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  1. In terms of cheap pizza our house hold loves the extra thin and deep deep dish from little Caesars. Generally if we do pizza though And if we have time we try and go to craft pizza places like Pies and Pints.
  2. Its really strange how the darkness adds to The Beast. The Beast in the front row on a crisp cool fall night is probably still my number one coaster after all of these years however in the day time the coaster for me is hardly worth riding.
  3. The car is more useful being used as parts than a lawn ornament
  4. I just looked on Carowinds website and I didn't see anything about the 2020 calendar.
  5. Flight of Fear even though Cedar Fair technically didn't clone it.
  6. Not much to be proud of in Cincinnati professional sports wise. At least not any that the current generation can remember. I will always be a fan and Im looking forward to a great Reds season this year.
  7. May statement still stands. I think track work will be completed by the end of this month.
  8. We watch the shows once a year beside the Cirque shows. It's actually one of the reasons a few years ago we renewed our season passes. Speaking of which does anyone know what show they will be replacing that with this year.
  9. Its actually not that expensive. If you have a full suite it comes out to about $19.00/ticket.
  10. The box seats are $389 I believe for 18 people. This does not include food, drinks, or tips.
  11. I wonder if they will just saw the ride apart or if they will somehow do it gracefully?
  12. How many people typically go to a Cyclones game. Very interested in getting a bobble head but I don't want to go if chances are low of getting one.
  13. I just got done watching a POV of Fury 325 and let me tell you the 2nd half of the ride seemed very very slow. While it could be different in person (I won't ride it until this upcoming season) Im for one glad Orion won't have that issue.
  14. Looks like the Beach might be giving away some of their old water slides for those that have the equipment to move it. https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/zip/d/mason-assorted-commercial-water-slide/7037085238.html
  15. Here's is to what I am hoping any way and its probably on the aggressive side. 2021 add some kid flats and maybe even a smaller kid coaster in Planet Snoopy. 2022 some small upgrades to the water park area. 2023 maybe not much done this year. 2024 is when I personally think we will see The Vortex replacement.
  16. We had a pretty good year. We did our first cruise on Royal Caribbean and just booked a Disney cruise for 2021. We went to Kings Island over 30 times and we were able to make to to Busch Gardens Williamsburg this year. We went to Cedar Point as well but didn't get to ride much because of high winds and large crowds. We upgraded to Platinum passes for 2020 and cant see what adventures it brings us.
  17. The reason they didn't break records with Orion is because of the cost of steel. Fury 325 was 30 million dollars just like Orion. In order to break Records with Orion the park would have likely needed to speed another 10-15 million dollars and they just wouldn't see the return on investment they need. We all want the big recorded breaking coasters but Cedar Fair wants one thing. To make a profit.
  18. The ride is big yes but there really aren't as many supports as some of the older rides have.
  19. They likely move them because if there is accident they probably don't want a bunch of people watching it happen.
  20. We can do a taste test. Lol. Maybe it's just because I'm around LaRosas a lot but I took one bite of Cedar Point pizza and it was worlds better. Im not even a Cedar Point fan.
  21. Finish replacing the rest of the black top with pavers. Repaint The Racers and remove the walls on the brake run. Remove LaRosas from the park and replace the pizza with whatever kinda of pizza Cedar Point has.
  22. That turnaround looks to be pretty similar to what Diamondback.
  23. It's all about supply and demand. Selling too much raise the price, not selling enough lower it. How long does the ride typically take?
  24. I think all the track will work will be completed in about a month. It should go together pretty quickly now.
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