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  1. What about stkrikers groove it house 2 coaster and some flats and has free food.!!!!!
  2. Anything a hour or less isnt really all that bad.
  3. They could do that but build a smaller topspin some where else. I know it wont happen though
  4. :offtopic: I think pki will add tunnels on the small helix. The first 2 are just way to big to tunnel
  5. o well I know that the Route 66 line will be the longest. Anyway it still will be a fun time. 45 minutes isnt that long. Im heading to fearfeast this saturday and I will let you know how it goes. Ill be at the park for apx 14 hours.
  6. Yes I know but I wouldnt think you would be able to tell that it is swaying because I was never able to tell that dropzone was swayig before. It kinda adds a fear factor to some people
  7. I ment tower sorry. Anyway ^^ :offtopic: ^^
  8. A search option so you could find the topics faster and easier for what you want to see.
  9. Dropzone is one of my fav. rides and the last time I was at the park I observed Drop Zone rotating part way then half way it wouldnt. Or sometimes is would rotate all the way up the hill and other wouldnt roate at all. Plus it seem to me that it moves slower up the hill.
  10. Was it popular and how much was it to ride?
  11. Build some record breaking rides and theme the park like no other
  12. How long was the wait for Deleruim
  13. When you are on the Effil tower no matter how much the wind is blowing it always seems like it is swaying
  14. I didnt go to fearfeast last year how did the lines seem to be moving?
  15. I heading to the park this saturday for rides/fearfeast. Hopefully it wont be to bad before fearfest starts. First park visit since july since i had my wisdom teeth pulled and then school started
  16. I was on the lazer tag 2 year ago i think. Was the areas to ride like little walls and they were painted like a rock color?
  17. Will they be keeping any slides from the old water park. I like the one (not sure what its called cause i never go to water park)where you sit in the 4 man tube and go on the high banked turns its painted white.
  18. What do you think they will put in place of it
  19. I doubt you could see it sway cause the massive building and if it only sways a few inches I doubt you would be able to tell
  20. I dont know why they would have taken it out maybe it was because of a longer line for fearfest. I dont know. Or room for a 05 flat
  21. My internet has been down. Anyway it is sad that one of the parks signs have fell. At least it wasnt the Effil Tower. Who know it could have been worse then what it was. Kinda funny on pkiu I recently made a topic called what if a torando hit pki i know what knocked the sign down wasnt a tornado it was straight line winds.
  22. How crowed do think fearfest will be this year?
  23. flightoffear1996


    Do you think PKI will ever add tunnels to the Son of Beast. I know PKI is planning on putting tress and things by SOB but I would like to see tunnels
  24. I wish TR:TR was more out of controll like Rip Saw say you go up to the top then it stop suddening causing you to spin and spin uncontrobally that would be sweet. I know it wont happen though
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