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  1. I didn't visit it thanks to the long lines ( I can be impatient) but the food looked good.  Hopefully they are able to expand it to have a little better crowd control.  What would you think about even a small upcharge over the meal plan.

  2. Kings Island for sure and then Kings Domion.  These two parks seemed like the most well cared for in the Paramount days.  The parks I think started trending downward in 2003-2004 when the I think when the split happened.

  3. I recently bought this book online.  Somehow the copy I received was autographed. I have almost finished reading the book and it has been a great read so far! However I left the book on the floor in my Office one time and the dogs ate my Book. Feeling bummed. What are Some Amusement park books that you have read?



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  4. 10 hours ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

    Even when we get a vaccine, it's going to take months if not another year to distribute it and plus you have to get enough people to take it which seems like is going to be a problem since there are a lot of people who say they aren't getting it. 

    I don't disagree with any of what was said but it gives people a choice at least having a vaccine.  We get a flu shots every year and we have never gotten the flu knock on wood.  I beleive you still can get it but symtptoms will be more mild. 

  5. 5 hours ago, JimParker85 said:

    Pretty much all parks in Western Europe are now closed once again or will be by Thursday in the case of the UK. Blackpool I saw cancelled the entire holiday schedule even though the UK lockdown can end as soon as 12/2. It's all sad, but a 2 year duration of this situation, which now seems more likely than not, is going to really hurt the industry and probably be the end of at least a few parks. It's hard to put into a fair context in comparison to all the deaths and cases from Covid, but it still really sucks. 

    Possibly but from what I have been reading and seeing there is a vaccine right around the corner. 

  6. I hardly visited Action Zone area of the park this season.  If money wast an object I would remove Invertago and install maybe one of those new Premier launching coasters.  I think that would make a good coaster in that area.  I would like remove Flight Deck put another coaster in its place.  Something like a blitz coaster could fit this area well playing with the land.   

    I also think the support coasters are aging fast at Kings Island.  Adventure Express, Flight Deck, Invertago, Flight of Fear.  The park is in for and exciting next 15-20 years.  

  7. There were actually some surprize changes at the park I really enjoyed and thought were good ideas.  Move the line for the blue ice cream down towards the Planet Snoopy entrance sign was a good idea to keep guest off the midway.  I hope it stays that way.  I also notice only one person taking orders and then 4 or 5 staff members filling cones.  The line for the blue ice cream this year moved really fast! I hope that is also here to stay. I also felt that the staff was alot more friendly this year than years past.  Hopefully next spring and we can enjoy the park as it once was.  

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  8. Jezz 2030 sound so far away and even talking about it makes me feel old.  

    - At least fix the parking lot and add some greenery and make it more than that just blacktop.  Its the last thing we see when leaving.  Make a good impression.

    - Water park make over.

    - Kids area make over and expansion.

    - Fill in the area Vortex left.

    - Clean up Action Zone and rebrand it.  

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