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  1. It sounds like the announcement to the announcement.
  2. Guys remember this a budget giga. The teasers have been left out to help cut cost.
  3. My thoughts and prayers to everyone involved! Makes me very thankful for all the amazing mechanics and maintenance personnel that we have at Kings Island
  4. Did he make him delete the picture?
  5. Could do a construction site haunt on the old Dinosaurs Alive path. (Just kidding)
  6. I worry more about getting hit in the face with a flying cell phone than the cars hitting something or falling of the track.
  7. Yes, someone is going to the park today.
  8. Maybe there is no teasers because the blueprints have been leaked.
  9. I always sit in the middle of a car on The Beast if I am not sitting in the front seat. It makes worlds of difference. I am not a huge fan of The Beast unless its at night.
  10. I refuse to go #2 in any of the KI bathrooms. There is always pee and who knows what else covered on the toilet seats. Not really the parks fault but still gross.
  11. Correct. I wasnt sure if you had to wait for your home parks season to go active before your pass would work at the other parks.
  12. If I was to buy a platinum pass Kings Island can you use it at Knotts Berry Farm on the 1st of the year or do you have to wait for your home park to open.
  13. That’s what I always told my wife. I don’t think the trams for KI really made sense as the parking isn’t that long. Dollywood on the other needs to have trans.
  14. The foot traffic in River Town is by far worse than any area in the park. I have never felt that Action Zone was overly crowded. River Town on the other hand feels like Disney sometimes.
  15. Mystic Timbers opening day 2017.
  16. Take a look at what happens to Geagua Lake.
  17. I was unable to get a picture of it but If you look at the last float on the back it’s toward the bottom of the float where the bumper would be it says Giga.
  18. I kind of think the park is a perfect size. They need to keep innovating and adding new things but I don’t think they need to land wise. The last think anyone wants is Kong’s Island to become too big for the market it’s in.
  19. I have seen it multiple times when people use Fast Lane without the bands.
  20. I did witness two young kids go on the fast pass lane on Adventure Express. The ride separator caught them and made the stand in the stand by queue. I actually felt bad for the two boys because I think they actually may have went in the Fast Lane queue by accident but I am glad they are checking.
  21. I got lined jump by several people yesterday. I generally stand with both my arms on the queue rails so they can’t pass me. They caught me off guard this time as they tapped my shoulder and I let my hands off the rail and they pushed passed. Not sure what is with people and thinking they don’t have to wait in the line?
  22. Could be multiple issues maybe with power outages or just an off chance when she was driving by the rides where just loading/ unloading or somewhere she couldn’t see the trains.
  23. That infinity hot tub was 15 stories up from the ocean. A] cruise is a great way to visit multiple countries. We went to St. Marteen, St. Thomas, and Co-Co Kay. They actually had three water slides on the ship and a dry slide which was awesome! See youtube video below. We are already planning a cruise for 2021 to Alaska.
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