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  1. 4 hours ago, befat said:

    In watching videos of all three Flying Dutchman’s in their 5 different locations, here’s what I noticed about the seat lifting mechanisms. Stealth used an off train hydraulic system which I’m assuming is the same as Firehawk’s. Nighthawk also uses an off train hydraulic system. X-Flight used on train lift motors on each seat. Batwing continues to use this system. When X-Flight was moved to KI, the on train system was removed and the off train hydraulic system was installed. I believe the motors from X-Flight were sold to Six Flags. If the Firehawk trains could be modified to accommodate a different lifting mechanism, one would think they could be converted back to their original configuration. There’s no reason to ship the entire train across the country. But by storing the trains at KI, CF has the potential to make money by selling parts to Six Flags or save money by shipping parts to Carowinds should the need arise. I do think eventually KI will decide that the location next to the new ride is not ideal and they’ll be moved elsewhere in the park. Nighthawk and Batwing are major coasters at their parks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stuck around for a lot longer.

    I would guess they will move them inside Flight of Fear at some point. 

    Ps. I would like to buy a car from the park if they Re going to trash em. Make a cool patio bench. :) 

  2. On 11/30/2018 at 3:51 PM, TombraiderTy said:

    ^Re-routing the train and building WaterWorks also meant the removal of the old fort, Fort McHale. Maybe the logic was there was budget for a new fort, but not the budget for the house's demolition? I'd be an odd situation, but not outside the realm of possibilities I suppose.

    Rumor has it the guy that used to own that house sold Kings Island the land under the condition that house couldn’t be destroyed. 

  3. Some of the water slides line can be very deceiving. From across the water park lines not going all the way down the stairs. Walk Over to water slide and the realize you have to wait for a mat before going to the stairs. 

    Sidenote:  how come wait times for slides aren’t posted?

  4. 7 hours ago, Pagoda Gift Shop said:

    I asked about the Eiffel Tower top levels when we were up last year.  I was told the answer that others have given: if there is threat of rain, or it rained recently, they use the lower level.

    However, it my experience it seems more arbitrary than that.  To me it would make sense to use both elevators equally, as that distributes the maintenance between them equally.

    But if your running both elevators and load/unload after the cycle at the saMe rate the elevators are still making the same number of cycles so I would think you would just have double the maintenance. 

  5. Just now, silver2005 said:

    The thing that weirds me out with them is when you request to go in the front row of a coaster, the line for the front is really long, and they still make you wait before the separation despite the fact they allowed the front seat line to be super long in the first place.  

    That’s strange. Usually when I request front row and the line is long they make me go to a different row. 

  6. 7 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    So the way it allegedly works is that if you visit the park you might get an email for free things. I sure hope it is in its infancy because man... they could have an intern come up with something better than that. :D

    I’m 21 visits in and haven’t gotten anything yet. I’m wondering if the program hasn’t really launched yet.

    Did you check your spam filters?  

  7. 14 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    I was thinking “stank” options would be available for Haunt. :D

    I think ones that would work would be:

    -Cotton candy 

    -Blue Ice Cream

    -Mystic Timbers (fresh wood smell)

    -Skyline Chilli 


    Can you think of any others?


    The Woodstock Whirley birds is one of the smelliest places in the park. A good mix of BO/sweat/mildew 

  8. 44 minutes ago, Turtlepower said:

    The video looks very interesting, thanks for doing that!

    It looks like a pretty fun ride. It will be interesting to experience the first banked turn. It looks like there's about 2 seconds of sideways air time there which should be thrilling from that height (I think I saw that it crested at 180 feet?) and speed. The turn around is also going to be interesting to see how it feels, and the section right after the turn around looks fantastic. Also how will the airtime of the final camelback transition into the positive G's of the helix? Post helix looks pretty tame. Love that it's going to be in amongst the trees rather than out in the open. I'm still wondering if there will be another small surprise added in this at we haven't seen from the plans.

    I think this will be everyone's favorite ride in the park for a long time.

    I don’t think there will be any surprises. Plans are plans 

  9. Im Not predicting this by any means nor do I know if these rides are still made but a ride like Roller Soaker could be a good expansion idea for the water park. I remember that ride always looked so fun back in the day 

    Vortex is an iconic classic roller coaster to Kings Island almost as much as the Raver and Beast. I hope it never goes because the skyline will never been the same without it but if/when it goes something special needs to replace it. 

  10. Im Sure I have stood the full queue including the temporary ones and it took about 35-45 minutes. It all depends on how fast they are getting the cars out and how many people are generally getting into the cars. The queue house is really small IMO. 

  11. 8 hours ago, Magenta Lizard said:

    Oh and I heard The Vortex is sinking rumor repeated again with a new twist. This particular teen girl said she was told that “every time it rains, The Vortex sinks”

    They should hang a sign in The Vortex station I’m not sinking. 

    Or have a sign on one of the supports like the water level gauges on the bridges and change it up everyone once in awhile to fuel the fire lol. 

    Once the demise of Vortex is announced used that as the removal reason even though it’s not  




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