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  1. They basically did that with West Coast Racers. Maybe with the delay New Jersey Devil will open with the park.
  2. Yes but you could look at The Beast as well which is likely worth wel more than the $4 million the park paid for it.
  3. I wonder how much cost they would have with extended down time. You would have security and maintenance to pay. Oh and of course all the big wigs.
  4. I am probably in the minority here bur if we would have let this virus run its course we if would be almost over with now and the economy would still be booming. We could take precautions but to shut every thing down you are ruining peoples lives. Think about the small businesses.(the backbone of the economy by the way). Joe Blow down the street starting out young family just purchased his first home and now sunk $20,000 in starting a new diner along a popular highway (which likely would have been very successful) is now forced to close. Joe Blow loses his house, savings and is no long spending money elsewhere and his employees are now jobless. This scenario is playing out all over the country. The government is trying to help buy giving everyone a stimulus check of $1,200. That is not enough to make most house payments for a single month. Its not going to help not to mention what is that going to do with inflation? I far fear the economic impacts over the health impacts this is has caused. Cigarettes kill more people in a year and we willingly sell that over the counter the only difference is this effects the rich and famous and we have no way of controlling it.
  5. COVID19 can and does attack younger people. The can kill them as well.
  6. Probably not going to happen but I was thinking outside the box. Im not sure if this would even be allowed under the current restrictions. One of my favorite things about going to an amusement park is eating some of the crappy food. What if KI was able to set up tents so we could use our food passes and purchase some of that famous blue Ice cream or funnel cakes. They could even run test cycles of some of the rides here and there to keep ya entertained while we consume our amusement park food in our cars.
  7. Holiday World likely couldn't afford to extend season passes. I would think they don't have as much flexibility in thier financial as say Cedar Fair.
  8. We had plans to travel there and Carowinds. Missed both of those trips. We also had plans for KD, CW and Cedar Point.
  9. What about those with platinum passes Who has planned to go to Knotts.
  10. They haven't missed any operating days yet. When it gets to be so far along and the park is still closed they will likely extend them to 2021. The park is obviously still holding hope for a 2020 season.
  11. Just got the dreaded email from the park. They are currently suspending payment plans.
  12. Here is my thinking currently and what my family and I are planning this summer We are preparing our selfs for closure of all the parks this summer. We spend a lot of summer at the parks over 50 visits. We are hoping maybe the parks will be able to open for winter fest/ and maybe open up early Spring time next year. If our passes are comped we are considering upgrading our passes to season long Fast Lane. We as a family have a kit $1300 invested in our passes this season and Im sure all the parks want to open to get more of our money. It has to be hard to make the call because the parks are losing a lot more money and they have a lot more at steak. They will open when it's safe.
  13. I wonder what it cost for the park to bury or move those lines. That is really a prime real estate for the water park going to waste. I find the water park too spread out and walking bare foot on hot concrete hurts. I think it could be worth while to add more shade in the main pathways or find a way to mist the concrete to keep them cool.
  14. I think Orion will be slightly less good than Fury but better than Leviathan.
  15. I would think they would use the laser thermometers.
  16. We enjoyed an amazing sunset from our backyard last night.
  17. Bunberry has been canceled. It's not until June.
  18. Governor of NewYork has said they have apexed. Great news!
  19. CedarFairFan. I feel you. I actually lost a couple of new job opportunities. I have also had to cancel a Disney Cruise, we missed our Carowinds trip. We have a pending planned trip to Disney World which we still are planning but are unable to nail down a date obviously. The one thing we do have is our health and both my wife and I are still employed. Things will change with time.
  20. Is looks like there is a slight curve heading lower. Could this be a good sign or isn't it just a blip.
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