started trending downward in 2003-2004 when the I think when the split happened.
  22. I want to add in SilverDollar city. I haven't been there yet but hopefully this up comming summer I will be able to make.
  23. I recently bought this book online. Somehow the copy I received was autographed. I have almost finished reading the book and it has been a great read so far! However I left the book on the floor in my Office one time and the dogs ate my Book. Feeling bummed. What are Some Amusement park books that you have read?
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