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  1. Im very angery not getting to go on any of these tours they sound like fun. One thing I would like to ask. How do you find out about these tours
  2. Really hosently I would say none at least not for awhile do to the main fact that all the older rides are still great rides and delvier us thrills without high maintance
  3. That looks fun. The could have took those cars out and put in wild mouse cars for a whole new ride
  4. Yea I can just give me an IM on Aol @ dropzone314 or email at dropzone265@zoomtown.com Warring This is a large file so high speed internet is recommand
  5. I say A.E. it may be a little jerky at times but the track is very smooth
  6. Even though I havent been on it and its not listed id have to say screaming deamon cause that was an orginal when it was around. How did that work cause if you figure you drop from the station but the train wouldnt have enough engery to return to the station
  7. So do you no longer want me to make the screen saver?
  8. Yes that is way too much for any map unless it was signed by like uper managment I think my grandparents have an old map. Now you dont hink those maps would be worth anything but that goes to show stupid stuff can be worth alo of money when you find the right buyers
  9. I will be making a Kings Island Screen Saver. If you would like some of your pictures to appear in the screen saver please email them to me at dropzone265@zoomtown.com Please make the subject of them PKI or something along those lines. **EDIT - This will be avaliable on PKI-C V.2. ~ Dane
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...&category=13878 take a look at that. It an old Kings Island map and its sellig for 32 bucks. Who would pay that much for that
  11. Im not sure either but if I had to take a guess I would say White Water Cannon just for the shear fact it reminds of it kinda.
  12. Try ebay you should have some luck there.
  13. Well I get kinda of angey when I hear alot of my friends say how PKI sucks and doesnt compare to other parks and so on and so on. How all the other parks every the best coasters over. I mean whats wrong with arrow. Yes their rides may seem a little on the rough side but they have the best layouts in the world. Dont get me wrong B&M has some great layouts also. In matter in fact many of the layouts are better than arrows but the one thing that I dont like about B&M is that they always are cloning rides. I know its not their fault its a business and buisness need to make money and parks want to save money by cloning rides. I really actually makes them lose money because a person may want to go to two diffent parks but if the two parks have them rides what reason is there to go to the other park it they are basilcy the same. See were im coming from. As for CoaasterGuy107 Im sorry if it seemed that I was making fun of you I didnt really come out they it sounded. This goes for life as well as theme parks. No every notices the good things parks do but if they do something wrong someone points it out. Everyone knows about Black Friday at least i think that is what it is called. Anyway 2 people died in the park on the same day and everyone knows about it but now when the park would donate a day closed for the metaly ill people would ( not that it ever did) would every one hear about that probaly not. As were im going with this is that arrow has the best layouts but the one little flaw is a little roughness and that doomed them from that start. Now I know B&M to have the worst layouts but the smoothest track and that is way arrow is one of the best manufactors in world IMO.
  14. Enjoy your day at paramounts Kings Island
  15. Sorry but once again we have got a complainer. I dont know if its just me but im around 6'1 and I have no problems with any roughness on any ride.
  16. I cant wait for the update but one thing I can wait for is BB I think they should have just made it unique experince but they had to clone it. o well I think this cloning busineess is starting to go way to far.
  17. I really wish I could have gotten a chance to ride these tanks. The looked like so much fun sitting in line for that slide. For some reason my parents didnt want me to ride them. Were they a pay per ride?
  18. IMO arrows are one of the best coaster companies out there. Arrow is not one of those companies like B&M and just make one good layout and put clones of it all around the world, Arrow may be on the rough side but that is what makes a coater great. No one has gotten seriously hurt or killed due to a desgin flaw (i dont think) from just riding and arrow rollercoater. These coaster are truely the best out there
  19. Wow that cool Is it gonna move around?
  20. Where are those green houses at. Ive been to PKI millions of times and even in the Effiel tower they must pass me by. Anyone know where they are at
  21. No I did not what did it say? Maybe they were looking at Dueling Racing Coasters but probaly not because PKI is the number one wooden park IMO
  22. the intamin rocket coaster is going in there. Maybe they want to see the weather it is succeful or not
  23. Well after reading this, it kinda makes me want to lean toward the new coaster in 2005. I also hear PKI wants to bring the total amount of Huss rides to 7. I dont know if this is true or not but seven is a lot of rides and I doubt we will see seven Huss rides at PKI.
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