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  1. It’s a Intamin let’s hope it stays open long enough to get to the milestone. Hard to believe it’s 20 years old.
  2. I’m not sure by how much but it does slow it down. I can notice it.
  3. Good thing they did the draggers otherwise the fountains wouldn’t be working by now
  4. I like Diamondback’s splash down too. I think it would be better if they would have made it look a little more natural though.
  5. The splash down looked great in the promotional video but sadly it’s just an eye sore now.
  6. I hope they paint The Racer during the off season. This is one of my favorite rides in the park.
  7. I do agree on the same color thing but things in the animation can be completely different. For example look at Italian Job compared to what we got.
  8. The park provides free lockers the price on something else goes up or we lose expansion dollars. You don’t have to bring a ton of stuff into the park. When Im not on call for work the only thing I bring in is my Apple Watch.
  9. They could demolish those buildings or use them for a dark ride. They can build new maintenance storage units cheaply.
  10. Bets on vertical progress this Saturday?
  11. I was not bashing park operations by any means I think KI is probably in the top 6 out of all the parks. Disney World parks I have found the quickest dispatch times but they don’t seem to physically check each harness. Busch Gardens Williamsburg was amazing. They have a monitor over the station that everyone can see with a count down timer and it shows what seats are lock/unlocked.
  12. I don’t understand why the seatbelts are even needed. AC at Busch Gardens has no seat belt. Busch Gardens operations are fantastic.
  13. I believe since Diamondback opened they added seatbelts. Diamondback line would move extremely fast when it didn’t have the seat belts.
  14. Maybe it also has to do with theft? I would think it wouldn’t take much for an employee to put a couple of bucks in their pocket. Using game cards makes this impossible
  15. Is that a new coaster they are adding or one they are moving within the park?
  16. Just got the $4 Carmel corn. This perk needs some serious tweaking or they just need to get rid of it.
  17. They may of had to redesign that portion of the track which may of added to the time.
  18. We always ensure we clean up our tables after eating. It only takes a second to wipe them off. Our 6 year old son goes around picking up trash in the parking lot and we have to constantly tell him he can’t pick up every piece of trash he sees.
  19. What are they shipping track first don’t runners the supports first.
  20. I believe B&M puts its giga coasters (all of them) under the hyper model.
  21. The only thing with this new coaster is the insanely high brake run. Seems typical of the B&M giga I guess to take off some of the workload off the brakes but it just looks extremely odd.
  22. We saw a guest in Planet Snoopy smoking. Told an employee and they said okay and he didn’t do a thing.
  23. The park was there long before those houses. Those families new the risk when they purchased their house their. Let this baby roar!
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