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  1. Kings Island has much more charm than Cedar Point will ever have. I much more enjoy the Midways of Kings Island than Cedar Point. Yeah CP might have bigger coasters and more coasters but that’s not all that makes a park.
  2. We have actually been taking my sons picture here for the past few years. Be interesting to watch the area change.
  3. Just think when the web cams come back online that lift hill will be nearly complete.
  4. I follow the page cause I can’t help it but it’s sometimes more exciting to wait a week visit the park in person to see how far the ride has come.
  5. I was thinking they needed to add a Skyline in the river town area.
  6. Likely on purpose. Heaven forbid if an accident happened you wouldn’t want to have that caught on camera.
  7. Have we even seen demolition permits for it yet? Could be SBNO for a bit.
  8. We were there Sunday and it was closed pretty much all day. The ride finally opened around 6:30 and we got in line with about an hour wait. During that hour wait it broke down several times with one time resulting in a roll back. After trying to wait it out we left the line without riding.
  9. After my last visit I Cedar Point on Sunday Kings Island is the crown jewel of the chain. I have yet to go to Knotts Berry Farm though. KI just needs to fill in a gap in their coaster collection and add some new flat rides and it could be the best the park outside of Disney/Universal.
  10. What’s the tallest brake run in the world? Bet that is a record.
  11. I would think the hill would help with the brake run as the trains won’t be slamming into the brakes at 65MPH.
  12. We looked into moving into that area when we had our house built. Then we saw the prices.
  13. I like that they painted them but I think they should have been removed and rebuilt elsewhere.
  14. I would think also easier to clean up vesus rocks depending on what they do with the land scaping
  15. Diamondback has a rattle that gives me a headache every time.
  16. Im sure there is a lot involved but I always think it will go up faster than it does. Like strap the track up lift it up bolt it on unstrap move on to the next part. I’m sure it’s a lot more involved though.
  17. I believe I heard the figure of $10,000 per day back when Diamondback was being built.
  18. The roller coaster industry as a hole will be circling the drain if this happens.
  19. I guess KI would have the beat Batman the Ride ugh hope Cedar Fair just turns away and laughs at them
  20. I dont think they will go soon but those coasters are aging.
  21. I know someone said back that Cedar Fair doesn’t want to spend the capital on coasters like they used too. I was at the park Sunday thinking if Vortex was at the end of its life Flight Deck and Adventure Express aren’t far behind. In all honesty Invertago should go too. There are a lot of coasters that could be considered for removal and I personally see a lot of changes for KI more quickly rather than more slowly. Not to mention the water park and kids area both could use an update. The park seems to have gotten old really fast.
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