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  1. I think the pull outs on B&M coasters are more drawn out than other rides. I not sure what the G forces are on the bottom of the drop but I would venture to say in the 3.5 range.
  2. Do the carriage rides just take you down and back on the Coney Mall midway?
  3. I wouldn’t think they would put the entire Vortex train on but maybe just use it for parts for the current trains in Carolina Cyclone.
  4. All I want is some more family attractions. The kids area of the park needs updated.
  5. Must have gotten removal from the mods?
  6. I once bought Dollywood season passes instead of a daily ticket online. Worked out for me though as I got eight visits to the park that year.
  7. I remember joining. In think I was member number 16. I think I was a sophomore in high school.
  8. Not my biggest moments but my daughters. She was able to take her first steps in the park this year.
  9. Speaking of queue over flows they should have made the line for the oldfashion cars longer. Those temporary queues are ugly and I always seem them in use. Cedar Fair loves to build extra long queue and for some reason I love to look at them.
  10. One can only open we can get our hands on some part of The Vortex. Take my money now.
  11. Based on past removals of roller coasters in the park I would think they would be removed.
  12. I get that point of view I really do but my reasoning behind saving it is not a reminder of The Vortex but simply put it, it one of the most beautiful stations I have seen and they don't make them like that anymore. Take a look at the past coasters built. Mystic Timbers, Banshee and Diamondback are just simply elevated rectangles with a set for stairs.
  13. Someone could maybe find the plans for demo with the city.
  14. I believe it was O'Rouke but I could be wrong. I believe the worked with Kings Island on some of the other projects.
  15. Maybe they can use it to fill in some of the pot holes in the parking lot. The parking lot is the toughest ride in the park.
  16. Considering Kings Islands first B&M wasn't installed until 2009 that's a pretty good number if you ask me.
  17. I know the ride was at the end of its life span but I just wonder if something came up in an inspection one day. It just seems like very weird timing to me as I doubt they have anything planned for the area for at least the next few years.
  18. Says a coaster enthusiast. My 6 year old son has seen very little change in the area and he's not quite ready for the bigger rides. I wish they would add smaller kids rides in other sections of the park. So we don't have to walk all the way across the park for him to enjoy some rides
  19. I cant wait to see what replaces The Vortex. The skyline looks amazing with it.
  20. I was wanting to buy a brick thinking it would get placed in the park somewhere but it appears that they just ship them to you?
  21. Heck without the tax dollars Kings Island generates the city of Mason would most likely not even be there. I would much rather deal with roller coaster noise than some of these exhaust systems or lack there of on cars.
  22. Orion is steel probably much less fire risk than The Beast but if a firework tipped over or shot of wrong last thing you would want to do is hit someone with a firework while riding
  23. It just seems the park should move away from the fireworks as the night time show. The fireworks are kind of lame and are interfering with now operations of two star rides. Why not move to a new laser light show?
  24. What is going to happen to the fireworks launch area? I would assume they would need to close the Orion as fireworks are being set up. Not sure it's good to have your star attraction close for 15 minutes every evening.
  25. Wasn't the tunnel added after the last bunny hill was removed for the X Base path.
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